Lenovo K800 Intel Android smartphone

Android Central @ CES Your first time with a Chinese smartphone that marks the beginning of a new era of Android computing is a lot like your first time with a woman. You're pretty sure you know what you're getting into, and you sort of know your way around already. But when you get down to it, you're on your own, wondering if one wrong press of a button is going to blow up the whole damn experience, leaving you naked and alone, quivering at the thought of anyone seeing how badly you just failed at what should have been been a simple task. You had your chance. You blew it. And you're going to have to live with that shame forever. You tool.

The Lenovo K800 has a 4.5-inch display at 1280x720, runs Ice Cream Sandwich and is powered by an Intel Atom Z2460 CPU running at 1.6GHz. It's got an 8MP camera.

You'll never forget your first. Hands-on is after the break.

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Lenovo K800 Intel-powered Android smartphoneLenovo K800 Intel-powered Android smartphone

Lenovo K800 Intel-powered Android smartphone

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sciwizam says:

Just to be sure, we are talking phones right?

mjmdroid says:

It looks like we are here to learn CHINESE

m1armor says:

I believe so

amojeba says:

Great analogy Phil!

icebike says:

Blue Man Group playing in Vegas I see.
Nice of them to help out.

1BadHEMI says:

At least you had the great p0rno music kickin' for the video :)

jasonblanco says:

Sounds like my first time.

Davest says:

Two by two, hands of blue...

xx_blam_xx says:

I was just watching Firefly earlier today... :p

droidify says:

Ive been a long time reader of android central and I've read a lot of great stories on here but this is definitely the best one I've read to date.

myrcgarage says:

kinda sluggish when moving from screen to screen...

mkoch820 says:

Yea, i wanted to say the same thing. My old 600MHz Orange Boston used to scroll pages smoother. :)

mullrat#WN says:

That anectote was.one of the best things i have ever read. Awesome Phil

darkmax says:

Nice of Lenovo to debut its Chinese interface ICS and the device in a show where Chinese-literates are the severe minority....

epidenimus says:

It certainly puts the focus on the aesthetics. And hey, the whole "Look at what you can't have" thing did wonders for Carmanland...

SuperJonCA says:

You can tell phil was annoyed with the chinese by the end of the video lol

kitchin says:

Kinda chunky and definitely a bit laggy. Don't think there is a future for me in that fat of a phone. I'll wait for SGSIII for sure

cheechmo says:

So, uh, if this thing was built for ICS, what's the deal with the capacitive buttons?

digmys says:

For the 10,000th time, some ICS devices will still have capacitive buttons. On screen buttons in ICS are an OPTION, not a requirement.

cheechmo says:

Oh, sorry about that. I guess I should spend more time reading every word of every post and comment. Time to wear out my F5 button.