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As with previous updates, you can now check out Google's own complete Jelly Bean changelog for the new features of Android 4.2, all on one page. We all know about the big additions of lockscreen widgets, redesigned clock and quick settings in the notification bar, but you may have forgotten about some of the more subtle changes. We're going to be honest there were even a few small things -- like some obscure networking improvements -- in here that we didn't know about.

Check out the full Android 4.2 changelog at the source link below, and be sure to let us know here in the comments if you find something new or interesting that you didn't know before. 

Source: Android Changelog


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Google updates 'What's new in Android 4.2' for the ultimate Jelly Bean changelog


Maps and Drive and Google Earth also got updates today. "Bug Fixes". Apparently all of Google's descriptive efforts were consumed writing this 4.2 update "what's new" and none were left over.

I got mine OTA last week. My wife got her's yesterday. I also finally got it for my Nexus 7 yesterday as well.

Why's that Asshat I mean blackjaguar25? Oh wait, that question I asked may be over your head....considering you go to community college in Colorado and deliver pizzas for a living.

Looks like they added the "You can set a song as your ringtone from Play Music, and the new ringtone editor lets you crop that ringtone to the exact section of the track you’d like to use." line back in even though the feature still doesn't exist.

Use the phone app in landscape orientation or while in a car dock.

Nope... I got my phone turned sideways with the app running.... I don't use a car dock.... I'll continue to enjoy the phone anyway.

Hey Andrew, try this: Connect your Nexus 4 to your TV via a Miracast adapter, now try to pair a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Fail ensues. Gotta love Google's "hey we fixed bluetooth!" yeah, right...

It says that you can now use the phone app in landscape, it doesn't work for me unfortunately! Gnex 4.2.2. Settings etc go into landscape, but the dial pad, call log and contacts don't rotate into landscape :-( and screen rotation is on

I have the same problem. Does anyone know how to have every steps of the phone call in landscape mode? Is there any trick or custom rom?