While the information is slim, the smaller, finer details give us just enough to keep the speculation going. According to an FCC filing, HTC has dropped off a WiMax, CDMA enabled device to the FCC labs for testing. For those of you out there keeping track, these specs fall in line with that of the oft rumored HTC Knight / HTC Shift Evo 4G that's supposed to be heading to Sprint with some Android flavor. Many folks still question the reality of this device, as we noticed in our forums but if nothing else, this FCC finding could mean we are one step closer to seeing it hit store shelves soon. [FCC via Engadget]

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Qosmokid says:

I still want a 4.3 inch Evo-like phone with a TP2-like keyboard, then i'll definetely drop my Evo 4G which I absolutely love.

Dhamp2g says:

I don't want a keyboard I like my EVO

weehooherod says:



Same here!

Dhamp2g says:

OH I ALSO LOVE MY NEW GALAXY TAB. IT'S LIKE a huge EVO. Anybody wanna buy an Ipad from me


jonmade says:

I'm looking for an ipad for my son I already own a tab drop me an email at jonmade@gmail.com

briankurtz79 says:

The galaxy tab is a tiny iPad with a camera. Exactly what you said. A big evo. I'll stick with my evo and wait for the notion ink Adam with Chrome.

Evo2DroidX says:

I second the wisdom of this wait! Chrome tab

Ill wait for the HTC TABLET thats going to be the perfect android pad... HTC LIKE no other...

onixblack says:

I really don't want this to come out soon because I feel that if it come out than it equals no gingerbread for me without root. Since Sprint will most likely forget about this device if a new one comes out.....

Sprint hasn't forgotten about the hero with a maintenance update just the other day... it wasn't froyo but i have that b/c im rooted anyway

Flip says:

Wow I'm curious but I love my EVO so much n even though I like keyboards I think the EVO without a keyboards is what makes this phone so sexy but to b able to get me off this phone is gonna take a looot so the only thing is an EVO 2 with better specs than this one

PGiovanni says:

Love my EVO to damn much also, but I'd upgrade to a dual core 1.3 or better.

Mmm... already a htc evo 2? With full keyboard? How can u perfect he evo... 10megapixels, two kickstands, 3500mh battery, 3.0 android, 5" screen...? Mmm.. wow...

tim242 says:

It's not an Evo 2. It has a smaller screen, and most likely a keyboard.(could be a speaker) It's just the second phone with Evo in the name. Sounds as if Sprint is trying to start an Evo line, like Verizon's Droids...who knows.

steveymacjr says:

hm, I didn't see Android listed anywhere in the FCC Filing..
How do we know this is an Android device? This could be a Wimax sporting Windows Phone 7 from Sprint...

jimmycinla says:

Read the engadget link, kind of explains the Android part.

I hope sprint starts a line of evo's. They need to do something, Verizon is kicking their ass right now. And I don't want that to happen.

SoCalMario says:

I would most definitely upgrade to the new evo if it sports a better longer lasting battery. But I do love my evo. Who wouldn't want an upgraded evo?

lue4 says:

Found this video!?!
What do you think, looks similiar to the Nexus S?!