We've finished up another day in Seoul, South Korea -- this time with the LG Optimus G under our wing for the better part of the afternoon. You've read our initial thoughts. Now it's time for a little video.

A reminder, though -- we're playing with preproduction hardware and software here. Things can get a little wonky, though you won't see it in this video. But the bottom line is this: LG  has some serious hardware on its hands here. And it's throwing some serious software at it. Yeah, it's still Ice Cream Sandwich. But it's completely usable. 

LG's new user experience -- it's dubbed "Life without boundaries" -- probably won't satiate most of our readers. Let's not  pretend otherwise. But it's definitely a step in the right direction. And, frankly, the speed at which it moves makes us not care all that much. We've been using the stock keyboard all day. And while the secondary functions could use some tweaking, it's still got a really good feel to it. The lack of haptic feedback might be making things seem that much smoother.

The app drawer is a bit of mess, but we're not going to hold that against it, seeing as how it's full of Korean apps we've never heard of and will never use in our daily lives. Still, it's a bit busy, and you'll definitely want to make sure you filter it alphabetically.

We -- and everybody else here -- have been pretty impressed with the camera. Some pics seem to be a bit hazy, but that could just be from our grubby fingers, or the prepro software. We'll have more samples later this week.

For now, enjoy the quick hardware overview above. There are a ton of software features we'll get into more when the software's a bit more finished.


Reader comments

Hands-on video with the LG Optimus G


It sounds like a really nice phone. BUT that backside gives me the feel of a computer from like 1995. The camera square looks really ugly. And I think the entire backside is the ugliest I have ever seen on a smartphone. It looks exactly like an old beige computer. And I HATE beige computers.. If it gets to Europe with another backside then I may buy it. If it gets to Europe with that backside then I say no thank you oddly old looking phone!

I just saw that there is a black version of it that I think looks really good. So I may still buy it.

Why no jellybean?? We all know LG sucks when it comes to updates. They could've made sure this handset came out with jellybean it's inexcusable. Galaxy Note 2 with jellybean straight out the box and 3100mAh battery is what I will roll with next.. Great try Lg..

Yeah but the note has Touchwiz which is disgusting crap. My Gnex with AOKP Jellybean is waaaay smoother than Touchwiz with JB even with the lower specs. This phone is just a much faster phone than SG3 or Note 2 and when it gets JB next month it will be even faster still.

But..but..it's..it's..it's an LG device!
While everything looks really promising, and the hardware is top notch, I'm sure I won't be the only one that can't get over the fact it's a LG made device. I've been burned by them three times in the past and just can't let that go. Plus, the non-removable battery decision is also a deal breaker for me.
Too bad this isn't from any other manufacturer, even from a company I wasn't familiar with, then I might have been interested. As is, I think they should stick to appliances...

I've never used any LG phones, but from the video it does look nice. My only gripe is the non-removable battery. I can understand OEMs wanting to move to non-expandable storage, but having a 2100mah non-removable battery? If OEMs are going to take away the option of having an extended battery, then they should at least up the mah to remain competitive. Other than that, it seems like a solid offering from LG.

What a beast of a phone. Sign me up, I am a nut for great hardware. Why are these phones not brought into the USA? This is a top quality device that would sell, bring this into the US, give the buying US public the opportunity to have these phones. I would love to be able to get TV on the phone like they do in Korea, that is a fantastic option to be able to turn different channels on your phone. The US is suppose to be the leaders of the world but to me it seems the Asian countries are so far ahead of the US in all fields technology, especially in the smartphone field.

At this point android improvement will come mostly from the software side of things and not hardware. Android processors are fast enough. I'm running CM10 on my S3 and will probably only change phones when I find one with a much improved display or camera. Haha, guess I will take a look at this.

Really nice phone, looks like new version of Optimus 2X. But sw support is really but for LG. High-end with ICS ? Their first dual-core O2X is still without ICS.

I hope next Nexus will be LG, love their design.

Word on the street says Google has selected the Optimus G as the 2012 Nexus phone. Can't wait if this is true.