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LG brought its new tablets to its G3 party

A couple of weeks ago, LG announced three new additions to the G Pad range – a 7-, 8- and a 10.1-inch offering. At the grand LG G3 Day showpiece event in London, the new tablets were on show and so we got chance to spend a little time taking a look at each of them.

The internal hardware is very much the same across all three, and with a Snapdragon 400 inside we're not looking at the absolute cutting edge in terms of hardware performance. There is a HD display on board – though not 1080p – Android 4.4 KitKat and some elements of LG's latest user interface, with some visual elements straight out of the G3.

While the G Pad 8.3 is a high-end Android tablet, these newer siblings look to be competing more against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 lineup. Solid, if unremarkable hardware, some nice touches on the software such as Q Pair – which now answers your phone calls on the tablet – and a visually pleasing design much in the same vein as recent LG devices.

But, enough talk. To action. Check out our first hands-on video with all three a little further below.


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Hands-on with the new LG G Pad lineup


I haven't bought the G Pad 8.3 because I wanted to see what the new models would bring, now i'm just disappointed.

yeah, got my son's when a British retailer (Tesco) were dumping stock for £120 - i.e. about US$170 equivalent. I still wish I'd bought two!

Kinda bummed about this. Was holding out for a nice 10 inch tablet think I'll look at the z2 tablet

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So nice. Have you held one? I just can't bring myself to fork out the big asking price. Hopefully it'll come down soon

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I'm guessing they're planning to do a Samsung and release a premium line-up along side these ones. Seems to work for Samsung.

Sat here scratching my head, what just happened here lol. I was convinced this was a new high end line, even all the fire sales we have seen recently seeing the G Pad 8.3 where you could get one for $200\£109, makes them look like awesome value.

Gutted to be honest, I thought we was gonna get an S801 G pad with an even higher res screen

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This was a bit dissapointing for me,At the least we could get a S600 if not an S800 i mean seriously LG

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, "these newer siblings look to be competing more against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 lineup"

I see, they took a step BACK to compete with Samsung...

We are not amused! I am seriously disappointed. I'm looking to replace my iPad Mini 2 and move back to Android with a tablet this year, but there are no solid offerings with LTE (Verizon). I'd get a G-Pad 8.3, but I want something with a bigger battery (iPad Mini has a 6600 MAH battery). And, of course, none of the US carriers (namely you, Verizon) are offering or have no immediate plans to offer a Tab 8.4 Pro with 4G. Sigh... the wait continues.

I know, I know, first world problems.

Yeah outside the wifi galaxy lines, tablets have been disappointing this year. Lte especially so.

Happy with my big Note tablet though...

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Yeah, I'm loving the Surface Pro. I got a good deal off of Craigslist for the 1st Gen Pro with keyboard. It'd be absolutely amazing, if Microsoft released an LTE version of the Surface Pro. I would have gotten an LTE Surface 2, but Verizon doesn't offer one.

My daughter has one for school and she loves it. If the Note series hadn't come along there is a decent chance I would have gotten one of the new ones.

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Same 1st Gen refurb with touch cover. I like it. I want to love it, but it is not quite perfect. One main reason I got it was for the Wacom tech in the pen, but the tracking is quite inconsistent.

Wow way to go backwards on this line up... Wonder if they are going to pull a Samsung and come out with a higher end line

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Awfully disappointed about this. Was looking forward to finally picking up a high-end, 10-inch Android tab to complement my G2 (which I adore). Guess I'll have to look else where.

Well, if you don't need an LTE tablet and like or don't mind Samsung hardware, the Tab Pro series are solid offerings. Even the Note 10.1 2014 is a great tablet, especially if you can find a good deal on it.

Makes me even more happy with my recent 8.3 purchase (which I was already over the moon with!), just one thing; is the 8.3 likely to get a software update to get it up with this new U.I style? Hope so, stupid but the square icons for things bugs me but actually love the LG U.I; almost went for Google now launcher but decided it didn't suit the larger screen tablet as week as a phone.

Hmmm I dont get this. lol I am with all of you guys. If they were planning to release a budget friendly tablet series, which these appear to be, they should have changed the name up. Because the LG GPad is supposed to be their top line (since the launch of the 8.3) So Im HOPING they announce a newer version of the Gpad 8.3 , but now what willthey call it? If they are going the samsung route then that sucks because they dont realize how difficult it is for consumers to differentiate between tablets as it is, and if each manufacturer is flooding the market with different lines, that makes it even worse. Similar to the PC effect vs Macbook effect. Consumers buy macbooks because Apple keeps their laptop line simple

I love my G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition, but that 10.1 looks really nice.

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So....I feel like the black sheep here...I'm actually excited about these tablets.

If they price them right, the 8.0 or 10.1 sound great for me. I'm thinking under 299 for the 8.0, the g-pad 8.3 was 350 so this has to be cheaper.

I don't need the best specs, the Moto G with the S400 proves that to me.

Plus, I seem to be using a tablet less now a days. I would rather put my money in my next phone or a decent laptop, I use those both daily.

I'm hoping your right about the priceing cause I wouldn't mind getting the 8" I would rather get the note 8but even used they are still $350+ the only way these tablets will sell is to undercut Samsung's pricing.

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There is a big difference. The G was optimized and runs nearly stock, these tablets will run a fairly heavy Optimus UI skin which is not necessarily all that sleek.

I think it will run fine, but I can understand the disappointment around here

No wonder LG has been so tight-lipped about this new series of tablets. Other than the variety of screen sizes, nothing new.

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I love my LG G Pad 8.3, I use the tap to wake up more than I thought and upgrading from a Nexus 7 the extra screen space is fantastic but the sound truly sucks - it just sounds tinny and of course the speakers are behind the screen so facing away from you.

I was hoping for something a bit more up to date. I guess I will stay with my Galaxy Note 8 until LG has something better. I like their products but hope they won't try to compete only on price.

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I wish I could buy the GPe G Pad 8.3. Now that they are out of stock I am probably going to have to wait months for a Nexus 8 and rumor is that is more like 9 inches which I am hoping isn't bigger than I want. Talk about a downgrade here. I am not sure who they are hoping to sell to...