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We have seen some manufacturers talk about what goes into bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to their devices, but Huawei has skipped the talking part and gone right for the releasing part. Subtly on their site they released a demo ROM for the Huawei Honor. Of course we had to take it for a spin and see how it all played out, so check out the video above to see some of our thoughts!

Release-ready? Probably not, as it could use a little more polish and needs access to Google Apps, but it sure is nice to see the support for ICS so early on such a powerful device.

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Hands-on with the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Huawei Honor


What do you mean? The Galaxy Nexus DID get it first. It's been available in Europe for a few weeks now.

Officially maybe I suppose. I've been running on ICS on my Fascinate though and am quite pleased with it. Still have to use ADW though. It perturbs me to use stock ICS widget and app drawer.

The longer this overrated, bloated, globally-challenged, locked-down, and overpriced control freak of a carrier takes to release this phone, the longer it will be for proper gsm carriers to get one. So release it already!