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Google is developing a wireless, streaming home entertainment system to be released under their own brand, according to insider tips given to the Wall Street Journal.  This would be a big change for Google, who so far has developed only software and allowed other companies to use as they please (mostly) on their own hardware.  Supposedly, the Android team has been developing this one, and it should be available this year.

We already have Google Music, Google Movies, and Google TV.  A mashup of the three featuring a set-top box and audio visual receiver (possibly made by Motorola) makes a lot of sense.  Seeing it sold under a Google brand makes less sense, but it's not impossible that the company is going forward an idea like this.  Their proposed purchase of Motorola Mobility, which includes the cable box division, would give them access to hardware design and manufacturing, as well as engineers to do it.

We'll have to wait and see how this develops.  Personally, I'm excited about a full home theater-like system powered by Android, and controlled by my smartphone.  I think more than a few of you guys would be as well.  

Source: WSJ


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Google said to be developing a home entertainment system


Well they might as well do something with their acquisition of SageTV from a few months back. Makes sense to me.

I was about to say the same thing. They better do something damn impressive to make up for taking SageTV away from us Sage users.


I know somebody is going to say what the two "o's " in that logo look like. .even though they don't look like that.. but it's two O's .. ya know?




No not enough remotes and boxes in my entertainment center now. Don't need another.

Sorry to late with apple tv and sciri the day of the remote is ending. Hello voice activated tvs.

Oh man, that would be nice. It would be even better if they use the same remote that I have for the Sony Google TV.

Oh yea, i forgot! >.< Motorola is also big in STB market, so this buy out by Google was to rescue Google TV and to support Android phones in the way

I like this, not because Google might release some entertainment system, but because Google is really getting into the hardware game. Here's hoping Google will start making more hardware: phones, tablets, computers, TVs, audio equipment...

Proper Google Nexus anyone?

This jus sounds perfect, google tv + everything google, i.e. ( google music, google+, google movies, youtube, google currents) all controlled by my android tablet or smartphone. I must have one. this acquisition of MMI was a key move for google. Can't wait to see wut else they have planned.