HTC Desire HD

It was only yesterday that we reported that the HTC Desire HD is now available from the mobile network 3 in the UK. Now, Vodafone is joining the club by offering the highly anticipated device. 

The 4.3-inch phone can be had with a variety of different plans:

  • Free at either a £35, £45 or £55/month, depending on what type of plan you prefer
  • £99 at £30/month
  • £199 at £25/month

UK residents should enjoy the fact that the Desire HD is starting to hit the market and is now available on two of their biggest carriers. [Vodafone via BGR]


Reader comments

HTC Desire HD now available from Vodafone UK


Agreed. UK still uses £ (pounds) not € (euros).

My biggest concern for the DHD on Vodafone is that they screw up the OS like they did with the Desire and SGS. Pages of forums screaming when they added their own crapware recently.

*cries and throws a temper tantrum kicking and screaming on the floor*

I WANT THAT STATE SIDE!!! *mutters with compatible radios*


I just need 4.3" htc like this for att I wonder what the 3G band frequencies are 850/1900 hspda or something would make me happy

getting mine on monday... the same day as my baby scan. Baby scan vids in HD* yes yes oh yes.

* yes i know its only 720p not 1080p :p

This phone is also available on T-Mobile UK too and has been for over a week now. If it is shipping is another story...