Hanging with Friends for Android

If you love Words with Friends, it's time to try Hanging with Friends. If it looks familiar, it should -- both apps are Zynga favorites. Hanging with Friends is a lot like Hangman, only without the whole swinging from a noose thing. You come up with a word (and get bonus points if it's a nice long one), and so does your opponent. Then the guessing starts. Get too many strikes, and you lose a balloon. Lose too many balloons and gravity takes over.

You can connect with and play against your Facebook friends, a random opponent, search for friends or choose people from your contact list. Or you can just hand your phone to someone and play that way.

Hanging with Friends is free, supported by ads. We've got download links after the break.

Looking for a HwF game? Find an opponent here!


Reader comments

Hanging with Friends now available for Android


Not sure about this game yet. Its 20mb and plagued with the same crap nptification system that made me delete wwf. Plus its not available for my tab. Gonna try to push it over and see if it works.

Update: i pushed it to my tab 10.1 and it works fine. The notifications still suck.

Hope it isn't as bad as WWF.That has been uninstalled so any times I was grateful that Scrabble finally came. Maybe they can redeem themselves.

I am happy for this, because I like these word games, but I wish they would just port over Chess With Friends already. I used that on my iPhone, but now that I have switched to an Android device, I haven't found a decent chess app yet. (I haven't really looked that hard either, though)