Galaxy Nexus

Just a quick heads up here that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is once again shipping from the Google Play store, just as Google said it would this week. It's listed at 3 to 5 days, which is relatively back to normal, considering it's been a little about two weeks since it was "banned," denied a stay and then saw the ban delayed anyway by an appellate court. Confused? Just know that it has to do with search patents, and that we're expecting to see the Google Apps retooled to work around Apple's little piece of paper. It is worth noting, though, that Samsung's been pulling local-device search from its Galaxy S III line as well (to wit, Sprint and this evening, AT&T).

So if you've got $350 to burn and want some Jelly Bean action, hit the link below.

Buy now: Galaxy Nexus unlocked; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Google shipping the Galaxy Nexus again


That's great! Now someone please tell me why I can't buy the galaxy nexus car dock from the play store. Thanks

Awesome. I ordered one of these about 4 days ago. Still haven't received a shipment notification though. Hopefully soon!

My Nexus was reborn with Jellybean! I've been running it for 2 weeks now, and I'm not looking back. This is why you should buy a Nexus!!!

Mine just arrived! Received the shipping notice 2 hours after I got the phone :-/ But it's here in New Mexico.

It's a great phone. So are the One X and S3 and Moto Razor, but if you want stock, this is it. Glad it's back.

hmm, not sure how i feel about it if local search has been removed from the search bar widget. if anyone can confirm that the 4.1.1 on it includes local search, then cool.

I believe Google put out a statement yesterday or the day before saying that there will be so loss of functionality on the search bar with the Jelly Bean update for the Nexus.

I ordered 2 on Saturday and the shipping total was $11 for the standard shipping (which says 2 day shipping but is obviously not correct right now). I'm in CA so your mileage may vary depending on your location.

I ordered mine on the 8th. Who has received their Gnex already? I keep checking my emails for tracking info. "Feeling antsy" :)

I ordered a Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus together on the 7th, but haven't heard anything yet about shipping, feeling very antsy as well :)

Ordered mine on the 9th. Makes me a lil' less antsy knowing no one else hasn't heard about it shipping out either. But still, I.. i need it now! Sold my iphone4.

I can't wait to order mine from Google. I almost bought the Nexus S, but the Nexus flies with 4.1... Some one at work has it on their's. They got a custom rom on it. Totally different phone with Jelly Bean on it.

Great news for people who want one! Now they just need to come out with a phone that doesn't have a terrible camera so I can finally go Nexus. Not all of us own/care to bother with dedicated cameras. And yes, I have owned a GNex for a time; the camera was a deal breaker.

Just received my Galaxy Nexus!! Something to play with this weekend! Seems like a ton of people are getting them today.

Ordered on the 7th. UPS man came today but I wasn't home =(
Checking the tracking number shown on the play store indicates a 2nd delivery attempt on Monday.
It looks to me like these phones are being sent overnight.

I ordered mine on 07/17/2012 around 4:30 PDT and i guess google is shipping from CA so i should get it by 07/19/2012 but no update on my ordered yet.