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Google has just announced that a software update will be pushed to the Nexus 7, which will bring the Google Wallet app to the device. This looks to be the same 4.1.1 OTA update that the Google I/O tablets received, which is great news because it means both are now running the exact same OS version (let's hope it stays that way!). The post says that the update 'is being pushed', so look for it to hit soon! It has been hit or miss as to which devices can officially carry Google Wallet, so you should feel good Nexus 7 owners.

It should be noted that rooted devices are not officially supported, but will function just fine.

Do you have the update yet? Are you excited to use Google Wallet on a 7-inch tablet? Head to our Google Nexus 7 Forum and let us know!

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Google Wallet arrives on the Nexus 7 via software update


I got my Nexus 7 from GameStop on Saturday and that same day I got the OTA that added Google wallet. Does that mean that my tablet was supposed to be a Google I/O tablet or I just got lucky and got the OTA early? Not that I'm complaining but I was just curious.

Does this change the build number? I don't see Google Wallet and I'm running JRO03D. I got the OTA update to JRO03D from JRN84D as soon as I opened it yesterday.

same here. bought the device on sunday at sam's. As soon as I came home there was an update already and I have google wallet since the beginning.

There's four possible builds for the N7. I/O units initial build, the OTA that went out when we opened the I/O units, the 4.1.1 update, and the "D" update from the other day. 

It looks as if Google wants every unit on the D update (JRO03D). If your tablet is running JRO03D and you don't have Google Wallet, there is a problem.

I/O units were all 8GB and have a white back. 

Thanks for the reply. Guess I'm not used to getting updates so quick lol. Thank you Google for Nexus devices.

I am ready to go to Sam Club. Join and just get one. I am tired of waiting for Google. since I ordered mine on 2012-06-28.

My Sam's club doesn't have any. Said they don't know when they will get more. Lame squad. I guess I'm stuck waiting because I don't want to pay shipping.

Just got mine today. Soon as it booted up, it had an update. Updated to 4.1.1 and wallet at the same time. BTW, you get a free $10 when you sign into wallet (it stays with the N7).

Someone explain the purpose of Google Wallet on a Wifi only tablet? Won't you have to be connected to Wifi to use it? So I'll have to sign on to the store's Wifi if they hopefully have it, or tether it to my phone?

Ok, so riddle me this: why do carriers get a veto on Google wallet on phones?

And who is going to start swinging a tablet in a check out line?

I'd like someone to explain how practical it is to use a tablet as a payment device. I can see a phone, but a tablet? You gonna whip that out of your backpack? Even if you have pockets large enough, good luck getting it out and putting it away again in a timely or efficient manner. If I were in line behind you; I'd either laugh at you (and move to a different line if possible) or I'd be pissed because you're holding up the only open line while you fumble with your tablet.

The only thing you need to do is turn the screen on and place it near the payment machine. If you keep it in your pocket then it would probably be quicker than reaching for your wallet, opening it, looking for the card, etc.

Only if you have a bloated disorganized wallet. I keep mine lean and mean and at a moments notice can access my debit or credit cards or even cash like Quick Draw McGraw! :P All of which fits in the palm of my hand and is easily manipulated. Try that with a tablet in any efficient manner. I've read stories about people dropping their phone when trying to pay via NFC. What are you gonna do when that happens to your tablet and it smashes to the floor? You'll look real cool then! Meanwhile, you have pissed off people in line behind you shaking their heads.

Does your credit card plug into a telephone jack when you pay for something? It works the same way. The connection to the bank is handled through the POS (point of sale).

I'm I the only one that does not have Google Wallet since they pushed the up date today? It worked fine on Sunday but now I receive a message stating that my device is not supported. I also did a check now and no update. Was loving this device but know I'm pissed.

How did you get GW in Canada? I don't seem to have it. I went to the web site, and it says my country is not supported.

The only way to get Google Wallet without root in Canada is on the Nexus 7 or if you are ale to purchase the Galaxy Nexus directly from Google.

Anyone know why the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones on the same OS (4.1.1) don't have the wallet? Or if its there where is it and whats it called?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM sold from the play store does come with Google Wallet, it's in the apps.

I found it weird that although I'm using the same Google account on both the N7 and GNexus that the user ID is different therefore giving two different balances on each device. I would rather it stay in sync.

I have the same problem. I was hoping it would use the same account as on my phone (rooted). But I have a fresh 10 bucks and a different account.

I had wallet the night I got my nexus (Late Sunday Night) with the newest 4.1.1 software. Yesterday I set it up, and activated my Google pre-paid card, got 10 dollars for free. I went to the local grocery store that has paypass on it's self check-out machines, and got Google to pay for my vitamin water for me. An employee watching me had never seen the functionality before, and was quite skeptical when I tapped my massive tablet against the NFC reader. After putting in my pin number, i mumbled something about hacking the credit card machine, then when it spit out the receipt, I quickly grabbed my water and left in a hurry, looking back only to see a very puzzled and confused look on the face of the onlooking employee. Google Wallet love unless you live in the US like most Google products. The update deactivated it on my Nexus 7. Really like Android products but I have had enough of "not available in your country" nonsense. I am seriously contemplating returning this tab and switching platforms all together. As much as I loath iproducts at least I'm able to partake in most of what the platform offers unlike Android.If Google Wallet was not installed and if I was not able to set it up in the first place then I probably would not be as disenchanted as I am right now. And the fact that they mentioned nothing about deactivating it just makes it that much worse.