The Nook Color port of the Honeycomb SDK preview has been released to the public, and is now available for installation.

Currently set up to run off of an SD card, the ROM (from developer deeper-blue) has the following working already:

  • Graphics acceleration
  • Accelerometer
  • Wireless
  • Touchscreen
  • Buttons
  • Sleep/Wake

You can download the SD image here, and then check out our How-To Install Honeycomb on the Nook Color thread so you can follow along at home when Google previews it tomorrow.  [xda-developers]


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Honeycomb port for the Nook Color now available for download


This is exciting but I'll probably wait a while before trying it out. I'm just getting ready to start on Nookie Froyo. I'm not confident enough in my skills to try this build out. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you guys.

This makes the Nook Color the first device available to the public for which Honeycomb is available & capable? Who'd have thunk it! Way to go, devs!! So awesome =)

Same here!! Even though I have an iPad, I would love to have a NC just for the fun of hacking it.

I got my girlfriend an NC for Christmas, and up until the other day when I started reading about these XDA fellas I thought it was just a nice little e-reader. Now I'm having a hard time restraining myself from stealing that NC from my girlfriend and rooting/ROMing it. So I'm definitely considering getting myself one now and will most likely be doing so in a week or so. Looking forward to checking out this Honeycomb ROM asap. This is great stuff XDA, keep it up!

Take it one night and Flash FroYo onto it. =] Trust me It'll be an upgrade from stock. Just don't brick it lol.

I just got and rooted my NC yesterday. Haven't taken the Froyo leap yet, but boy is it cool to see Honeycomb progressing as it is.

"Honeycomb, won't you be my baby
Well, Honeycomb, be my own
What a darn good life
With a Nook, WiFi and Honeycomb…"

This is great - now I can switch between the overclocked Nookie Froyo SD & Honeycomb whenever I want by just switching cards! Thanks to all the folks at XDA - and, just as much, Android Central's own Will Shanklin for all his fantastic help in answering our Nook rooting questions. Keep up the good work, Will!

(My applogies to Jimmie Rodgers...)

i just installed the port of Honeycomb to the nook on my sd and it runs beautifully! the UI is amazing! the only drawback for me as of right now is the lack of sound...i like my music and am dependent on my notification sounds so until those kinks are properly worked out im reverting back to rooted stock w/ app market. If any of yo are curious you should definitely check it out its worth the 10 minutes! Job VERY well done so far Deeper-Blue!!!

I installed honey comb but still cannot get adb to run. Get not a win32 error on my win 7 and xp machine. Any help would be appreciated.