Samsung Galaxy S

We took you on a quick tour of the Samsung Galaxy S hardware -- now let's spend a few more minutes and look at the software. When Samsung talks about "Smart Life," they mean it, bringing a new look and feel to Android. Video after the break.


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Hands-on with Samsung Galaxy S software


This phone is a reason I'm SOOOOOO pleased I've waited to get an Android phone! What a great looking phone with a front facing camera.

Do these guys that are representatives on these companies even use Android? Seems like we would get a better walkthrough if Phil was in control. These guys seem to have their talking points and if you go off on those they sound lost. Not a big deal, just something I noticed with this guy and HTC guy from the EVO video.

Another Samsung guy on a video on youtube said it had no front facing camera and that it had mini usb.

The only thing this phone is missing is a led flash or xenon flash if they are generous. Hopefully they add it before launch like they added a camera button to the Wave after its launch.

Visually stunning and seems incredibly fast. This may have already been answered but what carrier will this be on?

Do you guys have a pic of the notification area with the radio controls? The one you guys mentioned in the podcast. If so can you post it up please, Thanks.

After the Behold II debacle, where Samsung promised Android 2.x and failed to deliver, despite the device's hardware being up to the task...and Samsung's use of Yahoo services instead of Google and that iPhone look-alike UI... I'll never buy a Samsung Android device. Not worth the risk of being obsolete in 3-6 months. Seems like HTC and Motorola are the de facto Android flag bearers... Samsung and Sony Ericsson are at best "almost were's". Also see below for more information: