Crisis Response Google Translate app

Google has responded to the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan with a new experimental version of Google Translate which it hopes will make it easier for those affected by the tragic events to communicate.

Like the version of Google Translate available on the Android Market, the app supports text and voice translation between over 50 languages, including Japanese. What's new in this version, however, is "conversation mode", which combines speech-to-text, translation and text-to-speech technology to make it easier to speak directly to someone in another language.

The experimental app supports Android 2.0 and above, and requires that your phone is set to accept non-Market app downloads. You can grab it using the QR code after the jump, or at the source link. [Google Crisis Response]

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Google responds to Japan quake crisis with experimental Translate app


This has been available for well over a month now, only the page about using it for the Japan crisis is new.

So this is a seperate app instead of an update to the already existing Google Translate app? That's odd....

Very good idea.
Although, I am puzzled why SMS translation only looks in Messaging app, and not in Google Voice. Especially knowing that most (all?) US carriers do not support non-English characters in SMS, while Google Voice fully supports them. I hope, Google Voice integration will be added in the future.


I wrote "awesome!" and got on the spam filter... So there is no such a thing right? is just on for all the responses

Google Translate 2.0 in the market didn't have voice translation for Japanese. I just tried it out. This version does have voice translations.

Guess I better hurry up and root my atrix to test it out.

P.S: I have no idea how the spam filter could think this was spam.