New version lets you use Google's IM app to send and receive texts

As promised at last week's Google+ event, the new version of Hangouts capable of sending and receiving text messages is now rolling out through Google Play. The update to brings things up to speed with the version of Hangouts on the Nexus 5, which is the default SMS app on that device. When you first load up the updated Hangouts you'll be presented with a fullscreen message asking if you want to enable SMS support — tap yes and your messages are imported into the app, and you'll receive future SMS notifications through Hangouts instead of your preloaded SMS app. Tap "Maybe later" and things will stay as they are.

For the most part, the texting experience through Hangouts 2.0 on any other device is the same as it is on the Nexus 5 — SMS conversations are shown in a list alongside your other, and you can choose whether you want to communicate over Hangouts or SMS when starting a new conversation. Want out? At any point you can go to Settings > SMS > Turn on SMS to enable or disable SMS in Hangouts.

The update also adds animated GIF support and a new location-sharing button, which you can tap to tell contacts where you are.

As usual the update is being rolled out gradually across the Android user base, so don't be surprised if you don't see it immediately. If you're updating today, be sure to hit the comments and let us know whether you're opting into SMS in Hangouts or not.


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Hangouts 2.0 now rolling out with SMS support


Whoohoo! Getting ready for the 4.4 rollout it seems with these updates. I'm ready for the hangouts update!!! Then on to KitKat plz!!!

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KitKat looks so clean! I love it so far, got my Nexus 5 this morning, very hard to be productive at work today... Sad that is no Gvoice support on hangout yet heard will start to work early 2014

The fact that they're pushing all the KitKat goodness to the N4 (And other devices) makes me want to upgrade to the N5 even less. Thanks Google for keeping $350 in my pocket

Does it support MMS? What about Group Messaging (meaning: send a text to a group and it goes as one message to everybody and everybody can see any responses, not a separate message to each individual where replies only go back to the original sender)?

Yes it does. If you've been paying attention to AC, you'd have read about it about 10 different times by now.

Pretty pissed about this. I've been using the nexus 5 apk for a couple days with no mms or location support but figured that will be fixed when it becomes official. The sms feature is pretty slick. Just downloaded the official update to my nexus 10. NO SMS SUPPORT! This is the main reason I wanted to use hangouts in the first place. Cross device sync. This is now a complete fail imo

I message definitely wins this round. I hate saying that....

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Do you have a google voice account?

It would seem to me it should be smart enough to send via your Google voice number if you are on a device without a cellular connection.

But maybe that was wishfull thinking on my part.

Yeah, its kinda lame that you can have 2 conversations going on with the same person too, one hangout and one sms. iMessage definitely wins (AHHH my fingers are burning). Who knows though, maybe crApple has a fn patent on multiple conversation types being merged with one account or something, but this is definitely not what i wanted. That being said though, it is still very usable, and i like the UI better than any other SMS app so it is servicable for the time being. Just hope Google pulls their head out and makes this right sooner rather than later.

webOS had threaded messages from multiple sources so I don't see why Google couldn't do it in the future. Maybe they are taking a stepping stone approach.

Even when contacts are connected is there no way to switch between hangout and SMS, so you have to go to the chat view to go to the other conversation.

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Tap the box with the person's name and phone number or email address and it and it'll give you the option to switch between the other threads.

That didn't work for me. I have one friend with hangouts but his convo with sms is completely separate from his hangouts convo. When I press his name in either it shows that one and that one alone. Does he need to link his number with hangouts? I've tried everything I can think of. Help!

Yep me too. I actually disabled the stock messaging app on my g2 not because it was bad I just want to make the G2 a little more nexus like.

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how do you get it to appear as default on your screen ?
just updated it for the 1st time .
I have a S4

Been using the Nexus 5 version of the app for a few days and replaced it with this update. I've been using it as my default SMS client the entire time, and removed Handcent.

This update seems to be more stable on my Moto Razr Maxx HD than the Nexus version.

Same here, only I've been using it on my Moto X. Good to hear that the update is more stable, as it should be. Can't wait until I can update. It's not showing in the Play Store for me just yet.

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Does it have pop up notifications with quick reply. That what I will miss from the other 3rd party apps.

I'm definitely holding off on SMS through Hangouts for the time being. Ever since the migration from Google Talk to Hangouts I've found the Hangouts app lacking--it's slow to respond, either doesn't notify me of new messages or notifies me about messages I've already read on another device, doesn't update my chat history (history can be days out of date when I open it and doesn't refresh at all quickly). I rarely use it as a result. I'm not at all eager to migrate SMS (which I do use frequently) into Hangouts. I will wait and see how other people do with it.

I had some similar issues with Hangouts when it first rolled out, but they have since been resolved. My wife has some issue when she is on campus, but we think that's an issue with the wifi there somehow as it never occurs anywhere else or if she turns off wifi.

I noticed it at first too. I have quite a few contacts and all my contacts have pictures so it took a long time for the all to load the first time. Also the emojis, the first time I opened them each page I could watch them pop in individually. Now that all that has loaded it seems to run fine. If I restart my phone they first time I reload it, it is a little slow, but after that it is zippy.

I'm not clear on the advantage of hangouts sms vs. GV sms. I use GV for calls texting and voicemail. Why would I want to have to switch apps just to use sms on G+? What am I missing here?

It seems to me it should have included the ability to send SMS via google voice numbers as well as your cell number.

You might want to switch to your Google Voice app if sending texts to Canada or something, or if you had a very small allotment of text messages from your carrier.
(But really, who doesn't have unlimited these days).

Someday it will all be integrated.

I like the update so far, would be nice if there was an option to have a single feed per person showing SMS and Hangouts messages in one stream.

Isn't that how it is now? Where one person get a feed for SMS and another one for Hangouts messages?

Most ppl were complaining that those 2 feeds arent incorporated together.

Thanks! I see that now. I'd still like 1 stream, or the option to go that way, but this will definitely do for now.

Nope, it's still a fail. Seriously I have no idea why they didn't think to combined the streams and pray to god that it's coming in an update.


"If you hit the person's name then it will give you the option to switch btwn phone & hangouts"

No it won't.

Where are you seeing this Option?

If a person has two phone numbers, it will give you the option of switching
to either one of those, (in the pull down that has their name), but it doesn't allow you to switch to hangouts or from hangouts to sms.

All this does is integrate the SMS functionality of a separate messaging app into the hangouts app.

Think of it like the stock messaging app the old google talk merging together into one unit. Useful if you use both but kind of cluttered if you don't use hangouts.

Exaxtly...I'm not fond of having all the people I follow on g+showing up on my contact list.

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I don't use hangouts and neither do most people that I text so this change is not for the better. Thankfully there are many good 3rd party texting apps like Handcent and GoSMS. It is a shame that users, who don't use Hangouts, will have to download and use a 3rd party app to avoid the cluttered Hangouts texting.

I can SMS people on my N7, but I don't have the SMS option on HOv2.0 (even though I sideloaded it).
It's possible this download will not have that problem, but I'm not holding my breath.

How? I use mighty text, but I would prefer not to use a third party app.

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It just comes through the standard messaging app. The Sim card I use from StraightTalk is for a phone, so it supports SMS (somehow).

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

For those who have the update or been using it on the a nexus 5, how is it on battery life? Hangouts is kind of a battery hog, so I wonder if it'll drain the battery more now with sms integration. And also can u send and receive mms messages with the new hangouts? Thanks!

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I don't think Hangouts has ever been in the top ten processes in terms of battery drain for me. Do you use it for video chat a whole lot or something?

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Thanks. I had leaked version and didn't work. And on today's version still not working. Yes, I'm on Sprint. HTC EVO 4G.

I am having the same issue on my Moto X. But I'm using the APK from the Nexus 5. I always thought that was the issue.

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Could be horrible data speeds on Sprint won't allow MMS's to send or receive? I'm having this issue as well except it isn't specificlly related to the Hangouts application and I'm on Sprint. MMS goes through data while SMS through normal cell signal, check to see if you have a stable data connection.

Does anyone happen to know the version number for the new hangouts (ex I just want to know if it's a different version that the one I sideloaded from the N5 (2.0.012)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer this.

I've updated to 2.0 on my nexus 4. Theres something thats driving me crazy... hangouts now plays a notification sound even when I'm looking at the conversation! It used to only play a sound if I wasnt looking at the app or the phone was locked. Now it plays regardless. I use hangouts a lot for ongoing group conversations so needless to say I can get a lot of messages. I'm hoping this is a bug because it makes no sense to get a ding on every message received when i'm active in the conversation.

inb4 someone suggests turning off notifications. no, thats not a solution, I want a ding when i'm not looking at the conversation.

Thank god, finally someone brought this to attention! Everyone is just mumbling about other things.. searched the web and this is the first comment I found about this. I don't want to turn off sound every time I am having a conversation. If you find a way around this, please drop me a line on, please? Luckily, I was able to revert to version 1.2 with Titanium Backup.

Can someone say whether this is solved? It's a deal breaker for me. (Sorry I'm late to the party)

Installed it a couple of days ago on my Verizon Sg3 using the apk file from Kit Kat. So far I like it though I use BBM to keep in touch with family members. Only use sms (Hangouts) for work or miscellaneous txt msg.

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The problem with this is that you have to have a new thread for either your sms and hangouts, even if it is between the same person. Unlike ios where the thread will change a different color based on if they are using imessage or a text, this app simply makes you use different threads for the same contact. I am sure it will be fixed soon and integrated together seamlessly.

This this this and so much this. Just like Gmail, it should have the option to change from swipe to archive to swipe to delete. I will never use the archive feature, just like I never will use it in gmail.

Swipe one way should delete the other way should call. Just like the default sms app for samsung. I use it all the time.

I've never used Hangouts before on my phone. Don't want to be attacked but to grasp it, is it basically iMessage for Android? Or is it like something else?

Kind of. It's instant messaging like you would use on G+, so through your Goog account. Now you can use it to handle SMS and MMS, but it doesn't merge the two if you are talking to the same person like iMessage

Thanks! This helped answer a lot of other stuff too.
I don't use G+ so I guess without the merging I guess it wouldn't suit me that well.

Got it and opt in on sms. However unlike my regular sms I can't find search. I use this when someone sends me an address and don't want to look back at previous conversations. (using a droid maxx). Thanks for the help.

I like how once it's updated you don't get notifications from the stock sms app. More colorful, good upgrade

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I'm using the sideloaded hangouts, waiting for the rollout to roll around to me. Group messaging works for me, and its through SMS/MMS, not hangouts. And I can guarantee that because one of the people in the chat is on her iPhone. I haven't tried to send or receive a picture in the group yet, but standard group messaging works - it shows where it switches to MMS and everything.

This app seems so cluttered on my Nexus 5. It asks you about sms and which account you want sms showing up under and all sorts of menus and settings. I went right back to my comfort zone of handcent.

Seems like I can't receive MMS.. I can send them but can't receive... Its weird anyone else?

And got a force close

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I had the sideloaded version (worked great) and went to Play store and verified that it was showing the most recent version, so I uninstalled the sideloaded version and installed the one from the Play Store. ...Only to find that it gave me the last version instead of 2.0.

Any tricks to getting the most recent update? I've already rebooted the phone and checked for updates - nothing.

Same here.... shows as v 2.0 in Play, but installed and build was only 1.2. Deleted, re-installed, same 1.2 build despite Play showing 2.0. Grabbed from link above and installed fine. Strange.

Got the apk a week ago, and I've been using ever since for text messaging. This update fixed the issues I was having with video calling and attaching pictures.

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Google Voice sms with hangouts is working for me. I have it set up where I receive the text messages via the messaging app in google voice settings. When I receive sms to my gvoice number (which is my primary number, I don't even remember my carrier number), I receive it through my messaging app. It comes through in the weird google number with the name of the contact in the message body. Using google voice that way, when I activated Hangouts SMS today to try it, I'm able to receive and send messages correctly using Hangouts.

So does opting in remove or hide the stock SMS app? I'm not sure if the stock app is even included in the N5, but I'd hope us N4 users will have the same look and feel when we upgrade to 4.4.

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Stock app not included. I would imagine it does not hide it but you will have the option to make it your default messaging app and then you could just disable the stock one or uninstall it if you're rooted.

I have no clue if they would actually remove an app that came on your phone or not once the N4 gets the update.

How do Google servers go about a rollout? I have a Google Play Edition and I'm still always the last person to get Google Service updates anytime it's a rollout instead of a standard update...The GPe's got 4.3 quicker than I got the newest Play Store, I feel like an app should be easier and faster to send out than an OS change...

No mms over wifi.... The one good thing I have going with sprint and Google doesn't support it.

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MMS over wifi with Sprint? Since when? That would solve a world of issues for me, but I've seen no such thing.

Went to Play Store to grab the update. It says the app was "recently updated." The app is still on build version 1.2 (VZW Note 2). Anybody else having this issue,or have any advice for me?

Yup....tried delegating and installing about 5 times and nothing......I'm just gonna side load it -_-

Don't know if this is happening because I had the leaked version, then I uninstalled it to get today's update and nothing is happening.

Tried To install on my galaxy s2 and hangouts just crashes every time I try and use it now.

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So I uninstalled and reinstalled and apparently every time I try and add the sms functionality, the thing crashes and needs to be reinstalled again.

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It's a good addition, but without Google Voice support it doesn't do what I need. I do all of my texting via Google Voice.

Agree, that is a smooth experience. Maybe Google will be able to come up with a comparable solution that Apple won't sue them for....

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does everyone have the problem that you can do only 160 characters??? they did not think to split the messages or convert to mms??? I really hope this is not the case. am I doing something wrong or is there a setting im missing?

From what I have seen, this issue is sprint only.. It only happens with sprint phones where it won't allow more than 160 characters

I had the 2.0.012 apk installed, uninstalled to get the newer version in the play store, and it upgraded me from factory 1.1 to 1.2, even though the app pages clearly say version 2.0. Happen to anyone else? Stock VZW GS4.

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I'm in the same boat. I installed the leaked APK then uninstalled it to get the official app and I can't upgrade to 2.0 even though in the playstore says I have it installed. I can't get off 1.2 now.

I just found the latest apk over on Android Police. Installed just fine. :)

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The leaked apk version seems better than the updated version. My messages didn't load on the updated version so went back to the leaked apk.

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I went and manually set all mine to my contacts (which will appear in hangouts). Was a complete pain in the ass, but I have been meaning to do it.

OK, so it turns out that you don't even need to confirm your phone number in order to use Hangouts for SMS. So I guess the whole point of asking to confirm your number was for the future Google ID caller thing that they're rolling out in 2014.

Now, once you have confirmed it for, let's say, one account, you can't unconfirm/delete the association in any way. Let's say that you later on decide to start using a different Google account and confirm your number with that new account, you can't disassociate your number from any previously used accounts ever. If you go to your account setting, the number will still be there. This is kind of annoying. I'm not a security/privacy freak, but I don't necessarily like the fact that Google doesn't let me delete or edit my phone number information. If I change my cell phone number because I move or whatever, my old number (potentially somebody else's future phone number, since phone numbers are recycled) will still be associated with my Google account and I can't delete it!

Its under settings. You can easily edit the confirmed phone number to another one.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

But it cannot be deleted from accounts that you don't use anymore or that you don't want to associate that number with.

Still doesn't work on my HTC one. I have android 4.3 the hangouts app is updated as well

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SO have the 2.0 update but no option to enable SMS... i have a galaxy nexus any ideas.. im running 4.3... any help.. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success...

I'm using a Verizon s4 running 4.3. Updated the app and there is no sms support at all ( said it was being integrated in the update ) what a botched update. Hope they fix fast not working with the most popular android phone on earth.

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Look up the latest apk on Google, and side load it. Version is 2.0.122. But you're right - it is a bit of a botched rollout in the play store.

For whatever reason, after I installed the leak from last week and went back to factory 1.1, today's Google Play version only upgraded me to 1.2, which has never had SMS support. The apk version I mentioned does have it, and so far its working well for both SMS and MMS.

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This is the main question that I have. Will it allow you to send SMS from desktop or laptop? Also, can you send SMS from the Hangouts app on a tablet?

Sorry if this has been answered before but the main feature I want is computer use. So if I do sms with this will it also show on my hangouts app on my Mac (Chrome extension)?

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hangouts is so good to use, especially with the camera and video functions etc right there to use, BUT there is no notification customization available 9different led light/tones for different contacts) which for me makes it useless. I'm sticking with handcent

I've moved from Handcent to Hangouts purely to give it a fair crack of the whip, but I also find individual notifications a must-have and will probably switch back fairly soon unless is appears in Hangouts PDQ.

I have it SMS Hangouts on my GS2 Epic 4G touch. Works perfectly. Tested the MMS and that works without any hiccups as well. On my 2013 nexus 7, it pops up as SMS Hangouts, but of course it still looks like the old hangouts with no SMS ability

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Still waiting for the official release for my EVO 3D. I had the apk but apparently my EVO didn't like the apk for the Nexus 5. Grrrrr.

Here's hoping they fixed the whole "Connection Error" where it closes itself instead of just RETRYING! Yes I want to have to keep clicking the icon when it decides it can't connect.

With all due respect, this sucks. The texting through hangouts has to be done through the carriers. No texting plan or on a non carrier connected tablet? No texting. The Google Voice app still allows texting from your Google Voice number without a carrier texting plan, but one's gotta think that this will be discontinued soon enough. Looks Google has decided to give the carriers a "happy ending"...

I don't know how Gvoice has worked for you, but for me it sucks. Slower than a snail and messages aren't threaded. I understand that people like to get away from their "carrier", but it's not a deal breaker for me.
By the way, I own a Nexus. So, there is know reason for it to be SAS.

I only send/receive maybe a couple dozen texts a month. The carriers want to charge $30 for my wife and I to add texting. Google Voice's method works find for me texting. Guess I'll have to go back to telling the few people who text me to email or call me instead.

Once they add "Quick Reply" and make it less battery hungry I wil gladly be using it. But for now I'll stick with 8sms. I tried to use the leaked APK a couple days ago and it worked perfectly, but after only a few hours of texting with friends and my GF, Hangouts appeared in battery usage at 6%, but when I use 8sms to text, it won't go higher than 2% battery usage after a FULL DAY!!

Don't disable your messaging app like I did! Hangouts forced closed like crazy until I enabled it again

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Liking this so far, but wish there was a way to increase the font size. These tired old eyes are struggling...

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I was reading this and thinking what's new about it and then realized it's old hat because I've got a Nexus 5. Duh.

I switched back to Handcent because I prefer the pop-up notifications.

Posted via sheer force of will on my Nexus 5!

So I am curious and have a question for anyone currently using the new hangouts to send sms messages......

My question is this, if I use the New Hangouts to send a SMS message, do I still get charged for a text message from my provider? I am curious since I don't have unlimited texts....

Also since I am on CM I have been using voice + to send all my texts via google voice and have them show up in just the one place. So SMS through hangouts isn't really a big deal to me unless I don't get charged for SMS messages by using it.

Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks

Yes, the texting goes through your carrier so you get charged based on what you have for a texting plan. Wish I could send the texts as one does through the Google Voice app, but it appears that Google has reached an agreement with the carriers to direct all texting going forward through the carriers. I suspect the death watch is now in full swing for the Google Voice app which allowed texting without a carrier plan from your Google Voice number.

If someone sends me a data Hangouts msg when my phone is off, it never sends to me after my phone is turned back on. Anyone have the same problem? Or know a workaround?

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While integrated SMS on Hangouts is cool. I still kind of prefer the FB messgenger integrated SMS since it has popups

I wish there were a way to group Google+ people that I'm following and address book people separately. They also throw in "suggested people" It's just one single mess of Google+ peeps and address book contacts mixed all together. Google definitely needs to work on this.

Am I one of the few people who can't stand this update? It won't let me type out more than one sms ( aka write multiple texts without hitting send).

Also it should do what webos did and show the conversations together, what's the point of having an integrated app if it changes what's shown when you switch between gchat and sms?

Until these issues are solved, mostly to first issue, this app is useless to me

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I also don't like that you can't delete multiple conversations at the same time. I mean really??????

Having the same problem. How the heck do I send multi part txts? As soon as I hit the 160 character limit of one single txt it just stops accepting input whereas any normal txt program simply moves on to the next txt for you.

All you lucky people. I can't even get the 4.3 update for my SGS4 on Sprint. Be thankful for your blessings. It just another thing I have to wait for. This is so aggravating. I can't take it anymore. I am going back to flip phones where you never have to wait on an update anymore, LOL.

Have not rooted since my HTC Evo, takes up to much time. I would love to, but I play with the phone to much as it is.

Not trolling you but if getting timely updates is a concern for you, never ever ever get a carrier subsidized phone.

I personally buy phones that I know I can live with for a couple years assuming I get no updates.

Anything else is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I agree with that. Maybe next time. If I wasn't a techie I would not care but I have no patience for updates or new stuff.

Well I am happy to say that my 4.3 update came this morning at 2 a.m. I am a happy camper. I will be extremely happy once my Hangouts app gets the update. Now I am part of the proud world of "HappyUpdatedPeople"!

I spoke to sprint about the 4.3 update for the GS4, they are doing a very slow rollout that will go until 11/20... just an FYI

Have had it on my Gnex since it was announced. Been using it as my default SMS app ever since.

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I hope this update fixes the issue with my visual voicemail. That has been my only gripe.

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

Just downloaded it and used it once for sms and disabled it. I like the idea but I own the galaxy gear and being able to see my sms on it was one of the selling points for me. When I used hangouts like so many other apps I had to pull out my Phone to view it. This made it a deal breaker for me nothing bad to say about the app its self just not useful in my case.

....... wish it imported FB contact photos, hate seeing silhouette faces as contact pics

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Android did something a very long time ago in regards to it pulling facebook contact pictures. There are workarounds but they require apps. Not sure if they would work with hangouts or not but they are there.

Its good so far . but hope the next update it will open the app a tad faster like the stock sms

Moto x

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Just got it and started using it for my phone, does anyone know if I will be able to respond to text on any medium (phone, tablet, computer) or is it limited to just phone for now. I only ask because if this is trying to compete with iMessage then it has to do that at some point, I mean even Google voice did that part relatively well.

Has anybody had any luck with the HTC One with Sprint intergration, my Google Hangouts does not have the SMS option and its up to date?

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Meh...the ONLY reason I use GoSMS and wont adopt to this is simple...CUSTOMIZATION...I like being able to make things the colors I want and so on. Having a pale white screen with messages is so...boring.. Once Google makes it so we can customize it to our liking...then I might use it, till then...thumbs down

I was wondering about the same thing. I think people are pretty used to Handcent and Go SMS Pro, etc., and all the customization. I'm wondering how people will take that one-size-fits-all approach for texting and abandon their colors and themes, and all that personalized stuff. I'm assuming they'll change this in future updates, but, in the mean time, I'm wondering if Hangouts will be heavily used for texting permanently, or if people are just going to test it out and then return to their regular third-party application.

Rally nice update!

Did anybody know if SMS are synchronized between devices the same way Chat messages?

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On the support page it says they are stored locally on the device and not backed up to Google's servers.

I really wouldn't want my texts getting saved to a server, my carrier already logs all the conversations, why would I want a third party like Google or Facebook or whatever to have my conversations that they could potentially sell?

Can someone explain to me why I'm so low on Google's update list? Why won't Google love me like I love it.

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So I unistalled the leaked update from last week and installed today's update. No SMS option. Any ideas as to why?

I just did the update and its not working I can't write any txt it's like there is no sms integration. All it does when I search for the number is send invites to the person...... Wat is goin on??

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Can't wait to try it out, I hate the way group messaging is handled on my phone.

I understand it, but I hate it.

Also cannot wait for May 2014 (GV Integration)

Im on the same boat! I don't get notifications (active display) but the phone vibrates every time I get a new message now :(

VZW Moto X (Rooted) (Non Dev)

So I went and looked inside my active display notification settings and hangouts had been dialed from the notifications. Not sure how this happened as I haven't made any changes since I set it up when u first got the phone. Hopefully this is what has been preventing me from getting Hangouts notifications (I haven't been able to test it yet)

Still can't get the update :( using xperia z1.. About ready to give up :(

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I'm still updateless in Atlanta HTC one at&t. Pretty bummed all these people getting it and not using it. I'm ready to make the switch! Update please!!

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I played around with having SMS integrated, but...I really like the features I get in the Messaging app on the Note 3. The ability to swipe right on a person's name to call them is really cool and Hangouts obviously doesn't do that. It also doesn't allow you to block spam numbers. I'd have to go into the Messaging app to do that. I'd rather just keep them separate for now.

It appears that with Verizon, in the Play Store it shows in "What's New" being version 2.0, but it's showing the old Verizon in the description and is still downloading the old version. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yeah just asked a friend who has AT&T in my neighborhood and he got the update... Verizon SMH

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i would like appreciate if it would allow me to update! verizon in ohio! my co-teacher already has it!

Never did get the update on my 2 N4s or my N7! Is Goog pulling a Blackberry and halting the rollout for some reason?! I received the Gkeyboard update immediately yesterday, but no love on Houts.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

If I go into the Play Store and see 2.0 available but go into Hangouts on my phone and the version still says 1.2 how can I force the update?

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@ ingrep... Yes but go to the bottom of the description and you'll see that it's the old version.. Only shows 2.0 in what's new

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Maybe I'm missing something but this update is not what i expected. It's nothing like imessage. They just combined sms and hangouts in one place. It's not like i can send a message over data to another hangouts user who is also someone in my sms contacts. It just shows separates chats for hangouts and sms. Not The Update I Was Looking Forward To. :( they also need to give more customization to hangouts. Maybe some custom backgrounds and bubbles or something.

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I have just downloaded hangouts 2.0, and have been playing with the sms app. I like the overall look and feel, but it is not able to send mms. I trying with the "I am here" maps function, and have also tried with a picture from the gallery. None of them gets send, they are just pending. Am I the only one having this issue? Have a great weekend out there.

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Downloaded the apk for my Moto X on Verizon NJ. I'm having the same issues. Cannot receive or sent MMS messages.

When is the update suppose to rollout. In playstore it have a description of hangouts 2.0 but when you scroll to the bottom it is still version

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I have not gotten the 2.0 hangouts update either on my s4. Google play says update is live but I have not option to update. Still waiting for it to roll out I guess.

Shows the updated app in the market but won't let me it's not an option

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Couldn't confirm your phone number WTF is this.
I tried with all my 3 numbers n the same problem.

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I think Google must have stopped the rollout for some reason. I've waited days on 2 N4s and a N7, and nothing. Very frustrating that some get this update while others wait days, or weeks. Sometimes Google aggravates the heck out of me, but then it's not like I'm moving to apple or windows.

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Late, but since I don't use Hangouts for chatting and love the UI (and simleys!) so much, it's a great stock SMS app replacement for me. Literally, no one I know uses Hangouts the Google originally intended, so it's all good!

Been a week still no update for my N4. My N5 gets here tomorrow I bet as soon as I pull the keys outta my ignition when I get home tomorrow the update will be available to me.

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I was wondering if I was the only one who hasn't gotten it yet.

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It's ridiculous, this article was posted 6 days ago and I still don't have the update. I am thinking they must have pulled it back for some reason. Why else would it take so long?

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I tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it.Didnt work, DAGG NABBIT!!!

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Just talked with a friend on Verizon and he received it today.

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Got the update last night. It won't let my voicemail notifications through :-/. I just get the 9016 text message. Bummer

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Hi, this app is " The pits "...seriously google!!!
I have a Samsung galaxy mini II ,Samsung galaxy S, Samsung galaxy II and a Nexus 5 .
1)On the first 2 cellphones the app stopped working a month or so ago due to " unable to sign in error " however if I uninstalled the updates and used Google Talk it worked just fine .
2)On the S2 I received 3 certification notice last night one after the other , this was completely " out of the blue " !!!
On the s2 and nexus 5 , running Hangouts 2 , the sms does not recognise the sender from my contacts !!! And each sms from the same sender starts in a " new " thread !!!
3)The Nexus 5 , well I said i will buy this phone and run only google apps , well so much for that , this morning i try to send a message ( hangouts ) with no joy , it did no send it , so i try a second time and then it sent 2 message !!!

Seriously google , this is not accemptable.
when this app was first announced it was said that it was going to be " the " messaging app ...i am sorry to say that it is everything but ...
A company the has engineered Android , in my mind , should not be having a problem with a multi messaging app or at least not send it out if it is not working properly .
I am a serious android fan , please sort it out.
P.S. Stop trying to force us to use Google+, this will be a " deal " breaker for me and i am sure for many more android users!!!

Ive been using hangout and its pretty amazing the only major issue I have is that ive noticed that entire text conversation are missing right after ive received or sent them.. dont know why but really frustrating. I have a galaxy 2 if that helps

Breaks visual voicemail on Sprint. Hope they are aware of this and attempt to put a fix in place soon. I really like having SMS integrated with Hangouts...

I love Google and Android. Tried using Hangouts as my SMS primary app but it was VERY slow and unresponsive. I have the Galaxy S3. Any ideas on what is going on? The app and idea is cool. Wish it worked better.

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