Kindle Fire HDX 7.

The delivery man was working on a Saturday and delivered our 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX this afternoon, and we wanted to make sure you fine folks had a chance to see a quick peek of it.

The new 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX is extremely thin and light (9mm and 303g, respectively) and has an incredible 323ppi 1900 x 1200 pixel screen. Under the hood is a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 2.2GHz, and paired with 2GB of RAM the new Mojito UI absolutely flies. 

A few quick first impressions left us feeling good about what we are seeing here. The package is very well built and assembled, with a mostly soft-touch backing (it almost feels rubberized) and the few buttons are solid and functional. The screen is excellent, as are the dual stereo speakers and Dolby audio system. Of course, we'll know more about things like battery life and wireless performance after a bit of use.

I'm an unapologetic Kindle Fire user. I've found that when it comes to consuming the content I want to consume, Amazon and their hardware deliver it better than anyone else out there, and it's the tablet that sits on my nightstand and puts me to bed every night. Having said that — and yes, I realize it's likely an unpopular opinion — I'm the perfect person to review the latest and greatest Amazon has to offer.

I'll be doing just that, and I've already filled our 16GB unit with some books from my library, signed into my Amazon cloud and migrated my Amazon apps and settings from my older Kindle to the newer one. Look for further thoughts throughout the week, with a full review soon. 

In the meantime, there's a short video and some pictures after the break.

Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch at Amazon


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Hands-on with the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HDX


This is what the nexus 7 should have been with its last year specs.

Posted via My Galaxy Note 3

How does the N7 have "last year" specs? Its specs are identical to that of the HDX, except it has a Snapdragon 600 instead of a Snapdragon 800.

Which is an S4 Pro in name only. I have read that it is actually a Snapdragon 600 despite the S4 Pro name.

Posted via Android Central App

And, also in some ways the s4 pro is just as good or better then the 600

Posted inside a time machine 30 years in the future

Only reason its named an S4 pro is due to the clock speed being 1.5ghz, to be known as the S600 the clock speed is 1.7ghz and above

Posted via Android Central App

It's a snapdragon 4pro. How's that current. If you want to believe it being called an underclocked 600 by Google so it will sell and not shunned by people who actually care about specs go ahead. I'm not saying it's bad. And I'm not saying the Kindle is great. But the nexus 7 is not a powerful device by any standard.

Posted via My Galaxy Note 3

It has the same exact specs as the snapdragon 600 just at 1.5ghz. It is not like the s4 pro in other devices like the Nexus 4. It uses snapdragon 600 cores, GPU etc.

Posted via Android Central App

I doubt that .2ghz does anything worthwhile in terms of real world performance. In fact I would bank on the nexus 7 having smoother performance with stock android 4.3.

My point was that there is no YouTube app for Kindle. Sure you can use the actual site, but I find it very hard to use on a touchscreen. Even the YouTube mobile site is not very nice.

Posted via Android Central App

While Kindles don't come with a native Youtube app, you can sideload the .apk or you can use one of the many third-party Youtube apps on the Amazon, which can often do things Google doesn't allow Youtube apps to do on the Play Store, like downloading the video to the device.

@jerry, there's no way that the experience outside of the native YouTube app is as good as on the n7. At this point you're nearly being belligerent.

I can only answer for myself, but it does video, music, books and web browsing much better than anything else. 

It doesn't do much else, but for content consumption it's better than any Android tablet or iPad. That's why they sell so many of them.

Cmon Jerry your a self proclaimed hillbilly that doesn't read I'm calling shenanigans ;)

My wife bought me a Kindle fire and while it did do videos well it was bad at everything else.

Since I use my tablet for reading and Web surfing it absolutely hated the fire. By far the worst tablet I've ever used. Actually the nook was worse.

Since then I have migrated to reading on my Note2. The black on the Amoled get so dark I can read in bed without the light of the screen bothering her.

Posted via Android Central App

Content: IF you are an Amazon content person, then this is an easier, better platform to use.

I have the original Fire and while I have greatly enjoyed it, I find that the Kindle App and my iPad 4 have replaced it. I like the larger screen on the iPad 4 as well as Safari as a web browser instead of the proprietary one on the Fire.

They can be. I read on my Surface every day, but the kickstand makes it easy. I fold the keyboard under the kickstand and balance the thing on my chest. It's perfect. My Nexus 7 is easy to hold with either 1 or 2 hands.

I know heavier tablets get uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time, like using in bed. Are nexus 7's or fire's light enough to not make your arm sore after 30 min? I'm trying to decide between tablet and kindle reader

Posted via Android Central App

I can read on My Nexus 7 for hours, way longer than My Galaxy Nexus or SG3 which i can read on for maybe 15 mins, or doing light searches with. I think Kindle's are great if you are invested in their ecosystem, but you can Not Use Google's apps because of Forked android os. I hate Amazon's apps store which was better than the Android market in 2009 and 2010, but now clearly the opposite. The Nexus 7 is great for video use and internet use, I use chrome for non flash , and FireFox beta with side loaded flash for viseos on the internet that only use flash content videos.

Yes they are, I read on my nexus 7 when I'm away in the house. However that is just to avoid carrying yet another device. At home I still prefer my several year old plain e-ink Kindle.

Posted via Android Central App

So, are these easy to root and put vanilla android on? Like CM or other ROMS?

If so, may not be a bad alternative to Nexus 7 with it's specs...

The specs may be a bit better but even if it is easy to get unlocked and rom'd it will never see the developer support of the Nexus 7. The overwhelming developer support is one of the things that makes Nexus devices amazing.

Posted via Android Central App

And let's not lie to ourselves, CM is not vanilla android. This is not a device meant to mess with, just enjoy stuff, in particular Amazon stuff. Its easy and cheap enough now to get you hands on a Nexus device is most sizes, that's the device to get and just flash Roms on.

Posted via Android Central App

Looks nice. I'll show my wife maybe she will like to get one. She has a kindle.

Posted via Android Central App

In your full review, please weigh in with a comparison to the new Nexus 7 (using the various Amazon apps) - as someone who doesn't have Amazon Prime I'm not sure why this would be preferable to the Nexus 7.

P.S. Bezels on this thing look huge.

When you hang art on your wall do you touch the frames with your thumbs? Is it so impossible to hang art that has no frames?
There's this thing called gravity and when you use it to merely place something on your hand, you don't need to hold it using your thumb. In fact some tablets are too heavy and expensive to rely on buttery thumb to hold it.. Just saying..

The bezels do look big, but at least they're balanced. Not like the nice and sexy side bezels coupled with the large dumbo-ear top and bottom bezels on the Nexus 7 2013.

Just rooted my Nook HD with CM10.1, Love it. I just got the device yesterday in the mail from EBay for a bargain. Why did I even get this device? I purchased a Demo model of the Kindle Fire from Radioshack last weekend for $50.00, rooted it, and really enjoyed it. However, it was heavy, very low DPI, and clunky, so I returned it. It did inspire me to check out information on the Nook HD, and at the price I couldn't miss out.

I had the original Nexus 7, but traded it a few months ago with a guy who couldn't understand his Chromebook.

This new Kindle Fire looks really nice.

If you love Amazon, get this. If you love Google get a Nexus 7. Both serve their target audience very well. I'm not sure why people are getting into arguments about which is better because it doesn't matter. To me it's like trying convince someone who loves Apple to go Android. You're wasting their time and yours.

I would never buy a Kindle Fire for me but I am damn sure buying it as a gift where appropriate.

On an unrelated note, seeing all this new killer 7" hardware makes me wish there was a 2013 Playbook running a snapdragon 800. I still love using that tablet even if it is balls slow and dated in comparison with an app library so small you need a microscope to see it.

What if you love neither and just want a great tablet experience?

I don't see people arguing here just expressing their experience.

Posted via Android Central App

As a prime subscriber, I really hate the lack of a video app on my android tablet, while my girlfriend gets one on her iPad.

If they aren't "competing" with apple devices, they shouldn't compete android devices. I buy all of my music and books from amazon anyway. Jerks.

The new Kindle Fire HDX looks interesting, didn't like the industrial form factor but I think the uniqueness of the design is a plus. I own. Kindle Fire HD, wasn't able to root it so I'm stuck with the painful Amazon interface. That said, the device is GREAT for media consumption. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription then you're even better off. It doesn't offer as many Apps as the Google Plat Store but the difference isn't as overwhelming compared to Windows RT. You get good, quality apps, and you're free to download even more apps by side loading or alternate app stores like 1Mobile. The performance can be suffer from some lag after use but nothing unbearable. Honestly, this doesn't seem like a worth upgrade from my HD model and Amazon refusing to upgrade the interface on the Fire HD seems pointless. I encourage a Kindle as tablet for people heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem and for people who enjoy quality games, books and media consumption. This isn't the tablet for the tech hungry unless you want to go through the trouble of rooting the device.

Posted via Android Central App

I currently have an HD. I travel a lot. The main interest I have in the new one is, as I understand it, you can take your Prime offerings on the road and play without a connection.

For my purposed, I am leaning toward the Nexus 7 LTE, since I tend to hang out more within the Google ecosystem.

However, the other reason I am thinking about the Nexus is network compatibility. I know Amazon has an LTE Version for Verizon and one for At&T and the Nexus 7 LTE supports bands on Verizon/AT&T/TMobile and possibly European Bands.

Does anyone know if the new Kindle LTE versions are cross compatible or if they support European bands? Does the Verizon version, unlike the Nexus, also support CDMA?

Network compatibility is more important to me than a slightly nicer screen or faster processor.

I'm not sure about it having European bands on not, but neither device supports CDMA. They only support LTE.

Posted via Android Central App

buy the Nexus7 2013... Fire is closed and so much limited. They are missing a lot of Android features.

Missing Android featrues? Only Missing are default apps like YouTube Gmail hangouts. But u won more things.

posted from chingaTuMadre EPN

I am not talking about missing apps. thats a whole different story.

do u have widgets in Fire?? No.. do u have play service in Fire? No.

Thanks Jerry.

Excellent quick look!

As a heavy Amazon content user this is really interesting to me.

[Of course, my current generation Kindle Fire HD 7" (KFTT) is rooted, with a custom recovery added and running a different rom (Kinology3) that is a modified Amazon rom with many customized features, plus all Google play etc., yet retaining the ability to use Amazon Instant Video.]

Your review hits the high points of the machine nicely. I will probably wait a while before going for one, (my KFTT runs great!) but it is a very nice upgrade or improvement!

Thanks again.

Since the Kindle Fire line no longer has an HDMI port, I am looking forward to your review of Miracast. Compared to how widespread, cheap and reliable an HDMI cable is, I hope there will eventually be some good miracast adapters for around $25.

I received the new HDX 7" and it takes some getting use to the way Kindle OS works. The power and sound buttons are hard to find, where as the previous Nexus 7 they are easy to find. Using the alarm you have to press the power button then unlock to get to the snooze/dismiss button. Nexus it is on the screen ready to select. For me the HDX is uncomfortable in the hand, a little to wide and the uncomfortable edges. I like the rounded edges of the Nexus. I am a prime user and I liked the specs of the HDX and it was worth a try, but I think I will be returning it and stay with last years Nexus.

Smooth operation - Kindle Fire HDX , great screen hands on your.

Kindle Fire HDX first impressions The Kindle Fire HDX TV ad explains the selling points of the tablet to someone who sounds like Jony Ive offscreen. It's lighter, has a higher resolution display, and is cheaper than the iPad Air. This sums up the best features of the Kindle Fire HDX, and the special Fire OS interface is also pretty good.

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