How to uncover hidden service menu on galaxy s3

Hidden in your Galaxy S3 is the ability to test out all major display and sound functions.

I usually like to have some sort of diagnostic tool for my smartphones to make sure that every feature I pay for actually works. One great thing I just discovered about the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is that it has the diagnostic capabilities built right in.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I swear that I see a dead pixel on my phone or that the vibration isn’t working like it should. I want to always be sure that even if I don’t use all the features, they're in good working order.

The Galaxy S3 makes this incredibly easy for all of us, but Samsung doesn’t exactly let us know that we have that capability built in.

Accessing the Service menu

The Service menu is activated through a sort of code that you enter into the dial pad of the phone. To get started:

  1. Start your Phone app
  2. Get to the Keypad screen
  3. Type in: *#0* #

You now should have in front of you a screen with a 5 X 3 grid of options.

dial *#0*# Service menu

Testing the color capabilities of the Galaxy S3

The top row of buttons tests the color capabilities of the phone. Touch each square to see the Red, Green and Blue color tests of the screen. You should be easily able to see if you have any dead pixels on the screen when it is filled with the various colors.

red blue

Testing the Receiver and Vibration

Tap the Receiver icon and you should hear a short, high pitched beep.  If you don’t, you might have some issues with the Receiver on the phone. 

Tap the Vibration icon to test the vibration of the phone. The test should emulate full vibration. This is a reported issue for some users, so it is good to test it out.

Test the dimming and Mega cam

Tap the dimming button and the screen will be divided in three parts; red, green and blue. Tap the screen again and it should dim to about half brightness.

dimming test camera

The Mega cam test simply tests out the big camera on the back. Tap it to activate the viewfinder and the rear lens.

Testing the sensors

I didn’t realize that the Galaxy S3 had as many sensors as it did until I tried this one out.  Tap the Sensor button and all hell breaks loose on the screen.

The Galaxy S3 will begin running tests for the:

  • Proximity sensor
  • Barometer sensor
  • Lights sensor
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Magnetic Sensor

test sensors graph

You can input data, like the sea level pressure to calibrate the barometer and you can even graph the Gyroscope readings by tapping the Graph button. It seems like this is data that would be most useful to a technician, but it is kind of cool to play with.

Testing out the Touch screen

Tap on the Touch icon and the screen shifts to a grid. Tap anywhere on the screen to either color in a box green or leave a dot somewhere on the screen.  This test is particularly useful if you think you have areas of the screen that are not responding well to touch. This test should re-assure you that all is working well or it will clearly identify issues that need to be fixed.

touch screen test

Testing the Sleep, Speaker and Sub key

To test if the Sleep function is working, just tap the Sleep key.  If Sleep is working on your phone, you will need to unlock the screen and then re-type in the code to access the Service menu.

Tapping the Speaker icon will play a series of tones to test out the speaker on the back of the phone. If you don’t hear anything, make sure your volume is turned up.

The Sub key is what Samsung seems to be calling the Menu and Back soft keys to either side of the Home button. When you tap Sub key on the test panel, you then tap either one or both of the Sub keys to change the color on the screen, which lets you know that both buttons are functioning, as they should.

Testing the Front cam, LED and Low frequency

The last row of icons tests various functions of the phone.  Tap the Front cam button to make sure that the front camera is operating as it should. The screen should show you whatever the front camera of the phone is seeing.

Tap the LED button to test the various LED colors.  Each time you tap the screen, you should see - in order – Red, Green, Blue, End.

Tap the Low frequency button to test various LCD frequencies. 

test LED lcd test

While some of these tests didn’t really mean that much to me, my guess is that this screen will prove very useful to service technicians who need to respond to customer complaints about features that they experience to be not working on the phone.

Let’s just hope that the local tech at Verizon, Sprint or AT&T know that this exists and use it to cut down on needless repairs or exchanges.


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How to uncover and use the hidden Service menu on the Galaxy S3


That's the same code my Samsung Focus (windows phone provided by work) uses; on that, I had to use the phone dialer to dial ##634# first though, otherwise diagnostics wasn't available. (Thank you XDA for that one!)

Anyone else get a picture of a chihuahua after selecting "image test" on the output page for the accelerometer?

Works on Samsung Captivate Glide too except that the LED and Low Frequency tests are missing. You'd think they would've added a way to test the hardware keyboard but they just copy/pasted the same diagnostics software they had for non-keyboard devices like the Galaxy S II.

I'm pretty sure this is nothing new.
Test Mode has been available on all Samsung Android smartphones, running stock ROM.
You just need to know the dial codes.

Chesty_Techie_Jogger says: > Type in: *#0*(space)# How do we type in "space"?
(AndroidCentral can't even seem to get the simplest things correct, these days.)

The Name Is Nigel - Flat Chested Techie Jogger wasn't acting like a donkey.
She is one; without the need to act; and her comment confirms that.
Unfortunately, they allow Joy Behar, Stupid Joe Biden and Rosie O'Donought fans to post here.

This also works on Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket with updated ICS. Don't know if it worked before the update to ICS. I only deceided to try it after reading your article and it looks exactly the same so maybe it is a ICS thing and not Samsung?

THIS is an excellent post.

It's no wonder that Android Central is the NUMBER 1 Samsung Galaxy S 3 blog spot.

In CM10 on my CDMA (Sprint) Galaxy Nexus, the *#*#3424#*#* code posted by @masterxchief opens up something called a PhoneUtil dialog with options for UART and USB, that I don't quite understand. Interesting.

Not working on my Verizon GS3 anymore. Wonder if they changed the code with one of the recent updates.

when i dial the *#0*# on my verizon sgs3 with jelly bean 4.1.1 it tells me my number cant be completed as dialed

It's also working on my note 10.1
I think it works in any Samsung device bearing 4.0 or above.
There's some extra options like wacom test, speaker l and r etc.

I have a samsung s3, and when I first got it I could get into the hidden stuff, and then I did an upgrade for verizon and now nothing. if i do *#0*# nothing happens and if I hit dial it goes to verizon and tells me I'm wrong, anyone know how to fix this.

You have to first type *#22745927 to get to an 'enable/disable hidden menu' screen. Check enable and you're good to go.

Verizon S3 galaxy dial codes not working! *#0011# is not working.
Thank you n8cs for sharing the hidden menu on off toggle!

*#22745927 allowed me to turn on the hidden menu and then fix my

Verizon Galaxy S3. Very Cool. Thanks much! I tried the code in the article above, alone , and it did not work. But then I put in the code you listed above (no need to press the "call" button) and I got a option pop up: "Enable Hidden menu?" I enabled it. Then I typed in the code from the article above - no space needed, did not need to press the "call" button - and the menu popped up, as described. Thanks much!

Works on my old POS GS2. Tells me my magnetic sensor needs calibrating (might explain why my GPS always has a hard time).

I've read every comment on this and not one single code has worked. Perry sure there is something wrong with my touch screen, but I can't calibrate it. Help maybe?

I am having trouble with the directions. What does one do when the code has been entered? If the service screen comes up automatically after the typing, mine doesn't. What could I be doing wrong? If it is not automatic, what am I supposed to do? I tried hitting the phone, contacts, the general dialpad, an arrow pointing down, etc. I tried asking the little lady inside the phone, and she had no idea what I was talking about. I am not sure why I want to do this, but I hate failing at a challenge.

Some phones are not able to do them. Personally I am looking into the solution. If you have a phone with a generic profile, which is commonly more cost effective for the cell phone companies, they are not easily accessed. I did research and my phone does the same thing. But this program I installed on my phone says the codes exist. Its just a matter of finding out how to enable the hidden menu. Done phones are enabled by the manufacturer, and some aren't.