HTC Sense widgets

We didn't think too much of it when we first told you that HTC put the kibash on Beautiful Widgets, which very much brought HTC's Sense UI to non-HTC Android phones. LevelUp Studio on its Web site says the design was "inspired by the HTC interface (Sense UI)." No arguing with that.

But what if HTC has its own plans to bring Sense to non HTC phones in its own widget?

A commentor at Phandroid noticed three test apps at AndroidLib, registered to HTC Corporation. A little digging in the HHHTest app shows "," which definitely points toward a widget. Apparently the three files seen above have been pulled from the Market.

Assuming this is all on the up-and-up, we may well see Sense coming to more than just HTC devices. When we might see Sense widgets (and if they'll cost anything) remains to be seen.


Reader comments

Is HTC bringing Sense UI in widget form?


I can sit at my pc and watch the same story cascade from 1 Android site to the next and somehow it always to pic up some extra info along the way. All of it unsubstantiated I might add. With that said, it would be nice to see some of the Sense UI widgets make their way into the market.