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The wait is nearly over, folks. Words with Friends is coming to Android this month. We got a look at it with the developer at Google's Honeycomb event, and gameplay is as impressive as you'd expect it to be.

You can play cross-platform, so you can show your iPhone-loving peeps who's boss. It's also going to be available on Android Honeycomb tablets just as soon as they're released. It'll be a free, ad-supported game, though a premium ad-free version is possible, too.

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Hmm...switch to this, or keep using WordFeud...IDK?!

zh3n says:

You would've had to have played it before to know why we're all so excited, that's if you haven't. Once you download, you will make the switch. WordFeud is NOT the same

Brennb#AC says:

Can't wait! Hopefully compatible with 2.1 since my SammyF is not ready for prime time just yet.