Samsung Galaxy S5

Something important to many of us when we're taking photos on our smartphones is that the location information of that photo isn't recorded. On the flip side to this there's a bunch of people who absolutely want location information attached to their photos. Fortunately on the Samsung Galaxy S5 enabling and disabling the location tags for your photos is a breeze.

Here's how to do it:

  • Open up the stock Samsung Camera app on the phone
  • Look for the Settings 'Gear' icon and tap on it
  • On the grid of settings that presents itself scroll down a little until you see "Location tags"
  • Tap to enable/disable as desired!

And that's it! From now on your photos will either be location free or tagged accordingly.

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How to turn on and off location in the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera app


Off topic but i have to say it.. i was on beach over the weekend and had sand all over my GS5. It was so dusty so i washed it with water lol IP67 works great. Seriously.

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Yeah. If you use any lock method other than swipe to unlock you lose access to locations in the camera from the lockscreen. Futhermore, once you access the camera when the phone is unlocked greyed out settings like location will have been changed. So if you had locations on and then used the camera from the lockscreen the location setting will be turned off and disabled. Then if you use it again with the phone unlocked the location settings will still be off. So you have to remember to once again enable that if you want it every time.