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No matter the weather, you won't have to choose between using your phone and having cold fingers.

You won't always need to make use of your phone while wearing gloves, but when the temperatures dip the last thing you want to do is expose your extremities to the elements to send a tweet. With the latest enhancements in touchscreen technology phones can now be sensitive enough to be used with gloves, and the Galaxy S5 is no exception. 

The ability to poke around your new phone while keeping your fingers warm isn't turned on by default, but it's simple enough to turn on if you need the feature. Read along and see how you can turn on the increased screen sensitivity mode on your Galaxy S5, and keep your fingers warm in the process.

Touch Sensitivity on the Galaxy S5The setting we'll be looking to enable here is called "Increase touch sensitivity," and there are two simple ways to turn it on. The first is just a quick dive into the notification pane away. Swipe down the notification pane and tap the button in the top right corner of the screen to expand out all 20 of the quick settings. By default you'll see a button called "Touch sensitivity" in the bottom leftmost corner. Tap the button, and the feature is now enabled.

This is really just a shortcut to a toggle in the Settings menu, though, and if you've chosen to modify your notification pane shortcuts, you may have inadvertently removed the Touch sensitivity button from view. No matter what, you can always head into the settings of your phone and enable it manually. Go into the Settings, scroll down to Display and then look for "Increase touch sensitivity" at the bottom of the Display submenu. Check the box and you'll again be ready to use your Galaxy S5 with gloves on.

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We've found that having the increased sensitivity turned on doesn't negatively influence responsiveness even without gloves on, which is nice if you'll regularly be using them and don't want to toggle the setting over and over again. There are limits to this technology though — with thicker gloves, we found the phone still can't respond to all touches even with the setting turned on. Screen technology seems to be hit or miss with the thickest winter gloves, but at least with this setting you have a fighting chance of keeping warm and using your Galaxy S5.

Enter the Settings Display Settings Increase touch sensitivity

For more, see our Galaxy S5 help page, and swing by our GS5 forums!


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How to increase touch sensitivity on the Galaxy S5 to use it with gloves


Are all these S5 articles providing tips unique to the S5, or are they just a play to increase clicks? I would assume by reading the title of the posts that they are more specific to the OS than the phone itself. I do have to admit I haven't read many of them.

Posted via Android Central App

The S4 had it too, so? This is an article for people who would not normally dig through all the settings in a new phone just to dig, not really to heap praise on new features.

Sent with bathwater

Yes, indeed. Plus I'm always impressed how smooth is Windows Phone's touch response. In comparison with my Nexus 4, my Lumia 520 is a winner, no doubt. And it's a low level device...

Posted via Android Central App

Good coverage Andrew.
Some take it for granted, using a device without taking gloves off. Since this phone will sell in places where gloves are a regular accessory...this article DOES have a purpose..contrary to common belief.

Posted via Android Central App

Or one could get gloves that work with any phone touchscreen, bought a pair of leather gloves that work great with touchscreens and without the telltale metallic fingertip!

Posted with an HTC One M8 via Android Central App

I got some in asda for £2. But it'll be nice when this feature is standard. I wonder why you can toggle it? Maybe enabling it affects battery?

Posted via Android Central App

If you enable it and use it without gloves, you will get a false touch now and then, as the sensor is set to detect touches a few millimetres above the display.

Ah, I see. Is this a different technology from Nokia then? I think you can just use gloves all the time. No settings. I could be wrong though. It has been known

Posted via Android Central App

It's probably the same tech. It's fully possible to have it enabled all the time, but, as I said. The sensor is already detecting your touch a few millimetres above the display, which will be a problem for anyone who doesn't like to lift their fingers unnecessarily far off the screen when tapping away... The experience I've had with Nokia phones is, they generally have low accuracy no matter what you do with them. Yeah, I have owned a Lumia... :P

Not only can you use it with gloves, you can use a pen or pencil to control the screen. It is very unlikely that a pen will damage the screen, but a pencil definitely will not.

I installed Sketchbook Mobile and it's almost like having an active digitizer. Who needs an SPen?

Posted via Android Central App

Because the S Pen is pressure sensitive... :)
But I agree, Samsung's touch sensors are quite accurate and sensitive, which helps a lot when you're doodling a bit in some drawing app.

It's so much more accurate than your average capacitive stylus. But yes, no pressure sensitivity ;)

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Work gloves maybe... But it's almost May... Not a lot of glove wearing going on in most of the country (US)..

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No but it came in handy in December. At a Steelers game. In the snow.

Go Dolphins!

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The S5 doesn't have one of those, apparently that is just an LG feature

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