Sprint LG Optimus G.

The Sprint Optimus G in a nutshell: It's an LG Optimus G. On Sprint.

That's really about it. Sprint's iteration of LG's newest flagship is pretty much what we saw in the international version. It's got the same 4.7-inch WXGA IPS display (that's a lot of letters for "good"), same Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro quad-core processor. Same 13-megapixel camera that sticks out ever so slightly. Same cool "crystal reflection design" under the don't-call-it-glass backing.

And, yes, same non-removable battery, and no microSD card. (You do have 32 GB of on-board storage, with a good chunk of that already used by the operating system.)

Otherwise, no real surprises here. LG's customizations are all intact. Sprint's apps are all tucked away in SprintZone, the way we like them.

Now all we need is some availability and pricing information. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

We've got a few more pics and video after the break. Be sure to stick around and see more from CTIA MobileCON over the next couple of days. 


Reader comments

Hands-on with the Sprint LG Optimus G


I love the lock screen. I'm sure it would be easier to unlock if you were used to it and such...I hope LG succeeds like Samsung has. Choice is awesome and that camera looks good! A lot of feature phone owners love LG...On Sprint, there are TONS and TONS of LG Rumor owners...I bet a lot of them would gladly upgrade to this! And the screen looks great too. They need to keep pumping out phones to keep Samsung on their toes. I hear that in a lot of Asian countries the Samsung/LG rivalry is pretty strong.

Haha, I use to be one of those Sprint users using the LG Rumor (Touch). It was a decent phone (it was my first so I had no experience to compare.) Physically the phone is attractive. The hardware is good. I just need to play with the UI/Software.

But I'm a S3 user now, so I'll just wait two years for the next generations of devices

I couldn't help but laugh imagin LG keeping Samsung on there toes. That's far from the truth. Lg has been non existing in the smartphone space. This Óptimus G doesn't make up for all the other horrible devices. Lg better stay on there own toes and learn how to update devices properly matter of fact bring a device to market with proper software not some silly ice cream sandwich in mid October 2012. When your competition is pumping out jellybean devices straight out the box.

Don't even.

Samsung is the company with 30 Million+ phones out there that can be erased via a webpage. Instead of fixing it, they continue to release more and more Android devices with screwey software, that they will never update properly.

This blind allegiance to a company is disgusting. All of the OEMs and carriers don't care about you. You are just a number, and their goal is to take your hard-earned dollars and turn it into pocket-change for their coffers. Samsung. LG, Google and the rest need ME, I don't need them.

You are right Jerry 100%. None of them care about their buyers, as long we buying their products.... And they`ll laugh all the way to the bank.

Waiter: Welcome to Olive Garden. My name is Matt and I'll be your server tonight.

You: I don't think we need you, actually. I just got served. By Jerry.

LOL I agree with you on the fact that they need us not the other way around. But I do feel they care about us. That just like the government. thinks just take to long to fix. The manufacturers should have the right to upgrade the phones software on its ow. But carriers for what ever reason want to do it. There a lot of code stuff i do not know about or have the skill and brain to learn but in the little that i know ans/or understand is if you have a problem like Sammy has with this phone reset, the carriers should be working together with Sammy to fix it asap. Hopefully soon they will.

Phil does this(Sprint version of Optimus G) have a SIM Slot & what are the radios inside in this phone?

Out of curiosity my Asus transformer prime has an IPS+ display, can someone in the know explain what the + is on an IPS display. On the Asus when you turn it on it gets brighter which I think is to help with outside use.

Sprint is 2 for 2 on the logo less phones. They have been getting praise for keeping their logo off some phones, starting with the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE and it looks like they will continue the trend, at least on the high end models.

Personally, I don't care but there seem to be a lot of people and tech journalists who would like all carriers to do this.

Damn wouldn't it have been smart for Sprint to have made this phone ever so slightly thicker to get rid of the camera protrusion and use that extra real estate for more battery, giving them a RAZR maxx type phone in their lineup.

Very curious to see how this S4 Pro chip compares to the rest of the phones.

They figure that iPhone users don't give a crap about it, so...

Well, in my opinion, its fine as long as they put at LEAST 32GB of storage on the phone. I WILL NOT BUY A PHONE WITH LESS THAN 32GB OF ON BOARD STORAGE AND NO MICRO SD CARD SLOT.

Yes, but you don't have 32gb. Format it, smaller, add bloat and UI on that and per the review, that seems to take a chunk out of it.
I'd say 64 internal is acceptable.
My DX has a 32 card with 8 internal. That is acceptable since I have my full 32gb for "stuff" since the OS and UI is not on the SD card.
Fix battery and no SD, no sale.

It sucks that you pretty much HAVE to use a different launcher, since sprint won't give up on the DAMNED SPRINT ID. Even if you like the LG skin, nope... ID is mandatory, even on a high end device where NO users will ever want it.

To those of you concerned about LG:

Well, I am too. But before you dismiss them,think about this. Let's go back in time to the Samsung Moment. That was Samsung's crappy Android phone that kept lots of people off of the Galaxy S line because of the horrible reputation Samsung had after that phone. The Galaxy S was Samsung's game changer that showed that they were serious about making high end, premium smartphones.

Then, let us revisit the HTC Hero. A crappy HTC Android device that was painfully slow. The Nexus One, Desire, Incredible and Evo, were game changers for HTC which showed that they were serious about making premium high end smart phones.

My point is that all manufacturers have had their low points when they were just entering the game. LG is just late with their evolution.

I had my heart set on the Galaxy Note 2, but that phone will NOT have the SVDO (Simultaneous Voice and Data) that I currently enjoy on my Evo LTE. It will support SVLTE (Simultaneous Voice and Data over LTE) but since I'd be more likely to find Weapon's grade uranium than LTE on Sprint's network, I'll have to seriously consider this device as an alternative.

+1 well said. LG to me has always had pretty good phones on paper. But there has always been another(sammy) phone that has caught my I. If I was able to, i would try this phone out.

I am so glad that I am used to the lack of SVDO or 4G with my SGS2 that I currently have for sprint. I live in Albany, NY, the CAPITAL of NY where there has been no 4G for sprint EVER. Its funny because I had 4G capabilities back in the original EVO days and have been paying that $10/month for nothing and guess I will continue to pay for it since there are no plans I have seen to get the CAPITAL OF ONE OF THE MOST POPULATED STATES IN THE COUNTRY, WHERE THE LAW MAKERS RESIDE AND VOTE ON LAWS FOR THE STATE.

I digress... I have been pining over the Note 2 and the Optimus G for quite some time. I hold camera quality, battery life, immediate future proofing, storage space and usability/features in that order as priorities for a device I will be using intimately for the next 1.5 years. I am not sold on LG's camera quality. Maybe I havent seen any comparisons to the SGS3s and iPhone5s of the world but I havent received any warm and fuzzys about the camera other than its MP count which is not indicitive of camera quality. SGN2 seems to be right on par with the leaders, though I wish phone manufacturers would key in on low light quality improvement. I dont need burst shot, I need to be able to take pics of my kid inside the house on cloudy days without having to turn on every light in the house! Battery life on the SGN2 from what Ive read is top notch. Unknown on the LG but from the first reviews from this site, it has been OK-GOOD. Both are future proofed for the immediate future and I actually do like the ability to turn off and on specific processor cores that the LG allows, but would I use it? I like the idea of using a microSD card vs any alternative as my music pretty much maxes out my 16GB card. Pictures and videos continue to fill up the rest of the storage space in my phone so having that limted limits me. I know you can use the cloud but thats just extra steps to do what I should be able to do easily with an SD card slot. The SGN2 and LG will both be packed with nice features. The S-Pen of the note gets me excited in the pants but not sure how much I will use it. I love the LG lock screen feature and the ability to record notes on any screen without having to open a program along with the video background playing ability (though I dont know if thats capable with my favorite streaming app of choice, slingbox).

Now if only the infrastructure would catch up to the phone hardware Id be all set! Cmon Sprint, Im sure Palatka, Fla is a nice city, but getting them 4G LTE before you get it to a capital of one of the largest states in the country is just plain ludicrous. p.s. the aged in FL are NOT using your 4G network. I can say with that some certainty.

I agree with you RE lack of Sprint LTE service yet they make you pay for it even though it has not even been announced for many areas yet (I live in Seattle). I am wary of LG both because I worry they will not update the OS on this phone and because they have made changes for each carrier ie sprint and Att versions of the G. Also the article's that I have just read have said nothing about the quality of the camera. Just because the camera boasts great specs does not mean that the sensors are good and it will take good pictures. I am also sick and tired that Sprint cripples the phones so you cannot change out the Sim card in them. That seems way more important than whether or not it has a logo on the outside.

Battery size??

Really interested to see what kind of battery life this thing gets with LG's new Li-Ion technology, can't wait to find out.

Beats the hell out of the new Nexus phone. That is a disgrace. Shame the hell on you Google, give us great hardware or we just won't buy it. Any phone today with only 8 gb of int memory is a fu----- joke, don't care what kind of software it comes with, it's just a joke.