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We've received word (with proof that's going to remain between us girls) from an anonymous ninja that regional U.S. carrier I Wireless will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on a two-year subsidized agreement come March 21. According to the documents received, the G Nex will sell for $199.99 after a $100 mail in rebate, or $609.99 if bought outright.

I Wireless is an affiliate of T-Mobile, and the phone being offered is identical to the penta-band GSM version many of us have imported here in the states and is for sale everywhere else in the world. They're a regional carrier that covers parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and most of Iowa using T-Mobile's EDGE/HSPA+ network. Their plans seem competitive with the big four, and this just might be a way to get your hands on a contract-model Galaxy Nexus if you live in their main coverage area. 

This begs the question -- is there something T-Mobile would like to tell us? When your affiliates start carrying highly desirable phones, a lot of people are going to want to know when they are coming or why they're not coming. I've reached out to T-Mobile, and while I don't expect an answer to either question, I'll be certain to follow up should they deliver. In the meantime, congrats Iowans -- one hell of a phone is headed your way.

Thanks, Anon!


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GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus to launch on regional carrier I Wireless March 21


WTF is up with this botched G-Nex and ICS rollout? dumb exclusives, obscure carriers, and slow updates. It would be comical if it wasnt so tragic.

Do you hear me Rubin???????????

I don't think it's possible to comprehend this phone's carrier releases at all anymore, yet only the small crowd that desperately want a Nexus are the ones that are frustrated. Wish Rubin did hear you.

Please stop ending your comments with "Do you hear me now {insert name of person who cares nothing about you personally}??" Go back to selling car insurance.

The nexus always has the fastest updates as its pure google. Goole will rollout their clean update before any of the carriers get their custom updates. This is the first ICS device released ever so how can it have slow updates. There have been three updates already. You're comical and its tragic.

It's really sad that the first GSM provider to bring this device is some smaller regional carrier, not T-mobile or AT&T.

can someone tell me what site I'm at? I mean I could look at the URL bar but why do something for myself when you can just tell me.

Jerry, iWireless is a subnet of Cincinnati Bell, not T-Mobile.

And nice to see a local company carrying the good stuff.

i-ontheweb dotcom would be the address for iWireless.

Try going to the website

According to their about page they are an affiliate of T-Mobile and they operate in most of Iowa. I know there is another in cincinnati, but we are talking about two different companies. P.S. - The phone now shows as for sale on the company's site.

Gotta give them credit. The Galaxy Nexus is selling on a worldwide scale and doing so very well. IWS has the best rate plans included hotspot service, and Tmo nationwide network. They are a TMO affiliate so you get the network. I think its cool for a smaller regional carrier who is fighting the battle against the big boys to have better product offerings. Customer service in carriers like this is always better than the big boys anyway. Go I Wireless.

Being a T-Mobile customer and moving to Iowa (with an HTC Sensation), I was forced to rely on the iWireless network for service. After living just outside the Iowa City area for 3 months, the Galaxy Nexus might as well be an EDGE-only phone. 90% of the time that is what kind of signal you will be getting. When you are lucky enough to be in a '4G' area, you can experience the power of blazing fast 0.1 Mbs speeds. 3 months into my stay here in Iowa, I broke my contract with T-Mobile and switched to Verizon. I haven't looked back.

TLDR; iWireless is generally terrible and gives T-Mobile a bad name.

LOL. Not one thing in that post is true.
Whenever I receive 3G in a place such as Mason City for example I get the blazing speed on average 7.65 MBs speed. PLEASE get your facts straight before you go badmouthing an excellent company. I've even contacted them and their working on getting every one of their towers to 4G. Probably the best regional carrier I've heard of and seen. Please shut up.
OH, and if you don't believe me:
There's your proof. (:

Electroshock, You are sooooo wrong! I have had iwireless for years. The only reason we stayed is because of how cheap it is. The service is the Worst around, dropped calls, no signal, bad phones, and shotty. When our contract is up we are done! They have made huge changes, none for the consumer! Iwireless SUCKS!