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The Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) has just gone out to MetroPCS stores for widescale availability, so it's fitting that the official Google Wallet twitter account has just confirmed that the device will be compatible with Google's NFC payment system. Galaxy S3 users on the regional carrier will now be able to download the Google Wallet app from the Play Store directly, and have it work at any of the thousands of stores where Google has implemented its Google Wallet payment terminals.

We're happy to see more and more devices supported officially by Google Wallet, especially the more popular ones like the Galaxy S3.

Source: Google Wallet (Twitter)

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vinny jr says:

Maybe T-Mobile will also have it when they finally combine forces?

mflava#AC says:

Wow, MetroPCS gets access to Google Wallet. C'mon AT&T...get with the program.

icvos says:

Seriously. They want to cash in with their own ISIS which is a just now a pilot in only 2 cities. It's going to be a long road for NFC payments to be standardized and made widely available. Betamax versus VHS, HD-DVD versus Blu-ray. Hurry it up already, I just want to stop carrying a leather wallet!

nscott69 says:

Damn you Verizon and your stupid ISIS.

Metropcs doing there thing. Gotta appreciate that even the fifth largest carrier does things right sometimes.

ConTejas says:

I've had gWallet on my LTE gnex since launch day. Used it thousands of times. It's so easy to get even on a stock device and cannot fathom how many complaints I see about it. Sure, it's ridiculous the carriers blocked it from the play store, but just download the apk from any one of hundreds of places, click install, set it up and use it. Downloading the apk is the same as clicking install from the play store. C'mon folks.

Magnus#AC says:

It's so annoying that I don't have this on my T-Mobile Galaxy SIII

raedwa01 says:

So how long till I can sideload it on my Verizon S3?

Hopefully I will find a way to get this on my Galaxy Note 2.

SamTime says:

Why? DT will just kill this as soon as the Metro PCS/T-Mobile deal is finalized. They're going with Isis.