CM9 root

As you might've heard, popular custom ROM CyanogenMod 9 is introducing some changes in the way it handles root access. The gist of it is that root is now an option, not the default setting. It's still available if you need it, but you'll need to go into "developer options" and select whether you want apps, ADB or both to have root when you're done flashing your ROM.

As you'll see in our new video, if you try to run a root app without this setting enabled, you'll get a message directing you to the root setting. It's a bit like the "unknown sources" option that blocks non-Google Play apps by default -- enabled as standard for added security, but easy to bypass if you want.

We've got a quick video walkthrough after the jump.

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Hands-on video with root options in CyanogenMod 9


Is quite easy. I was completely noob to all this while back but sites like this and make it easy. Infact. There is a Brand New post today over there that has absolutely everything you need to know and almost all of the perfect roms to try and everything else possibly needed.
In fact let me grab it for you...

Perfect for anyone with a HTC evo4g /or 3d.
Here ya go... Enjoy!
Is best sitefor evo owners. I read both this website ( and every day to keep me up to date.

Hehe, I have a homemade ADB-only root. I didn't know there was a term for that so far, used to call it "unrooted" in analogy to "undead".

Correction ... You are not "unrooted, to rooted and than back again" you are still rooted. It is just a simple script telling the ROM not to commit SU commands.

So are the undead dead, and then alive again? Because I don't think zombies and vampires count for living.

I shall call my phone "uprooted" then.

I'm glad that they took this route, when I read about this in the Cyanogenmod website I got scared. I wasn't sure how they where going to do this. I'm glad It's really simple, for the sake of being more secure =)