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We spent some quality time with Samsung this morning at its TouchWiz update event in New York City (you might have seen a tweet or 20), and I got my Galaxy Tab updated as part of the shindig.

We've already done a screenshot preview -- now it's time for our video hands-on. Probably the most important change is the quick-launch tray, which gives you a sort of dock down at the bottom of the screen.

Check out our video above, and stay tuned for more from the London event.


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Hands-on with the TouchWiz update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in NYC


WHY is the still no allshare app? I just do nt get it.... I love the galaxy tab but allshare is something that was promised and has not been delivered.

Actually, the most important thing about this "upgrade" is that if you refuse to upgrade your stock Tabs you'll never receive an Android update ever again.

This is optional, so i wouldn't sweat it in regards to updates. Besides, what about all those Google I/O tab's? I'm sure they'll continue to make stock ROM's for those who don't like TouchWiz, or have those Google versions.

@Mac58: Can you share your source that "promised" allshare capability on the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

@ Mac58: Thanks for the information and link to your source.

The Samsung press release reads as follows:

Versatile Content Sharing

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will also receive Samsung’s Allshare service, for seamless content transfer between the tablet and other DLNA-enabled devices such as HDTV’s, monitors and digital cameras. The software upgrade will also transform the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 into a device capable of accepting streaming content from a TV to the tablet itself.

Based on this information there stands no reason to believe that this functionality is not part of the upgrade. True that the reviewer did not mention this feature specifically, but come Friday, Aug. 5, after downloading the upgrade, those that care about this feature should check for availability at that time.

I sppose you are right, but samsungs allshare application is jus tthat-an application, and hence one would expect it to show up in the app drawer, which it does not. Maybe it is hidden and we will see after today, but i seriously doubt it is.

Please tell me you can disable this shit and use stock Honeycomb? Just bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and have not opened it yet. Will return it if I am forced to use this crappy UI.

Before calling it crappy (or shit) maybe you should read some reviews (or at least watch this one)

It seems to be quite a good upgrade and streamlines/eliminates some problems and bugs that users (myself as well) were having before. Initial reviews are very good.

It is also an optional upgrade ... so don't get your panties in a bunch big guy ;)

I flashed a leaked version and my Quadrant scores went from 1430 (Stock Honeycomb) to 2340 (Touchwiz) and the best part is is really felt faster. If you want to jump on the boat of the people hating on Touchwiz (without even knowing what they are talking about) feel free too but my personal experiences have made me a believer...good bye stock Honeycomb.

Just curious if anyone knows which printers are now capatible with the Tab 10.1?

According to Samsung's Press Release earlier today, which was posted on this site; I read the following:

Mobile Printing:

Print documents and pictures wirelessly from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to any compatible printer.

I have to admit this update looks good. I like the mini app tray at the bottom and the notification bar. I see they are trying to implement smartphone features into the tablet for a smooth experience, nice!!! Only thing about it for me is that I have a Xoom so if I want this I will have to root my wifi Xoom and run a rom on it, I'm sure it wouldn't be long before XDA get a hold of this. They are geniuses!!!

Great review! I, for one think this is a skin that adds functionality, kinda like Sense when Android was in its early stages. And after using Honeycomb for a while, I would say this definitely improves upon it. Now, I hope Sammy is being honest with me and this wont affect me getting my Ice Cream Sandwich on...looks good though...

People complain so much about touchwiz. If you don't like it don't buy Samsung. All they are doing is enhancing the experience a bit. Personally I do not like the stock honeycomb overlay. This looks great. Just as if you get motoblur or sense all the same and personally touchwiz is the better choice.

If it wasn't a good update then google wouldn't have allowed it. This is the first overlay google has allowed for honeycomb so it has to perform well.

I am running the touchiz update on my rooted tab, and i must say, Its the smoothest rom. No lag. If the official update is the Same as the root version i have, then i think everyone will enjoy it