LG Optimus Elite

Sprint and LG were at tonight's Pepcom event in New York City, where the theme was eco-friendly technology. On hand was the upcoming Optimus Elite, the entry-level "green" device scheduled for an April 22 release. The Elite will not be the device of your dreams, but for $29.99 on contract, there really isn't much here to complain about. 

The Elite's got 3.5-inch display with a 320x480 resolution-- if you've gotten used to an HD display, this one's going to feel like a punch in the forehead. There's an 800 Mhz single-core processor pumping Gingerbread under the hood, and a 5 megapixel camera around back. The Elite is NFC-enabled, which means you'll have access to Google Wallet without breaking your wallet. Performance wise there's nothing truly remarkable, nor is there anything disappointing. I didn't notice any slowdowns or stutters, but if you're looking to do some heavy-duty computing, look elsewhere. The Elite will ship in two colors: white and titan silver.

The Elite will launch on Sprint.com on Earth Day-- a fitting release date for this ULE Platinum and CarbonFree-certified device. If you want to pick one up in stores, you'll have to wait until May 18th. Oh, and if prepaid is your preferred flavor, you're in luck-- the Elite will be heading to Virigin Mobile in the near future, though how near is yet to be announced. Hit the break for some photos and a quick video.

LG Optimus Elite LG Optimus EliteLG Optimus Elite LG Optimus EliteLG Optimus Elite LG Optimus Elite

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S_C_B says:

Not one mention of NFC and Google Wallet. Sprint is on track with those 10 Google Wallet phones.

squiddy20 says:

"The Elite is NFC-enabled, which means you'll have access to Google Wallet without breaking your wallet." Wanna try again?

S_C_B says:

Stupid double post!

BrianTufo says:

Holy giant bezel Batman!!!!!

rocket321 says:

Got a no contract ZTE phone (cricket) with similar specs 3.5in screen, dual core 600mhz cpu - for my kids to play with.
This really needs to be free at minimum. No way i'd consider it unless they gave me a $100 credit for taking this phone on a new contract.

giograves says:

Pointless. All this is doing is fragmenting Android even more.

moises1204 says:

JUST LIKE I SAID BEFORE sprint LOVE ugly PHONES, damn sprint!!!.

chaseweadock says:

not a bad looking phone and as far as price, last i checked lte phones from at&t or verizon were a minimum $200!