Announcement continues transparency on update schedules from the manufacturer

President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie has just announced on Twitter at the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint will receive Android 4.3 and Sense 5 by the end of 2013. Following hot on the heels of news that the HTC One on AT&T would join the Android 4.3 upgrade party next week, this is great news for those who have this slightly older handset.

A few users may have been a little disappointed to see an update hit their EVO LTE a couple of days ago when it wasn't the big jump to Android 4.3, but it's great to know that the update is actively being worked on. We don't have a better time frame than the "end of the year," but we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

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HTC EVO 4G LTE set to receive Android 4.3 and Sense 5 by end of year


Better late than never, but most people like myself who bought the evo 4g lte on launch day are up for an upgrade on January 1st...

Better late then never is true, but no one should get their hopes up until the update is actually delivered. Let's just say this wouldn't be the first time HTC promised an update, blew their deadline, and dragged their feet until it became obvious an update would never happen.

It's too entice the current HTC users to stay with the company when they upgrade to the next phone

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Truth. I soaked mine and ruined it, and am running an EVO at the moment. (The original one) I'm thinking of just buying an LTE used instead of upgrading as it's a great phone. Funny thing is, except for the tiny-assed storage space for apps and the somewhat paltry screen, the original EVO is still a pretty decent little phone... At least when running CM7.

No kidding! However, most people weren't as silly as us to buy an LTE phone on Sprint before they had even really begun rolling it out. ;-)

And, I'm sure that means we will be able to sell our phones for more if it can run 4.3.

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Makes the HTC EVO LTE more valuable for resale compared with G3 and G4 and will remain sold as new for $100 or less on special subsidized. Good for HTC.

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So, yeah, we can upgrade on January 1st and I was tempted to do so as well (my wife has the HTC One and it is a step up, albeit a small one from the EVO4GLTE, and the HTC Max should be out, and there's the Nexus 5). But the launch for HTC's flagship phones has been May-ish the last two years, with specs released or leaked well ahead of that. So it would probably be smart to wait a couple months to see what the big phones of 2014 are going to be. I know my EVO is still going strong, even if it doesn't have a 5 or 6 inch screen or an octa-processor.

Yeah I don't see the point but whatever. Update or upgrade... I'll take the new phone. Lol

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IMO, the One X already had 3;

It was released on 4.03 with Sense 4;
then upgraded to 4.04 with Sense 4.1 (the update that brought the options for the multitask key)
then 4.1 with Sense 4+
then 4.2 with Sense 5

Now 4.3 is very likely;

Not bad, HTC.

I wouldn't expect it soon, maybe 2 months after the Jewel update. AT&T is really strict about updating the HOX and no one knows why.

Despite the fact that the EVO LTE didn't seem to hit the heights that HTC wanted it to, I have enjoyed having it as my first Android phone. I'm using a Hisense Sero Pro as my tablet and have truly enjoyed using Jellybean 4.2.1. Getting 4.3 with the new Sense would be even more awesome!

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Feels like this guy at HTC is getting a lot of credit for transparency. I guess Sunit Poni over at Motorola is a bit too vague on his updates on Google+.

I agree.. sunit use to update regularly but now less often.. maybe because of Google purchase??

I think we're pretty much done with updates on all the pre-2013 Motorola phones. Punit is still updating us all though on the Moto X and new DROIDs. But he's saying things like "we're working on it" or "coming soon" instead month/year like this HTC guy is doing.

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This "guy" is the head of HTC America, and yes we applaud his transparency with the update process.

We also do the same when Punit Soni talks about the Moto X update process on Google+, as he often does. You act as though we haven't been covering the process of the latest Moto X "camera fix" updates coming to each of the models.

All I'm noticing is a difference in how social media posts between higher-ups at HTC and Motorola are treated. Last I checked, Punit has only been mentioned in Moto X developer edition posts. When the T-Mobile Moto X camera update hit, I didn't see anything mentioning Punit's "coming soon to other carriers" quote nor any direct praise for transparency. I'm assuming that it's simply because Punit's posts aren't as specific as Mackenzie's.

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What sighs, this was discussed several times and mentioned by HTC, the One S with Snapdragon S3 will not get updated (Because Qualcomm stoped supporting the product and thus HTC does not have the drivers for Jellybean) the S4 version will get update, and all this concern unlocked version of the phone, I doubt carrier phones will get updated (because the carriers won't bother with this)

By the end of the year I'll hopefully be using the Nexus 5 on Sprint, but my daughter will appreciate this update to her hand me down EVO LTE.

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This is my first HTC phone coming from a nexus phone. So, I'm spoiled by timely updates. Anyone know how fast htc is with updates or should I expect it to hit come December 31st?

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Be thankful you're actually getting an update. The 3d only saw ICS from GB.

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ICS may have been the biggest update to Android ever. Lots of new API's and a revamped interface is nothing to sneeze at. Yes, Jelly Bean is awesome, but ICS probably took a lot of effort to modify and release. If you ask me, ICS kinda counts as more than one update--at least 1.5, if not 2.

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He asked if he should expect it to hit on December 31st and I replied on December 30th at 11:57pm. Nothing to do with how many days in the month.

BUT..I also do forget the days in a month 30,31,28...what the hell.....

HTC is currently faster than Samsung, LG, and Sony by quite a margin. Essentially, the fastest, except Nexus.

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Cool!! My upgrade isn't until June 2014 so having at least one more update before moving on to the next phone will be nice.

Definitely some relief, but like a few have already pointed out a lot of us who bought into the EVO LTE are up for an upgrade very soon. Not to mention Rooted users have been using an unofficial Rom of sense 5 for the past 8 months.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I know I'm already looking at other manufacturers for my next phone. There is no reason the LTE should have been plague by the problems it had. I've have both EVOs, and I think HTC makes some solid hardware, but the software side of things could use some work.

The thing is, nobody else is better in that regard. About the only thing else to look to is Nexus... and the last one was crappy- especially due to lack of storage.

I am hoping for a GOOD Nexus 5 on Sprint. Will be extremely disappointed if there is no 64GB storage option for a nearly 2014 phone.

I hate to be the downer here but im pretty sure N5 will max out at 32gb and wont be available on Sprint.

We already know it will be on Sprint, based on FCC documents...

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I doubt I will purchase a phone with no SD card *AND* only 32GB of storage. It simply isn't enough for what I want to do. I would be fine if I really had access to all 32, but that doesn't happen- actual usable space on a 32GB device is usually more like 24 :(

48GB would be fine, but it seems like a conspiracy to always go up by powers of 2 (certainly nothing requires that).

Wholeheartedly agree that if no SD Card (on any phone for that matter) then there should be a 64gb option, if at least for flagship phones (Nexus, HTC, Sammy, LG etc). Where is the 64gb version of the HTC One on Sprint? And why are the rumors of the HTC One Max at 16gb storage? That seems a bit ridiculous. Seems like HTC is trying to pull themselves together...almost there as far as hardware, now to gain some financial ground.

Was that way too many topics at once? haha

I had the original EVO and now the 4GLTE. Great phones, no argument. The updates are a little slow and since I have a Nexus 7 (original) that gets them right away, the delays seem even longer. However, while the updates aren't up with the Nexus lines, they eventually come along.

Unfortunately, I've had it with Sprint...the 3G just plain sucks, and sucks, and sucks. When it's done sucking, it sucks a little more. I'm off to AT&T and will probably go with the new Nexus. While I'd like to stay with the HTC phones, the One will be a little older when I change carriers (February) and frankly, HTC has been seeing too many quarterly losses to be around too much longer. Blackberry is dying a very slow death and I don't think HTC is very far behind them. Sorry, I just had to say it.

I'm not a fan of the Samsung lines and frankly the Nexus lines with their timely updates really does it for me. I'll be passing my 4GLTE to my daughter since she's constantly breaking her Samsung screens. At least someone will get the benefit of a damn fine phone and the 4.3/Sense 5 update.

Even though I love my Sense 5 port, its not 4.3 and the camera doesn't work (camera does work, but not on third party apps), and bluetooth would be a nice addition too. Might go back to stock after this update and wait it out till my upgrade in May

Stock is better. Bonus, no aggravation and all features work as optimized by OEM. ROMing, rooting, and flashing is so 2 years ago unless one with time to waste gets kicks out of tinkering and crippling one's phone.

ive been with the H for a long long time, 6700,6800, touch pro, touch pro 2, evo, 3D, LTE and i have to give them props for their updates, the Evo saw 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and i believe 2.3.6?(icould be wrong with that one) and the 3D saw 2.3 and 4.0 which was huge! sadly the One is too old for me to watse my 01/01/14 upgrade on, the MAX is too big for me (LTE screen size to 5.5 for me), so this 4.3/S5 update will be perfect to hold me off until the One sucessor arrives. (dare i say a droid/WP duel booter phone?)and while i love the 4.1/S5 and 4.2/S5 roms both have bugs that i just got tired of(Cam, BT, SD mounting)

I have tried a lot of ROMs for the phone and many of them just don't have the support behind them. Strange bugs. The best was MeanBean, but the dev got tired of HTC and moved on the Samsung.

Recently I moved to an AOKP ROM, with a slight GPS fix, the phone is much faster than it ever was with sense. The thing is solid, I don't have problems with wireless or wifi data just stopping hours later unless I rebooted or anything.

HTC has a spotty record with updates and many sites were reporting the Evo LTE wouldn't get 4.3. I have watched family members on AT&T with GS2's and 3's and now the 4 get regular updates which have annoyed the heck out of me.

It will take a lot for me to buy another HTC phone. Basically I am waiting to see the new Nexus 5. The Moto X has my attention, it has received updates already. By the time my contract ends in a few months, if I see the Moto X keep getting updates, maybe KitKat, I am done with HTC. Samsung has my attention as well.

I flashed CM 10.1 a month ago thinking the EVO 4g lte wouldnt get sense 5, but i'll have to hear how it runs on this phone before decided to go back to stock

Wow. I was not hopeful 4.3 and Sense 5 would come to my EVOLTE. Yesterday's upgrade has sped some things up, and there seems to be better RAM management. But the thing is REALLY slow compared to my daughter's blue HTC One. But the 4.3 update will probably hold me until I see what is available in the spring from HTC and Samsung, and hopefully Lenovo. I am due for upgrade Jan 1, but I hope the EVOLTE will serve me a little longer. Thanks HTC. Not giving up on you yet. And Sprint is improving LTE service where I live. Oh, and HTC, make another device with a kickstand. I like reading the news at lunch at work with the kickstand.

Will my wife really have a newer OS version than I will have on my Galaxy Nexus???

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Does he have the Verizon GNex? Before I traded in my GSM GNex, I upgraded it to 4.3 no problem.

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It is all about the numbers in the About Phone section for me. I didn't buy the Galaxy Nexus for features of the operating system.

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I gave my Evo LTE away to a friend and got the HTC One but I am still excited to hear HTC hasn't given up on this phone. This will make a few of my friends still rocking this phone very happy.

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Well I was all ready to trade up from the EVO LTE the 1st of December, still might but will keep the EVO as my backup. It's a solid phone, but I really want removable battery and expandable storage. So its either Samsung or BlackBerry I suppose. Glad we are getting Sense 5 though. I really thought it wasn't going to happen ever.

I wouldn't count BlackBerry out, just yet. As a communications device, their smartphones can't be beat, especially, if you're a businessman or businesswoman.

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you'd be hard pressed to find a better display than the super lcd 2. brightness, viewing angles all top notch, the floating screen effect. ppi aside, it beats the slcd3

HTC is only trying to put off the realization that they have orphaned this phone. You won't see a 4.3 update on the EVO LTE. Even if they did ship 4.3 by december what good is it? Almost all owner will only have it until March. A 4.2 release would be much preferred sooner. What would be the point in pushing 4.2 for 4.3 when nobody will be using this phone anymore?

Party pooper!

Not everyone can afford a new phone every year. Phone companies should do what htc is doing right now. Support a phone for at least 2 years.

Kudos HTC.

Smashed on my HTC One with the AC App.

??J3FFTXD, that was unintelligible??

The HTC EVO LTE will then have the current latest OS and Sense 5. It extends life and value of the handset whether you moved on or not. The HTC EVO LTE was the acclaimed premiere device exclusive to Sprint during 2012 with the only drawback that Sprint was only starting a significant network revamp. REMEMBER?

Observers still comment, "awesome phone - great screen clarity and detail - is that a kickstand - wow - and a camera button?" "what is that - an HTC? "

This gives users more time to select an HTC upgrade and more secondary use options. Winner!

The accelerating changeover will be lighting up many new regions in a few short months - year end. Everyone will be more than presently surprised.

Hurrah HTC and Sprint.


Plus, there are people who have only had the EVO LTE for 6 months. It was sold for a long time. You can even still buy new ones (but not from Sprint).

It is an awesome phone. But why skip 4.2 for 4.3? There isn't a lot of compelling reasons. The main point of my post was that I highly doubt this update will ever be seen. I'm calling it now. If this phone gets updated to 4.3 I will eat my dick.

Right now I'm unlocked and rooted I'll probably just keep cyanogenmod 10.1-10.2 until it's time to upgrade (feb) not sure if I'll go HTC again though the HTC max does really interest me.

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It's great they will update it to 4.3, however if your like me and paid for lte for two years and never received it, and in the meantime dealt with the worst service ever. Then you probably won't or don't own a sprint phone any longer.

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Nobody "pays for LTE", there is no additional charge for LTE access or in LTE upgraded areas.

Seriously, I can't believe there are still people out there that think that.

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Well to be honest, Sprint may not "say" you are paying for 4G but here is the reality. I had the original HTC Hero (great little phone). Once the EVO 4G came out, you had to pay $10 more per month to get it. They said the fee was for the "rich data experience" of the EVO 4G. My Hero could get all the rich data the EVO could, it's just that the EVO had a bigger/nicer screen and was faster. So yes, as much as Sprint tried to deny it, some of is feel the extra charge was so Sprint could try to build out their 4G network. The funny thing is, the EVO 4G was such a good phone that I was willing wo absorb that extra cost while I waited for 4G (Wimax at the time). Not only did I never get 4G, their 3G network went to crap. Sure Sprint is slowly building out LTE now, but many of us are pretty fed up with Sprint's crappy network. I mean what's the point of unlimited data if you can barely use it?

I actually liked my Evo LTE more than I liked my HTC One. I'll take 3 capacitive buttons over 2 any day.

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This is welcome news. I always pass my old phone onto my mom and she'll use that until I get something new again. She doesn't want to spend $200 on a brand new top end phone and just gives me her upgrade (bonus!)

My evolte has been a workhorse and I'll be sad to give it up....for a moment :)

Glad to see the update. Unfortunately I can't deal with Sprint where I live for one day past the of my contract. I had the original EVO and now this one. It's been a GREAT phone...better than my wife's GS3. I'm off the AT&T and the new Nexus on Feb 1.

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This is definitely welcome news. I won't be holding my breath, but I do appreciate this new transparency. HTC may be in a bad place, but they do try new things and produce a good product.

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I'm soooooooooo done with HTC and Sprint. Was told in July 2012 that LTE was a month or two away.....Still don't have it in a suburb of Phila. That's for HTC... the original EVO LTE I purchased died about 8 months after I got it, just simply would not turn on. Took it to the Sprint store and was told I no longer had the insurance on the phone, (still don't know how that happened !?!?!?!?!)and it was going to cost me $40 dollars for an exchange or a three week wait to send mine back to HTC.

So to HTC and Sprint, big middle finger to you and your update ! I'm so GONE when this crappy 2 year agreement is over, Verizon and a nice Samsung Note coming my way. HOORAY FOR ME !!!!!!