Google Play edition handset spotted at Bluetooth SIG with new Android version

At this point it's no great secret that Android 4.3 is right around the corner, and that among other things it'll bring Bluetooth 4.0 support as a standard OS feature. So it's just as unsurprising to see the the Google Play edition HTC One dropping by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group with support for version 4.0 of the wireless standard.

The device detailed in the certification listing is referred to as "PN071xx_Android 4.3_G" — that's the HTC One's model number, and the "G" likely denotes the Google Play edition as opposed to the common-or-garden HTC One running Sense 5. (After all, that device has only just been updated to Android 4.2.)

The listing also shows AVRCP 1.3 support, another Bluetooth feature said to be coming in the next version of Android.

For more on what's new in Android 4.3, check out our walkthrough of the pre-release build which recently leaked out for the Google Play edition Galaxy S4.

Source: Bluetooth SIG; via: Engadget

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android010 says:

Can someone please confirm if Bluetooth 4.0 support is compatible with the Galaxy S4 (exynos octa core) version?

Alex Dobie says:

All TouchWiz versions of the Galaxy S4 have BT 4.0 support. That includes the Exynos version.

jug6ernaut says:

umm, i believe hes referring to AOSP roms.

TurboFool says:

He's referencing a model that won't have Google Experience support. Which at that point means it's entirely up to the dev community what it can and can't support. Stock, it does. AOSP? He should ask in dev forums.

arjen82 says:

See also a post on the Bluetooth SIG homepage:

verdana says:

What's are the benefits of having a BT 4.0 on your device?

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arjen82 says:

Always on Bluetooth connections with very low energy consumption. Think smart watches, Fitbit wristbands, fitness gear (heart monitors, etc.) and other accessories.

still1 says:

AVRCP 1.3 can transmit meta data of songs, video's to other devices. this has been most complain for many users.

Funny how we are hearing about 4.3 but not on the ñ4

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bleached says:

It was first shown on the N4 a while ago.

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still1 says:

first leak was on N4 a month ago.
GE S4 and One started to show up just recently

dcdttu says:

Well, Google is a little better at keeping secrets than HTC and definitely Samsung. You won't see this release on a GE device and not the Nexus.

gjamie says:

Will this new Bluetooth 4.0 also fix and include the bluetooth profile MAP ? I'd love to finally have SMS support in my Dodge with Uconnect software but can't find anything. Currently the N4 doesn't support it, wonder if Android 4.3 will change that?

I need some help please. I use my HTC one on Telia here in Denmark, with the latest software.
Android 4.2.2 Sense 5.0 software 2.24.401.8 HTC SDK 5,34

my problem is when I use it with hand free Bluetooth in any car or I use my Jabra headset the sound over modulate. My old Samsung Galaxy II runs without problems, but my new HTC one don't. if I use key- when I speak in Bluetooth mode nothing happens. have talked with HTC in Denmark they don't know the problem.

BR Preben