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We've had a few people ask us recently if it's possible to have one on-screen keyboard appear for a certain app, and another keyboard appear for a different app, automatically. As it stands now, you have long-press and go through a couple menus to switch keyboards, and that makes it a bit of a pain.

But in Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the process has been significantly improved.


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Honeycomb allows for quick-change of on-screen keyboards


One word: Awesome! While not totally as cool as having automatically switching keyboard profiles, this is very nice and useful for those of us who prefer different keyboards for different apps.

Yeah this makes it waaay easier to change keyboards. I don't personally use different keyboards but this is something that makes me more interested in honeycomb

Where we really need this is on phones (SwiftKey for landscape and certain apps, Swype for the test), I don't see myself switching much on a tablet once I find one I like (more than likely SwiftKey).