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While HTC remains profitable, the past year has brought a steady decline in the company's revenues. However, the Taiwanese manufacturer's November 2012 financials show possible signs of a turnaround in its fortunes. According to the company's unaudited November numbers, it brought in NT$21.2 billion ($729 million), up from NT$17.2 billion ($529 million) in October.

The boost in revenues can be attributed to the launch of key new high-end products, including the Android-based Droid DNA and J Butterfly, as well as the Windows Phone 8X, which is the signature handset for Microsoft's mobile OS.

Despite this uptick, HTC's November performance was still weaker than its monthly revenues over the summer. In July it brought in NT$25 billion, while August saw revenues of NT$24 billion.

With the last of its 2012 products now making their way into consumers' hands, HTC will no doubt be focusing on its early 2013 devices, which will likely include a new Android-based successor to the One X. If previous years are any indication, there's a good chance we might see such a device at Mobile World Congress in February.

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HTC November financials show signs of improvement


At least they're still alive and not hemorrhaging money. Love their build quality and hope they can get in on the next Nexus. For now I'll enjoy my shiny new Nexus 4 (As soon it gets here. UPS has it on the truck out for delivery today).

Now get that DNA promoted!I'm so glad to hear this. Even though I complain often and loudly about them at times, its only because I love their products so much and want them to succeed. Now next mission statement get back into the top 4 Oems. Although in mind they never actually went anywhere. Their designs really are ahead of the others in my opinion. They just need to rethink battery sizes and a few other things like how many devices they keep releasing and stop the exclusive deals they seem to like so much. But this is good news to hear about HTC after all the negative news about their financials.

The DNA won't recover HTC, it needs a worldwide flagship like the One X, something that the HTC DLX is rumoured to be.

Heck the Verizon commercial for this device doesn't even mention the defining feature of the device. The 1080p display. Which is why HTC should be promoting it instead of leaving it up to Verizon.Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen to this device that happened with the HTC One X.

What they really need is a top-notch phone like the Evo-LTE but on ALL THE MAJOR CARRIERS AT ONCE. The DNA suffers from a HORRIBLE lack of storage. If they took the DNA, and made a 32GB or even 64GB version and had it available on all carriers, then they could compete with Samsung.

As long as they are severely fragmented between the carriers and also offering crippled models (like the DNA), they can never market effectively.

OMG,,,, finally someone speaks my language... my Spanish to English barrier,,,prevent me from saying it like you just did...YOUR ABSOLUTLEY RIGHT :] My upgrade is been up with Verizon,,, I want to upgrade my HTC,,but Please not the CASTRATED,,, HTC DNA,,,can't believe what they did to such a nice phone.... I QUOTE_ "HORRIBLE lack of storage" You can say it again :]

Yes! I want HTC to succeed so Samsung doesn't become complacent with their dominant position. I'm guessing HTC's next flagship phone will be a Droid DNA variant with slightly better internals. Sadly, I'm guessing, they will still have no SD card or removable battery, and that's just tragic....

As long as they put in enough internal storage (as in at least 32 GB), and the battery keeps going through a normal day, they can keep putting the battery in the middle of the device for all I care.