New Gmail Sync and Notifications

Don't forget to turn on sync when you add new folders or Mail Categories

While the settings to enable and change sync settings for Gmail haven't changed in the latest update, many people are just being introduced to them for the first time with the addition of "Mail Categories" this last week. Simply enabling the new Mail Categories feature on the web view of Gmail will get the tabs to show up in your app, but unfortunately won't start syncing or notifying you of your mail to those categories by default. It'll take just a few taps through the settings of the Gmail app to have everything syncing and ringing once again though, so let's take a look at the process.

While in the list view of the folder or tab that you want to sync and notify, hit the "Menu" button and tap "Label settings". Here you'll see sync and notification settings specific to that folder you were in, as noted in the top left area of the action bar. Tapping the top "Sync messages" area, you can select between not syncing, syncing the last 30 days (by default) or syncing all messages that arrive in that folder. Select one of the latter two to get email downloaded automatically when it hits that folder of your account.

New Gmail Sync and Notifications New Gmail Sync and Notifications

Once email is syncing automatically, you can then choose how you would like to be notified of emails that arrive to that specific folder as well. You can wholesale turn notifications on or off, change the sound, choose whether or not the phone should vibrate and whether it should notify for every message or just periodically. Because you can change this option for every folder (or Mail Category tab) in your account, you can granularly control how your phone responds to email based on how you've categorized its importance of notification. Using this in conjunction with the new Mail Categories feature could greatly cut down on the amount of distractions you receive from unwanted email.

Take a look below where we give a quick video look at managing sync and notification settings in the new Gmail interface.


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How to change sync and notification settings in the new Gmail


Thank you! Was wondering why I wasn't getting notifications in my other labels aside from "Primary." AC to the rescue! :)

Google made a mistake by not having notifications on for all categories by default. It's guaranteed that there are people who will never realize that they have unread emails, and considering how they're filed into the categories, some of those emails are going to be very important.

Exactly why happened to me the last few days. Now that I have everything set to notify I get too many notifications of the same message. I hope thy update this to work a bit better.

Posted via Android Central App

I just want to know if they're going to bring back the delete button on the notification pulled downs instead of just archive and reply.

I got that part working, but when you pull down the notification screen from the top to check an email notification, the notification no longer has an option to delete the email from the notification menu.

The notification changes based on your settings choice. The only way to get "Delete" to show in a notification is to have "delete" set as your action bar and swipe action setting.

Ok, I gotcha. When I did the show delete & notification I noticed it showing them both in the app itself. I didn't know it applied to the notification too. Ideally I would think showing the archive & delete icons on both areas would be a future update. Kinda silly way they set it up. Hopefully they seen all the complaints. Thanks!

How can I check and adjust the frequency my gmail account checks for New emails? I have checked all of the settings on my LG G2 android phone and can see a setting for changing the amount of days previous to check and a setting to turn sync on but not how often to check for new emails?
Please help.

I feel really silly for asking this, but what exactly is a "Label Notification"? I just want to see the little mailbox icon when I get a new email and that's it - no sound, no vibrate, nothing else. Thanks!