Samsung Galaxy S II

Behold, the Samsung Galaxy S II. The original Galaxy S ushered in a new era of power and screen technology in a form factor that was so light you had to heft it to believe it, and the sequel continues that trend.

The Galaxy S II steps things up with a 4.3-inch screen at 480x800 with the new Super AMOLED Plus technology, a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, either 16GB or 32GB of storage (plus microSD up to 32GB), Wifi b/g/n, USB 2.0, a 1650mAh battery, aGPS, an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera (and 1080p recording), and the new Touchwiz 4.0 atop Android 2.3.

And it's all done in an impossibly light form factor. The Galaxy S II, while slightly larger than its predecessor at 125.3mm tall and 66.1mm wide, is thinner -- yes, thinner -- at 8.49mm. The iPhone 4, by comparison, is 9.3mm thick. And the Galaxy S II weighs just 116 grams.

Touchwiz has been bumped to Version 4.0. It's still full of bright colors -- which look even better on the Super AMOLED Plus screen -- and it highlights four major hubs -- Readers, Game, Music, Social.

The camera app has been reworked for the better, and the widgets now look and feel a little more processional.

We're going to be spending a good amount of time with this beast this week at Mobile World Congress. Check out our initial hands-on after the break.

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Samung Galaxy S IISamung Galaxy S II

Samung Galaxy S IISamung Galaxy S II

Samung Galaxy S IISamung Galaxy S II

Samung Galaxy S IISamung Galaxy S II

Samung Galaxy S IISamung Galaxy S II

Samung Galaxy S II

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I want this but in the style of evo from HTC on sprint bad. Otherwise after the epic I don't want anything to do with Samsung. But this does look freakin awesome.

benthe1 says:

Your sentence was pretty incoherent. "evo from HTC on sprint bad."

I will never buy a phone from Samsung again. Especially after not getting an update on my Epic after 7 months of Froyo being released. Even though this phone looks dang sexy I am forced to look away. It's like a sexy girl that you know has HIV.

It isn't that bad... I know that people have had problems with Samsung before, but it's gonna be a while until a "phone" version of the Android comes out, now with Honeycomb being tablet-based. But even when it does, I'm expecting that Sammy will provide a faster update. People aren't exactly gonna spare them if they don't. Besides, this phone probably is feature packed enough to last good for quite a time. And they've fixed GPS...

Oxirane says:

Well that's what the devs over at XDA are for- they rip out her infected parts and replace them with better-than-healthy goodness. :P

I use a rooted Vibrant running 2.2, I know upwards of 10 people on stock phones ranging from Droid 2's to DInc's to Evo's to other SGS's. My Galaxy is faster and stabler than all of them, and it's touchwiz free with a perfectly working GPS unit.

Samsung makes killer hardware, they just at software. Devs can fix software, they can't fix hardware. ;)

moonpiedave says:

"stabler"? Are you referring to the former NFL quarterback?


my next phone, forsure.

Kane337 says:

Yea I'll probably be getting this phone too.

bbpinoy says:

i have to agree, the pre-release ROM is slow.

RunSilent23 says:

This looks great but I still have plenty of life with my Fascinate. When LTE comes to Montana, talk to me again. I'll be ready to go with Galaxy S 2.

paa79594 says:

I'd deal with Touchwhiz for this phone... but I can't wait past the thunderbolt.

I don't get the Touchwhiz hate. I don't know what it was like in previous incarnations, but I love my Vibrant's interface. I think it's a hell of a lot more usable than vanilla Android.

frozencloud says:

I don't know about everyone else, but I kinda like the new UI even though it's like iOS and WP7 combined.

Comineeyeaha says:

Eh, I'll pass on this. Samsung makes a really great phone, but I'd rather buy from a manufacturer who will support the phone after it's launched. And if it's not Samsung's fault, then I'd rather buy a phone that carriers care about.

E_man says:

At this point, this is my next phone. I'll just be sure to buy the international version and import it, rather than a carrier locked one.

That won't effect the HSPA+? How do you know US carries will support it? Nexus would only do Edge, not 3g, if you took it to AT&T. I just forsee this happening again.

IceDree says:

looks okay , but im not gonna fall for that again
after the Galaxy S I9000 , no thank you
awesome on papers , good looking on pictures , ugly (& cheap material feel) on real life

fascinatej says:

I thought i would love this phone but i am just not loving it:( I like my fascinate better. I wish it had the front facing camera then i would be satisfied with what i have. Is verizon going to get something similar to tmobile the galaxy s4g ?

Thin = Less battery. And with these big screens and tons of features we force to disable to conserve battery life then thats not a good thing.

I hate this "Thin" trend that Apple popularized. The footprint remains the same and "thin" isnt really something you notice in a pocket or purse so why obsess over it?

dchawk81 says:

Thickness is something I notice in my pockets. My pants bulge enough as it is.

AdamBv1 says:

Did you actually read the specs? This may be a very thin phone but they did managed to cram a 1650 mAh battery in there that is 10% bigger than the previous Galaxy S phone.

crabjoe says:

10% increase in battery capacity doesn't mean squat. It's got a screen that's almost 10% larger and has more stuff to drive. The only way we'll know if this phone will hold a charge longer is after it goes into use. It may be more efficient but it might drain the battery faster ... Who knows?

z0phi3l says:

Boo hoo, you'll have to charge it every night, people act like it's that big a deal to plug it before going to bed

AndroidFTFW says:

well super amoled plus is supposed to be a lot more battery efficient than super amoled..along with dual-core processors being more battery efficient..soo technically this phone should last just as long if not longer than the galaxy s

Oxirane says:

I easily can get 18 hrs out of my Vibrant, my dad gets 2 days out of his per charge. I'd say couple the dual core with some custom ROM de-bloating and tweaking, and this phone should be able to last about 24 hrs per charge without too much hassel.

Of course, it all depends on how you use the phone. My battery life ranges from 6 hrs/charge to 30 hrs.

vinny#AC says:

Looks like a powerful phone but I like the style of the new HTC devices. Being a Nexus One and a MyTouch 4G owner just like the way that HTC devices are put together.

Go Android! says:

Does it feel "plastickly"? I don't mind if it feels light, but not like cheap plastic.

dchawk81 says:

Looks good, but I'd have opened the task manager and killed some processes.

pearljam5000 says:

this or the atrix?

It looks great. Specs are definitely what you would want. But I will be waiting for the Droid X 2.

kingtz says:

Great looking hardware.

But given $am$ung's track record of completely failing to follow through with promised software updates, I think I'm going to pass. It's a pity since the hardware team seems to be on the ball and put out excellent stuff, but the software team just sits around with their thumbs up their asses.

Too bad, $am$ung, you've lost what could've been a loyal customer.

Ronindan says:

Looks good. Can't wait for it to be released.

werkx says:

I've sworn off of Samsung smartphone. They get you with the glitz then leave you in the dust with no software updates after they get your money.

Wesley1 says:

To get search, you long press the menu button.

Looks good, but there is major lag in this pre-production model. Still needs lots of work. Too bad there is no camera button;(

Oxirane says:

Only issue I see with this is I use voice commands a lot.... I'm crossing fingers T-Mo's wil have a dedicated search key. Otherwise, I guess that's one icon that will never leave my homescreen!

johncblandii says:

Move your finger dude! :-D

Phone looks great though. Definitely a bit slow at times. Would have been great to see what was all in the task manager.

metro39 says:

I don't want to ride with Phil in a car!

NeoteriX says:

Dear baby jesus, please let there be a notification light on this thing.

Bobrowe78 says:

what happened to the media hub where u could buy or rent movies??

bellman says:

Do you all have to comment on every single article,no matter what it is about, and post about Samsung and their slow updates? We get guys got burned. Root and custom ROM and be done with it. Stop bitching. This place is nothing but update lacking crybabies anymore on every article.
If you want to comment about this it!!
If you want to comment on your current phone, there is a forum for that.

MsGadget13 says:

I'm ready for it on Verizon!

SteveIowa says:

I Love the Back, Samsung must have heard us on that. But I have to wonder, why it's not getting the Infuse's 4.5" screen? Seems I must be in the minority. I always get 3200-3500 mAh batteries for my phones. But I shouldn't have to. Oh well. Now maybe 8 months from now, my carrier will get this phone, and I'll decide then. Thats alot of time, for the landscape to change.

I got an Epic in mid September at that time they said it would get Froyo by the end of October. Didn't happen! Then they said around Christmas. Didn't happen. Then they said in January. Didn't happen! I lost faith in Samsung. I rooted and put it on myself. It was a pain but I was tired of waiting! I had a Palm Pre before and it was updated twice in the first 9 mos of having it. I will not buy another Samsung phone because I guess this is just par for the course with them. Furthermore I'm a little annoyed with Sprint not getting the new webos phones or the iphone. It might be time to look elsewhere altogether!

Dark_Blu says:

I heard a rumor that the iPhone 5 might come to Sprint, but I'm not sure. It is rather disturbing that with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile getting a bunch of great phones, all we've seen from Sprint is the EVO Shift and a Nintendo DS POS phone. Come on Sprint. Did I choose the wrong network??

AndroidFTFW says:

why would you choose sprint in the first place...theres a reason why they pay their customers to stay with them lol

Dark_Blu says:

It definitely looks good but HSPA+ means not on Sprint, so I'm waiting to see who's bringing what to Sprint.

Oxirane says:

I'd be willing to bet that another variation will be released on Sprint. Maybe they'll get another hardware keyboard Galaxy.

GS1 is selling like crazy, I'm pretty sure all the carriers will get the GS2 as well.

Winkz7 says:

Nice job on the review, for a demo phone anyway...

Kind of amusing that you would misspell "processional", unless you are subliminally killing this phone! Maybe the widgets don't look as alive as they used to.

Personally I like some of the Touchwiz, including the integrated task manager. I don't like using the Advanced Task Killer on my wife's phone.

ChaosZero112 says:

Another review that mentions the lack of a search button...

News flash to the people that should know what they are talking about: Press and hold the menu key for 2 seconds. Surprise.

jaydeebee24 says:

the whole samsung software update thing is getting kinda ridiculous. yeah they took forever for the froyo update on the originals. but the only reason people made a big deal about it was because there was already a newer version of android out when the gs1 was released. this is releasing on the latest version of android, and it will stay the latest for a least 6 months.
and if its such a problem in six months then root your phone and your all set.

otto says:

You are missing the point. Your average user not only doesn't know how to root a phone, they shouldn't have to. Saying that a user should need to root and install a custom ROM is pretty ignorant because aside from those of us who are tech nerds, not many others know how to do these sorts of things. Samsung should back their phones with quality software and quality support. Until they can do that, a lot of us will not be using anything that Samsung makes ever again.

I'm pretty sure that the s2 will be available on the 4 major US carriers.

Rich Coralli says:

This phone is SLOW......

prissysox says:

can't wait for the tmo version. will get it day one!

kra2y says:

Samsung isn't the only one to blame with software updates. Other country's galaxy s phones have been updated to froyo for quite some time now. Us carriers are slowing things down to a crawl with all there junk they add, Wich i just get rid of anyway

spokenwordd says:

Epic fail!!!!!!! No pun intended. Three reasons:

1. Touchwiz
2. Samsung sucks at updates
3. The standard 4 hardware buttons are not there... WTF? Sony Xperia madness all over again except with Samsung

Fail fail fail fail fail!