Verizon LG G3

It's an LG G3, on Verizon

When it comes to U.S. versions of the LG G3, the one most folks have asked us about is Verizon's. So, we picked up Verizon's LG G3, which we present to you now.

For all intents and purposes, what we're looking at is the same as the AT&T model we've had for nearly a week, as well as the Korean and European models we've had for a month or so now. Same 5.5-inch QHD (as in Quad, as in 2560x1440) resolution. Same rear buttons, same 13-megapixel rear camera with frickin' lasers for autofocus. Three gigabytes of RAM, and 32GB (with about 24GB available) of on-board storage, with microSD card expansion. Same Android 4.4.2 on top of LG's UI and a number of custom apps. Same removable 3,000 mAh battery.

This is the LG G3 we reviewed a bit ago.

So what's different about Verizon's? As is usually the case these days, it comes down to the software that's on board. (And, yes, the logos on the phone. Get over that. Or don't.) Verizon's included a suite of Amazon apps, which it's been doing for a while now. (And that includes a fast pipe to the Amazon Appstore.) You'll also find the usual cadre of Verizon apps that you might or might not use, depending on if you know better. In the box is just a charger and microUSB cable.

There is no wireless Qi charging out of the box. (Not that we expected it, but that rumor's been floating around.)

And that's it, folks. We'll report back later on battery life and anything else that stands out. For now, be sure to check out all our LG G3 stories, swing by our LG G3 forums to see what other folks are talking about, and hit up for any LG G3 accessories you might need.


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Hands-on with the Verizon LG G3


Bootloaders are ALWAYS locked (even for Nexus phones ). The question is weather it's unlockable. As most everyone has said already .... It almost certainly is.

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Phil, nobody with eyes will ever get over all the shit design choices Verizon has made on this phone. I'd go as far to say that they've screwed the G3 up the most.

You know, some people (like me and everyone I talk to about phones) don't really care that they have their logo on it. Big whoop. Doesn't change the functionality at all. Phone still makes calls, texts, surfs the web, takes pictures...etc.

Bought the flip case no logo for me. World's first problem solved.

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Good choice, love that Quick Cover.

Still can't get over the VZW logo up front, the bottom lip that is no longer metallic, the metallic ring around the camera, and the metallic power button.

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Verizon was also the only carrier in the entire world to put their logo on the home button of the Galaxy Note 2. > : (

I hate this carrier but only stay because of my grandfathered unlimited data plan.

I really wouldn't care as much as I am right now, but the VZW G2's design was already universally hated. Since the G3 places so much of an emphasis on design, it's even worse.

I cri evrytim

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I bet you hate shopping for cases for your Verizon G2.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!

Stop just stop. They changed the back on the G2 to accommodate wireless charging. The phone works fine and the only people who have a problem with it are the people who had made up their mind after reading a tech blog review from a hater.

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Obvious Verizon fanboy is obvious.

Why would they make the buttons of the G2 smaller and harder to press due to Qi wireless charging?

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Verizon users will tell you they don't mind the logo... They have lost any sense of design being on the carrier who craps all phones. Thanks Apple for taking a stance until Verizon came begging to them to carry the iPhone.

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You're right about not minding the logo, however in my opinion it has nothing to do with "losing any sense of design". Nice job assuming about ALL Verizon customers though.

Long as the phone works correctly as it should, i'm happy. The aesthetics mean less to me because i'm not taking it out for a beauty contest. If it kicks ass, then I could care less if it's pretty or not.

Funnily enough, I was in a Verizon store 2 minutes ago and just had my own personal hands on with it. My takeaway:

This mofo is big. That is all.

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It's no bigger than the m8 or the s5. I mean we're talking mm of a difference. The screen is what makes it look big. But this fit snug in my hand. Imo is the perception with the big screen.

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Add to those mm's the taller screen and it's next to impossible to use with one hand for a person with average sized hands. Plus it's thick. Ergnomic, yes, but very thick. Going between the two, the G3 feels quite a bit heftier than the S5 in general.

Iono between owning the M8 my wife S5 and the G3 nothing felt big. Guess I just have big hands. I had the 1520 and that was big. I miss that phone. I mean AC just posted an article on the two and there's virtual no difference
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I'm sorry. Do you have a point to make, or are you just trolling? I don't respond to passive aggressive.

I have a G3 and average-sized hands. It fits in my hands just fine. Unless you're a 12-year-old girl, suffering from dwarfism, or a Smurf, the G3 could hardly be classified as "big". Is it larger than some other phones? Yes. But for a 5.5" phone, it's not nearly as big as similar phones such as the Find 7, OnePlus One, Note 2 and 3, etc. And it's barely bigger than the M8.

So yeah, if you are a girl, dwarf, or Smurf, I suppose you should just stick to an iPhone.

"I don't respond to passive aggressive." I hate to be captain obvious but it looks like you just did. Lol

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And with every response you sink lower and lower, responding to passive aggressive, when you "don't respond to passive aggressive." It's like the kid that says to someone; stop bullying or they'll hit you.

Why you mad? The G3 is big!! Small for the screen size, yes, still a big damn phone. Hopefully that's as big as "regular" phones get unless it's bezel-less. Average to large hands here...

It is big, you should say, "the G3 isn't big for me". Either way, you have issues, it is a phone.

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Usually to cut down subsidy cost. I guess my speculation. Plus they can get better money charging you for accessories
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As much as the branding on the front of the phone is a bit over the top, It's not as ridiculous at what AT&T does in putting their name as a constant notification on the phone (Unless Verizon does this too, I'm unsure, I have the G3 on T-mobile).

I'm just glad Verizon was able to find a way to cram their logo on the front. It would have been a catastrophe if there was only one logo.

I would have no idea who's network I'm using if it weren't for the massive Verizon logo etched into the front of my droid razr!

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The AT&T logo is literally taking up precious notification space. This, to me, is the worst possible logo of all. As a function over form kind of guy, this ruins it. That being said, my ideal phone is the TMobile one because of the unlocked bootloader. But I am on Verizon so I am getting that one. And when playing with the phone in the store, I forgot to even look for the logo because the screen was so gorgeous and big. Again, it all comes down to personal preference.

I personally don't like that silvery, brushed metallic black strip of the stock Korean model. Then again, I am getting a white one.

There IS wireless charging. I just picked one up from the Verizon store a few hours ago.

All the Verizon staff were ignorant of that fact, but I went to put on the QuickCircle case and realized that there were no connectors on it. Sure enough, inside there are the Qi wireless charging gold dot things. The staff said that the LG tech didn't even mention it to them. Lol.

The QI will not work without the QI compatible case. Every American G3 has the 4 prongs. Without the case they are useless...

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My case does not look like that. There are no prongs on the case (bought from Verizon with LG logos so it's not a knock off). It's just plastic. There is a little pad below the prongs on the back of the phone (not case) that sure looks like a wireless charging receiver. As you see the case itself has nothing of the sort.

The case on the right (white) has the two prongs for the NFC. Your pink case I'm assuming snaps on the back of the white back. The QI cases replaces the entire back.

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Just edited by comment but I saw that you had posted an accessible picture link, so you may have seen the comment before it was edited.

Can you take a picture of the back the g3 with the back off? There should be 4 prongs on the phone itself.

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They fit under the battery door with no problem. (look for the ones with prongs, not the micro-usb dongle.)

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!

I wish. There's nothing out there yet as far as I can see. I was debating buying one for a diff battery but I assume that wouldn't work optimally.

Yeah the portfolio case is completely different from the QI case. The portfolio just snaps on the back of the case. The back has the NFC connectors only so you'll have to wait till they actually get those QI cases.

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Alright. Thanks for your help. :) It seems illogical to release the phone without the Qi case but then again they never consulted me.

Well I was hoping to get this phone today from Best Buy but when I ordered it online they made me got to the store to pick it up. I got my email saying they had it in stock and went in the store and they said they had to activate the device and add a plan for it. So I cancelled the order as I'm not about to loose my unlimited.

Anyone else have luck with the Best Buy loophole recently for upgrading with Unlimited data? I'm guessing I will have to wait until I can have it shipped to my house to try the upgrade.

You can't ever use an upgrade and keep unlimited data, hence why you have to purchase at full retail price to keep it...

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Yes, you can. There's a couple of ways to do it.

I upgraded to a sgs5 (with subsidy discount) a week or two ago and still have unlimited.


Upgraded to a sgs5 a little while back and got it through bb. I was just going to have them activate it on my wife's 2gb plan then switch it over, but the kid that was ringing me up was fine with me just taking it home and setting it up myself.

Left the store with it unopened.

Try and find an accommodating bb employee.


Hmmmm may have to try this, although I'm thinking this is a very rare situation... you're lucky.... I'm jealous B-)

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Now that I'm thinking about it, this doesn't make sense... if you use an upgrade there's no way to keep unlimited because they have to change the plan with the upgrade... unless best buy had a different way of doing things, idk

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The stutters and "jitters" in the G3 are ridiculous. It just feels like it's always working too hard to push those pixels. Animations are smooth in one place and jittery in another. From a general lag standpoint, my S5 is actually better. Sure, it hesitates every now and then (as does the G3). But at least when it does move, it moves very smoothly.

Overall I like the G3 - I wish it was a tad smaller. I like the UI, but wish it didn't stutter so much. I like the plastic back, but it feels almost as smooth as the M8 - add that to the curve and it will be sliding all over the place.

But I haven't found a single area where the G3 excels over the S5... and a lot of that is tied to the G3's screen. It feels like it was forced just to say they could do that many PPI, to be totally honest.

For all of those that don't like the Verizon logo on the G2 or G3 instead of bitching about it (which isn't going to change it) either go find another carrier or go find another phone that doesn't have such prominent (never bothered me because it didn't affect the screen quality, battery life, or other important things about the phones.

I personally don't mind the logos. It tells people that I am part of an elite group of people with exceptional cell phone service lol

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Nah, I live where everyone gets Verizon cause it's "the best," then cry cause it's so slow and they don't know why

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The question in everyones mind is - did thet screw up the frikkin rear buttons this time, like they did with the G2?????

I received my g3 yesterday. I do love the phone. Love the screen, bezels, knock on, UI, speakers, and camera. The only thing is it feels more fragile then my Samsung s4. This might just be me. Also wonder if there is a way to change color of bars like the one going across the text app? I was pleasantly surprised at the loudness of speakers and bright screen after reading some reviews.

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I'm looking at this as a possible replacement for my Galaxy S3 in February. I was wondering if you have to wake this using the back button or is that just an option? I use my phone as an alarm clock and I can just touch the front to dismiss the alarm every morning.

Can someone tell me what happens when you unlock the developers addition by tapping like he did? Embarrassed to say I've never unlocked an android device or seen it done before.

Picked up my vzw G3 yesterday morning. So far I love it. No issues or complaints, I'm very satisfied and would recommend this phone to anyone. Samsung fanboys are becoming almost as annoying as Apple fanboys these days.... I've owned a few Samsung devices in the past (note2, S4) and from my experience my previous LG G2 and my New LG G3 have a higher level of build quality and better design. @Phil nickenson I think people are bitter that you guys ranked the s5 so low on your best android phones of 2014. Imo you guys got it right. Haha

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Omg, someone call the waaahbulance with all these baby cries about carriers and designs. I've been part of the rooting community, I've done it with my note 3; the G3 is an excellent device. Someone will get around to doing it...breath and dunn trip.

I know this is a little old.... but... Verizon is now released the LG G3's with the QI sticker already attached to the back cover of the phone.
I was doing research and saw the stickers and thought, "DANG, I WANT ONE!" I then realized I had seen something similar inside my phone already... I opened it up, and viola! There was the exact sticker there! I forgot that the guy at the store told me that all the G3's are coming QI ready out of box! SUCCESS!
Want to see if your G3 has the QI sticker?
Open up the back cover of that bad boy.
Is there a black sticker with two little "feet" by the camera hole?
Does one of the feet have two metal connections?
If your answer is yes, you're in luck my friend.
You are QI ready.