Android Wear watches

Android Wear smartwatches are the new hot thing in wearables, and the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch are the first ones out of the gate. Of course, we had to give them away, because we love to spread nerdy goodness around as much as we can! So, let's just cut to the chase and see who the winners are, shall we?

The winners of their choice of either Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch are:

  • cjbrigol
  • justpastfinish

Congratulations! We'll be in touch soon to get your info to fulfill your prize. Woohoo! Everyone else, don't despair! We have more fantastic contests heading your way very, very soon!


Reader comments

Here are our Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch winners!


Can you tell me where the band on the G Watch in the picture came from? I'd love to have one on mine.

Posted via Android Central App

I wish I will win for 1 time anything. But I dont knwo guys . When this contest was started plz. ?!?

Posted from my beast GALAXY S4 via Android Central App

These particular winners have each been members of AC/Mobile Nations for several years, and have hundreds of comments/forum posts between them, so not sure what you mean? (Not that it's really anyone's business anyway. Everyone has an equal shot at winning.)

Seriously! I've been entering these contests for years, commenting on other articles, entering the weekly picture contests, and have been a member of AC since the G1 days. Thanks again! :D

No hating, just saying what I see. I'm sure everyone is legit. Just pointing out I never seen their names in comments area.
I get it, not everyone comments.