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HTC ThunderBolt audio

One issue that's been bugging HTC ThunderBolt owners is the inconsistent audio recording when using the camcorder on the phone. Sometimes sound is record, other times its muffled beyond recognition.

The good news is that HTC has confirmed to us that it's tracked down the problem, and a fix is in the works. That means a software update, of course, and these things can take time to be approved and pushed out. But good on HTC for tracking it down so quickly.

In the meantime, there are some supposed workarounds, from covering up one of the microphones to using a third-party video recorder. Anything else we should try? Hit up the forums for more, and we've got some video samples after the break. [Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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HTC confirms ThunderBolt camcorder audio problem, says fix is coming


I hope theres a whole lost more big fixes in the next update to. Perhaps stuff in some Gingerbread? I'd be happy with bug fixes and compatibility.

Hopefully they take a good look at the issues with the radio while their worried about the camcorder. Seriously. That should be the first thing they address.

My Thunderbolt is working great, my sound is fine, the 4G radio is powerful as hell and couldn't be happier. My battery could be better but seems to be getting better as I use it. (Just like my MT4G did)

Too late!
Already returned mine, kept the 32 GB microSD card. $35 for a 32 GB microSD card? WINNING!

So much wrong with this stupid android phones.
Just get a iPhone and have the best phone on earth
Cause if u don't have a iPhone u just don't have a iPhone

Because the iPhone never has problems?? Only Android does? Tell that to my buddy who almost got fired because his iPhone alarm clock failed to wake him up after daylight saving time - twice.

And what about the massive wifi and "you're holding your phone the wrong way and that's why you're dropping calls" iPhone 4 issues that made international news. Did you forget about those?

Point is: Every phone has its quirks. We picked what we like, you picked what you like.

But please don't come in here and flame bait every member of this community with "tu quoque" criticisms that can apply to your beloved iPhone just as much

Yep those I-Phones are flawless. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, I could tell you some stories. Wouldn't use an I-Phone if it was given to me. My Thunderbolt has been working great for me, my 4G is working great, my video recorder has no problems with the sound and my only issue is battery like everyone else. Some company will come up with a great after market battery with more power and it won't take up any more real estate. Until then I will just have to suffer with this great device. What was that on my speed test, what, (23 MB on the DL) Holy shit I will just have to suffer.