how to add and arrange home screens on the galaxy s3

Home screens on the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) are very configurable; you can even delete complete Home screens and add brand new ones. 

Out of the box, the Galaxy S3 comes with seven home screens. As we have learned, you can customize each screen with App icons and widgets and really tailor make each page to better suit the way you use the phone.

One great feature is that you can delete complete Home screens and start over and add new ones. You can then rearrange your Home screens so that what you need is available in exactly the way you desire. 

Getting to the Home screen edit screen 

The first step to deleting and adding new Home screens is to get to the Home screen-editing screen on the Galaxy S3.

Go to any Home screen and long press – (touch and hold) the screen

  1. Choose Add to Home screen
  2. Touch the Page tab
  3. All of your Home screens are now displayed and can be edited, deleted or rearranged.

choose add to home screen  choose page

Deleting a Home screen 

To delete a Home screen, just pick the screen from the seven now shown on the phone and drag it to the Trashcan icon. Confirm the delete on the next screen and the screen is now deleted.

drag home screen to trashcan  confirm delete

Adding a new Home screen

You will now notice in the place of the deleted screen is a blank screen with a (+) indicated.  Simply touch the blank screen with the (+) icon and a new, blank screen will be placed on the Home screen editing screen. You can now add App icons and widgets to the new Home screen.

add a home screen  new blank home screen created

Rearranging Home screens

Once you are set with your seven Home screens, you can rearrange them in any order you wish. The screen in the middle is usually the default Home screen to which the phone will immediately go to when turned on.  The screens to the right and left are the screens you would normally swipe to on the left or right of the default screen, which is in the middle. To rearrange Home screens:

  1. Touch and hold any of the Home screens
  2. Drag it to its new place – either next to the Default screen or in another location
  3. Confirm the new placement by exiting from the editing mode and swiping through Home screens

Changing the Default Home screen

The usual Default Home screen has the Clock/Weather widget at the top. If this is not the screen that you wish to make “default” you can easily change that. In this example, I want to make the screen with my Flipboard widget my default screen.

  1. Notice the House icon in the upper right of each Home screen
  2. Touch the House icon on the screen you wish to become the Default screen
  3. The house icon turns blue on the new screen
  4. A message is displayed that the Default Home screen has been changed

default home screen in middle  default home screen to the left

Play around with this a bit. With a little bit of experimentation, you can really make your Galaxy S3 your own.  Each Home screen can really reflect the way you want to use your phone and can appear in the order you want them to as you swipe through your Home screens.


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How to add and arrange Home screens on the Galaxy S3


Thanks! I use Circle Launcher pretty heavily, so I'm just a three screen guy. Now I've gotten rid of the 4 blank ones!

…you’re killing me! You are right, but you’d be surprised that amount of people that don’t know that this is even an option.
It took me a minute to ‘get it’. Just saying.

Actually this original article is no longer correct. I think with the Jellybean update the press and hold pop up no longer gives the option to edit the pages (at least on my Verizon S3). The pinch two finger mode on a home screen or the menu->edit option still work as suggested in the comments

Correct! Got S3 two weeks ago and can confirm. The two pinch or menu->edit allows for rearangement or removal of pages, but no option to add new page (at least to initial 7 pages)

I have only 6 home screens in my Mobile. How to add the 7th one? There is no + sign to add another screen. Please suggest me what could be done.