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We've had a few people ask us recently if it's possible to have one on-screen keyboard appear for a certain app, and another keyboard appear for a different app, automatically. As it stands now, you have long-press and go through a couple menus to switch keyboards, and that makes it a bit of a pain.

But in Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the process has been significantly improved.

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jg274105 says:

One word: Awesome! While not totally as cool as having automatically switching keyboard profiles, this is very nice and useful for those of us who prefer different keyboards for different apps.

weehooherod says:

That is so awesome! So much better than the one keyboard I'm stuck with on my iPad.

zero3187 says:

Yeah this makes it waaay easier to change keyboards. I don't personally use different keyboards but this is something that makes me more interested in honeycomb

Impulses says:

Where we really need this is on phones (SwiftKey for landscape and certain apps, Swype for the test), I don't see myself switching much on a tablet once I find one I like (more than likely SwiftKey).

DNicolasL says:

This will feature will probably be ported to smartphones in a future update