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And here's a look at the LG Optimus -- aka the GT540 -- which we previously toyed with at CES in January. Nothing's really changed since then. Same 3-inch HVGA touchscreen (no keyboard on this one), same Android 1.6, same 3.1-megapixel camera. We know LG's capable of making some above-average devices -- we've just yet to see any here in the states.


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Hands-on with the LG Optimus (GT540) [#io2010]


Phil, as you have the envious task of experiencing all these cool devices, I'd like to know which one you like best as to looks and feel, build quality etc.

If you like say the Evo, then compare it to the Evo so we all have an idea how the LG compares to the Evo.

There is ZERO comparison to that LG and the EVO !! The EVO is a far better device , that LG looks like crap !!! and Android 1.6 ???

What I meant was have a point of refrence. I used EVO for an example. Phil could say somthing like " the LG feels similar to the Sprint HTC Hero except faster etc...."

That way we out here would have a better idea of what the LG is like without even touching one.

Uhh, this phone looks a bit dated.

The touchscreen accuracy seems meh.
I'd say a low-to-mid tier android phone.

This phone looks like the responsiveness would drive me crazy. I can't be having that.


I really like the look of this device. If this had the specs of the HTC Incredible w/ 3.7 inch amoled screen and the body was like this lg phone, in my opinion I think it was look awesome.