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Now approaching its second birthday, the original HTC EVO 4G has received an unexpected software update today, bringing it up to version 5.07.651.1. The only new addition in this version, according to Sprint's changelog, is the inclusion of the Sprint Connections Optimizer. For the uninitiated, this is an app which runs in the background and can switch between 3G, Wimax and Wifi based on location. For example, if you only have Wifi access at home or at work, you can set the Connections Optimizer to disable Wifi when you're not in either of those two locations. Obvious benefits include improvements to battery life, and the potential to reduce your reliance on cellular data.

Sprint expects this new firmware to be pushed out to all EVO 4G's within six weeks. To see if your update is ready, head to Settings > About phone > Software updates and hit the button.

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HTC EVO 4G updated with Sprint Connections Optimizer


Already been doing that with Settings Profiles (but Tasker can do this as well).

Still, nice to see them push an update down to it.

How does this help when I just toggle wifi on and off when coming home or office? Same thing just automatic I guess? Is that really needed?

I doubt toggling wifi off saves much at all. After all, its just a receiver (listening for SSIDs in the background), it doesn't send anything over wifi unless you actually connect. I never bother to turn it off any more unless I'm going to spend the day driving or something.

Sprint wants this so that people will not forget to turn it on. They are more interested in data load shedding than conserving your battery. It just so happens that the WIFI radio takes way less power to send something 100 feet than the Cell radio sending something 2 or 5 miles. So its win win.

Yes its nice to have that being done for me. I have an app that already does it for me so I may skip the update. Might take some of my storage away.

so....sprint hasn't forgotten about evo4g yet, huh?? Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll see an official ics release, afterall??

One thing i like about this is that if I leave my home and forget to turn off the WiFi, I don't have to worry about it connecting to networks that might have enough signal to connect to, but not good enough for any decent data transmission.

This happens a lot at a restaurant I will go get take out and the bar next door has a weak WiFi signal coming across.

I will always be wary of the updates. Sprint udates rendered my last phone barly usable so I had to change phones. Happy so far with my HTC EVO 4G except for small internal storage space, just scared to update it.

I still have not received the update, not sure why, the forum over on Sprint community also went silent 2 weeks ago.