LG G3 battery saver

LG has some built in tools to help you string out your battery life a little further

All the major high end Android smartphones from this year have some way to try and extend your battery life when things get low, and the LG G3 is no exception. While it doesn't go as far as something like the ultra power saving mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5, battery saver on the G3 can certainly help you to get more life when you're running close to empty.

Let's take a look at what it does and how you use it.

How to activate battery saver

LG G3 battery saver

Turning on battery saver can be done in two different ways; manually and scheduled. The first thing you need to do is head into Settings > Battery > Battery saver. At the top of the screen you'll see the toggle to manually activate as well as an option headed "Turn battery saver on." Setting the toggle to "on" will activate it there and then. If you want it to come on automatically when your battery level reaches a certain percentage, tap on "Turn battery saver on" and select your desired level. You'll have options for 50%, 30%, 20%, 10% and Immediately.

You can also activate Battery saver from the notification tray. If you don't see the battery saver toggle, scroll all the way to the right, hit "Edit" and make sure that the battery saver checkbox is ticked. Next time you pull down the notification tray you'll have instant access to turning on battery saver.

What it does to help conserve battery life

As the name indicates, battery saver is there to try and extend how long your phones power will last when you need a little help. Whether that's all day to make sure you're never looking for a charger or just to help you later on when it gets a little low, it'll do its best to keep your phone on as long as possible.

To achieve this, battery saver gives you certain customizable battery saving items:

  • Turn off Auto-sync
  • WiFi - Turns off when data isn't in use
  • Bluetooth - Turn off when you're not using something connected to the phone
  • NFC - Disables "read and write/P2P" and Android Beam
  • Turn off vibrate on tap
  • Brightness - Decide how bright you want the display to be when battery saver is enabled, options between 10% and 50%
  • Screen timeout - Will default to 15 seconds, you're able to increase this to 30 or 60 seconds
  • Turn off the notification LED

Your own individual mileage may vary, and of course for everything you leave turned on, the effects of battery saver diminish. The G3 is generally pretty good on battery life but there are always those moments when you might need a little help to see you through the day. For those situations, battery saver is a great tool to have at your disposal.

For more, see our LG G3 help page, and swing by our G3 forums!


Reader comments

How to use battery saver on the LG G3


Battery saver set at 20% seems to give me that extra couple of hours. Went to bed last night with 25% and as of now I have 8%. At work it's given me that extra push till work is over and I can plug in in my car.

Posted via Android Central App

Your discharge rate is quite bad. Last night I took my G3 off the charger 100% at 2100. Woke up at 0630 and saw it only dropped 2%.

After using the HTC One M8 for a few months I'd still prefer a dedicated Ultra Battery Saver mode similar to the HTC or Galaxy S5.

Posted via Android Central App

Yup love my note 3 I use it a ton and still have over40 percent end of day. I read that g3 has horrible battery life. And Imo with a top of the line phone we should have to enable battery saver our turn off anything to make it through day. Can't wait for note 4. Once you go note you never go back

Posted via Android Central App

Not true. Went from Note 2 to HTC One M7 and now on M8. No plans to go back.

Posted via Android Central App

Says a guy who lists his physical stats, likes and dislike, as to say he is desperate for a date, and lists the iPhone6 as their current phone.

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Comes here to bash the LG phone, makes a comment about always using a Note, and you check his profile and it lists an iPhone6.

Phone Battery life is as much about the user as it is the phone.

i dont know why everyone is complaining about the battery life of the lg g3. mine got at the end of the day (16 hours using) well over 35% (and i'm a heavy user; 4-5 hours screen-on). i guess everyone having battery problems just didnt activate ART and is still running on DALVIK (i never used DALVIK on my g3 though, so i cant tell if it makes a difference)

I activated to ART on the 2nd day I got my G3 too. Battery life has been great. I used for 18 hours with lots video, camera shots, web browsing, instant msg, news app, etc. I managed to have 5% left after 18 hours. I don't normally use it heavily. I was just showing the phone off to different people.

My Optimus G has both a QuadCore control and Battery Saver. With QuadCore control turned off it will chew through battery in no time. With it turned on it works pretty good. I usually leave Battery Saver turned off because with it on the phone gets sluggish and jumpy when I need it the most. By the time I hit the 10% warning track I am plugging in the external battery pack that is always in my pocket. The biggest drain seems to be the radio hunting for signal. When I am in (downtown) good signal area I can go all day. When in a poor area (grocery store, remote state park) the battery seems to drain twice as fast.

The "battery-full, unplug to save energy " notification seems to go off in middle of night and repeats constantly. How do I kill that notification?