The HTC One is now available on C Spire. The regional carrier that covers a good portion of the Southeast is the latest carrier to offer one of our favorite phones to its customers. 

C Spire will sell the HTC One at the standard $199 price point with a new 2-year service agreement and will offer the phone in all retail stores, online as well as through its telesales group. The carrier has also said that it will be pre-installing a few apps, including Text CS and WiFiON. 

The more that the HTC One is available the better, so this is great news for C Spire customers who have been waiting for the phone. 

Source: C Spire HTC One

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zer0null says:

What the hell Verizon! Even a regional carrier can get this phone out before you.

BigDinCA says:

That is both sad and true.

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Verizon is drunk they always last to get all phones.

glenn9643 says:

The situation with C Spire is similar to that with Verizon... they've announced that the One will be available "sometime this summer".
I've been a long-time C Spire customer but I've given up on them.
The long delay in releasing the One for Verizon and C Spire has me thinking maybe they're having a problem with CDMA on the phone?
I've preordered the Droid Maxx with Verizon.

BigDinCA says:

Except the Sprint version has been out since the beginning without issue.

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rookie83 says:

Knock Knock?
who's there?
Not the big red ONE!!!!

Hiberny says:

I'm curious what bands this supports.

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jdgreiner85 says:

At least it's stock with 4.2.2! =)

karn101 says:

Is this confirmed?

BKHD2477#AC says:

Played around with the Cspire HTC One today and it comes
with 4.2.2