Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Honeycomb

You didn't think Samsung would be left off the Honeycomb train, did ya? The Korean manufacturer that brought the first usable Android tablet with the 7-inch Galaxy Tab has roared into the 10-inch tablet market with a larger device by the same name. And this Galaxy Tab definitely takes Sammy into the next generation of Android tablets.

The Motorola Xoom has gotten all the Honeycomb tablet love (and press) since Android 3.0 was announced, but the new Galaxy Tab appears to be a worthy competitor.

The 10.1-inch display has a 1280x800 resolution, and it's being powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor. Just like the new Galaxy S II, it has an 8MP camera on the rear and 2MP up front, with 1080p recording and playback.

If you've held the Xoom before (what, you haven't?), the new Galaxy Tab feels very familiar. Similar size, similar weight. But the back of the Galaxy Tab is more of a matte plastic than the rubberized feeling of the Xoom. That's not a bad thing, just a differentiation, and quite nice, actually.

Honeycomb, well, it looks and feels like Honeycomb. There weren't any customizations that really stood out -- which maybe be because the code hasn't been finalized yet, or it could be because Google might be cracking down on manufacturers. It's probably the former more than anything, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Other specs of note: It's 246.2mm tall, 170.4mm wide and just 10.9mm thick. It weights 599 grams. The Tab has a 6860mAh battery and Wifi b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.0.

Pricing and availability is up in the air.

More pics and hands-on video are after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 HoneycombSamsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 HoneycombSamsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 HoneycombSamsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 HoneycombSamsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

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moises1204 says:

verrrrrrrrry nice.

benthe1 says:

Looks can be deceiving. It's Samsung. I will never be fooled again by their lies of update releases.
-Epic owner

shdowman says:

I agree with you on the updates, but your comment here is well uninformed had you read the article. This WILL come with stock Honeycomb. Meaning that we will not have to wait for Samsung's failure of a programming corp to release an update because they cant figure out how to make it work with TouchWiz.

tdcrooks says:

I disagree. My Motorola Milestone in Canada STILL has Android 2.1 stock Vanilla Android. Motorola updated the Original Droid 1 in the US to Froyo last summer. It's not custom UIs that slow down updates, sometimes it's all manufacturer/carrier driven.

crxssi says:

So it will come with 3.0. So will get a timely update to 3.1 or 3.2 or 4.0? We just don't/can't know. People are going to base their expectations on what they observed with the Samsung phones.... which revealed a dismal track record.

dazweeja says:

I think it's you who are uninformed. You'll still have to wait for Samsung's failure of a programming corp to release an update because they write the drivers for their devices, not Google. And you'll probably have to wait for the carriers to approve the update too.

Technically, it's Sprint's fault. Because many of the International Galaxy S received 2.2.1 months aho. Sprint's still "testing". And I say this as an Epic owner, rooted, running 2.2.1.

strikethree says:

No... none of the US carriers had the update. You're telling me all the US carriers were just holding on the update for months? Doesn't make sense.

I own a vibrant and only recently did I get the froyo update. Tmobile was the first US carrier (and it looks like the only) to push froyo out. Yet, that update still took more than half a year to accomplish.

I think a little blame has to go to the carriers but I still think Samsung should take the most heat. It really sounds very fishy: the t mobile update happened right after there were rumors about Samsung holding Froyo back in order to sell more "updated" 4G Vibrants. I just don't believe these US carriers would just sit on an update when they're very competitive with one another and when they must be getting tons of complaints about the lack of updates.

fwdixon says:

Correction; the 4 main US carriers haven't received the update. Most of the regionals have or are already scheduled to update their galaxy phones to 2.2 by the 2nd qtr of 2011.

HTCme says:

you are a very sharp person. I couldn't agree more with you.that tablet will never see the next version of honeycomb. so what you see is what you will ever get.

trenen says:

Looks nice. Based off the cost of the last Tab and the suggested comparability to the Xoom on the specs, I bet this will retail around $799 too.

tdcrooks says:

Comonnn $499 wifi-only model.

Baconator says:

I bet you will have to buy a dock for HDMI and USB

T72018 says:

Do you really think with those specs, just dual core alone that this thing will be $499? Yeah right, it should be but it won't be!! They will try to charge to charge a arm and half a leg for one!!!!!!!!!!! When any tablet first releases,You won't see a dual core 10" wifi only tablet for $500. That's last year's price.. With the economy and the hardware they are building these tablets with you can forget it. Every company is trying to make a profit and most of their money back!!!!!

I read this tablet has no USB port....very un-Android

currentweb says:

That's my only concern. I would have to buy multiple proprietary cords just to charge the tablet when I travel. I understand that the single connector makes it thinner, but they couldn't have just added a micro usb connector?
Oh well, price it under 600 bucks and it's as good as mine :)

Baconator says:

Price it right and I will buy it instead of the Xoom. Samsung is better in my opinion.

WhitePhone says:

Give your 7" version honeycomb and all my dreams will have come true

E_man says:

No HDMI, no USB, no sale. As awesome as this looks, I need at least HDMI on my tablet.

Cretz says:

uansari1 says:

So the LG still has more options for expandability (USB, HDMI, etc.)?

AAAAHHHHH! I'm so confused as to which tablet to get.

patfactorx says:

I'm pretty tired of the same stuff with different OEM branding. This is starting to be like the laptop market.

moises1204 says:

that is a good thing my friend, see because of this the xoom will need to come down on price, is call choice, is a beautiful thing.

no USB= no sale
no HDMI= no sale
seriously? how are you going to compete against the Xoom? (apart from the 799/1199 price tag of its insanity)

HockeyPre says:

The price thing is kind of a big deal.

It's lightweight, no potential of a locked bootloader, I like the textured back, and it will come with a 16GB version available out of the gate, which should lead to a lower-priced, wifi-only version -- very close to the iPad's $500 model.

ArrTooDeeToo says:

No SD card might be a deal breaker, but I don't care as long as it pushes down the price of the XOOM.

HTCme says:

don't worry by Christmas you will see a price reduction war for phones and tablets.

cporier91 says:

This tab will probably be more than my first car.

Dhamp2g says:

galaxy tab was that expensive on a 7 inch think about what this is gonna be

Dhamp2g says:

well now it is official the galaxy tablet will never get honeycomb

rizzay1 says:

If this is cheaper than the Xoom than I will be going with the Samsung tab cuz there's no way I'm paying 800 for no tablet.

This make the perfect pair to my awesome nexus S :0 <3.

& ahhh nice phones all day but am only buying phones in the Nexus line up .....

crxssi says:

Here we go again. Did they learn NOTHING from everyone's comments on the Tab?


Also- what is the point of a hands-on video, when 75% of the video is not looking at the tablet at all?

ebarr727 says:

More importantly, when will Barnes & Noble come out with a 10" NOOKColor???

david6785 says:

looks really nice but just might wait for the toshiba honeycomb tablet. has all the ports im looking for

T72018 says:

Yeah but how fast or well will they update that thing??? You don't want to be stuck on Honeycomb forever!! I'm not saying you will, it's just I don't know about Toshiba when it comes to updates to any of their products!!! That's all

david6785 says:

im loving it but im not buying a tablet without a sd card reader

PortareAF says:

This tablet entering the field is good. It will cause the price to be driven down on Xoom and other tablets. Heck if they offer it at 749 without the required one month of data they just undercut Moto very quickly.

ejw2011 says:

If it is not priced down and highly subsidized it will not sell. In fact, I agree with comments made by uansari1, Dhamp2g and cporier91: they are creating a market that is pricing itself out rapidly and in order to succeed it must have staying power, especially in light of the worldwide financial markets.

T72018 says:

Samsung can forget it!! They have lost so many customers already from their phones!! First thing they need to do for this to sell is:
1.Update all Samsung phones to gingerbread
2.Bring out a wifi only model for no more than $525
3.Put a sd card slot and hdmi on it
4.Don't let no other company out price them!!!
This Tabley looks good but I don't trust Samsung. I would prefer Htc at least they update their products better!!!
Samsung needs to build their burned bridges again that they messed up with their consumers!!!!

crxssi says:

You mean less than $500. Otherwise, Apple has already won before the competition even begins.

Sexy tab

T72018 says:

Why would they make this and not have a slot for sd card!! They smoking crack!!! This aint apple, we want external memory storage, sucka!!! And Hdmi port, Fool!!!!!

i dont understand this whole talk of the companies not bringing the updates to their phones, i rooted my droid a month after i bought it and have been playing around with all the different updates since (2.1, 2.2, 2.3).

stop complaining and lern2r00t

i dont understand this whole talk of the companies not bringing the updates to their phones, i rooted my droid a month after i bought it and have been playing around with all the different updates since (2.1, 2.2, 2.3).

stop complaining and lern2r00t

bjs188 says:


Your camera man is either drunk or staring at the LG girls, 'cause he sure wasn't looking at the screen. watching it was a challenge. but thanks anyway. Your comments were helpful despite the incapacitated videographer


Reuters seems to be reporting it is available via Vodafone in 20 countries as of today beating the Itab2 to market. [You & I know the true Iname]

Gogol says:

It is all good ... until I found there is no sd-card.

Too bad, Xoom is all the way.

Cretz says:

Heres an idea: Take the extra $100-$200 you'll be spending on a Xoom and instead use it for a Dropbox account.

Warpoet says:

I'll wait for the Nexus Tab.

romanriv says:

I'm interested in a tablet for 2011, and between what we have seen so far, the Xoom and the LG one are the ones that meet what Id like out of one.

1. Samsung sucks at updates.
2. Toshiba, we don't really know how will they do at updates.
3. Motorola's price is ridiculous (1100 that is, the 800 one was fine)
4. LG, waiting on price, but so far is right up there with Motorola for me.
5. Waiting on htc...

I own an EVO, and for what I know about htc (or at least what they've shown on the EVO's updates), If theirs is "just as good" as any of this ones, I'll go with htc. Either way, I'll buy mine mid-summer (w/e is the best atm for my needs), so every company should have something out by then, and I'll have a nice selection to choose from.