Polaroid SC1630

No longer can you complain about Android devices not having proper cameras. Polaroid has taken care of that with the SC1630. It's a proper-looking digital camera with an honest to goodness 3x optical zoom, 16MP sensor and Android user interface. The short version is that it's a digital camera with an Android back end. 

Android Central @ CES The slightly longer version is that you've got a digital camera with an Android 2.x.x back end and a 3.2-inch display. It's got a monster amount of storage -- the unit we played with had about 54GB on board. There's no doubt that you're using Android -- Polaroid hasn't done much to skin it. It's got full access to the Android Market, so you can get in a game of Angry birds before worrying about aperatures. And, yes, it's got Wifi for all the photo sharing you can muster, and cell versions certainly are possible.

It's also got a bevy of camera features, including various scene modes, face detection and a number of sharing options. That, obviously, is where the Android back end comes into play. You get to the camera side of the equation with a little button on top of the device. The lens extends in a couple seconds, and then you hit the giant red shutter to get down to business.

Speaking of getting down to business, we've got our full hands-on after the break. Check 'er out.

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Polaroid SC1630Polaroid SC1630

Polaroid SC1630Polaroid SC1630

Polaroid SC1630Polaroid SC1630

Polaroid SC1630

Polaroid SC1630Polaroid SC1630

Polaroid SC1630Polaroid SC1630

Polaroid SC1630Polaroid SC1630

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dorelse says:

So...assuming wifi is built it for sharing then? (Youtube video's are blocked at work, so maybe you mentioned it there.)

Yep.  Wifi, Bluetooth, and the full suite of Google Apps.

dorelse says:

Thx Jerry!

vinny jr says:

I like it. Great device to take to a convention or trade show. Great camera and video with all your communication all in one. Very cool looking IMO and being a real phone geek I would buy one in a second. My only question, does in come with LTE????????

0pusX says:

Any close guesses as to the price?

Donmeister85 says:

This. Is. Awesome.

rap1 says:

I love it! I hope we will see more of these mergers. If it cost a bit more that would be OK because you are replacing a regular camera. One thing I always look at in phone reviews is the camera quality and many are less than desirable. I'd prefer a bigger optical zoom but at least it has one.

Cubfan says:

Somebody needs to do a true optical extending lens in a phone. The first company to do it will sell buttloads!

Bullit says:

What? No ICS? lol .... Really, this looks awesome. I would like to see Android in much more things like this.

jscarano says:

I hope it has an unlocked bootloader so we can get root and some bad ass roms :-)


Small_law says:

That's the first thing I've seen out of CES this year that I want badly.

I would almost go Android for this. Almost.

lol Michelle, come to the dark side ;) I use to be a crackberry for years! The water is warm :)!

Jonneh says:

I like it a lot, I just wish it had a better zoom capability. 3X? Are you kidding me? That zoom is from 2000-2005. With a zoom as low as that you might as well just walk forward ten more feet. However, the first of a device like this, the better versions will come later in the year I'm sure, and I can't WAIT for those! :-D Heading in the right direction!

icebike says:

I agree, 3x, not enough.

Also someone at AC needs to run this thru the camera tests to find out how good that lens is, how low light performance it.

Polaroid has been out of the camera business commercially for a long time. Where are they buying their lenses? How big is the sensor? Does it have GPS to tag photos? Did they leave room for a phone chipset?

bganga says:

Max aperture looks like 3.1 at the wide end, so this isn't what you want in a low light scenario for the most part. It doesn't mean that it doesn't take nice photos, though.

imsofinite says:

As someone who has been involved in the camera business for quite some time, let me tell you: Polaroid has made just about the worst cameras out there for the last decade or so. Their build quality is always bad, their lenses aren't sharp, and their sensors handle low light very poorly.

It's a neat idea, but I'd definitely hold off until a better company picks up on this idea. I'm actually surprised that Sony didn't start doing this first. They don't make the greatest cameras, but they're considerably better than Polaroid.

ISS2 says:

Lol @ walk ten more feet. It's good start. Android needs to extend there ecosystem further. That's the advantage of it being open...

mikeymop says:

Do you know the SoC? It seemed kinda sluggish on the video

apertures* btw

zhecht says:

3x optical zoom and 16MP doesn't mean anything. How are the actual pictures, especially when viewed at 100% size? Polaroid's digital cameras get pretty lousy marks for image quality (see http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/reviews/2012/01/polaroid-having-largely-g... ) and dpreview won't even test them. The full-size camera reviewed above doesn't even match many cell phone cameras when it comes to quality.

inuchan says:

I like it! With the Drop Box app and facebook app it would really be easy. I would get it.

ICU812 says:

Take my money already!!!! *Throws money at screen*

Funkpod says:

great idea. add a phone and guarantee, even though it will be a niche market, there WILL be a market. I think it could sell well.

vinny jr says:

I want one, wonder what radio it comes with? It would be great if it ran on all GSM networks like the Nexus phone does. This phone and the new Razr Maxx are the two devices I want. I would like to gew some imfo on where we could buy this device.
Thanks Jerry
PS Maybe the new Asus netbook as well.

Zenstrive says:

Panasonic should promote this in sync with the instagram on android app...