Google Play Galaxy Nexus Accessories

Good news, everyone! The elusive Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories are now available directly from Google in the Google Play Store. (Where they should be!) Yeah, it's only been about six months or so since the phone was released, but we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. 

Available are the Vehicle Dock -- that's the proper one with the pogo pins to keep you charged and not the janky "navigation" dock that only holds the phone -- and a pair of desktop docks. If a traditional landscape dock is your bag, it's there, with the same pogo pins for charging. Or if you need some high-def output, there's an HDMI dock in portrait orientation that uses the USB port for output and charging. 

The vehicle and landscape desktop dock each cost $54, and the HDMI portrait desktop dock is $49. You can snag 'em all at the link below.

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Google Play Store now selling Galaxy Nexus accessories - if you're in the U.S.

40 Comments got my hopes all up. From the site, on the vehicle dock:

"Note: This accessory will only work with the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus (as sold on the Google Play store)."

Those of us with the Verizon version are stuck with the janky one.

I have a verizon Gnex and I have this car dock. It works great. Not sure if it is any difference but I bought mine at the verizon store.

It is different. The one at the Verizon store requires you to plug cables directly into the GNex. The official dock allows you to plug a micro USB and 3.5mm audio cable into the base of the dock. The phone connects using the 3 gold pogo pins located on the same side of the phone as the power button.

I decided to order the landscape dock to try it since it looks exactly like the one Samsung is selling on their website for $90 ( it even days Samsung on the back the same ); the one on the Samsung website says compatible with both versions of the gnex, I'll letya know when I get it, otherwise I'll return it

So I was wrong

Model number from the box is EDD-D1F2BEGSTD (sku 8806071670485)

Whereas one on Samsung website that says it is compatible with the LTE dock is EDD-D1F8BEBSTD

Yes, it technically fits in the dock, but unless you put slight pressure on the left side, it doesn't charge - my guess is due to the slight difference in thickness

I shall see what I can do with some dremeling

It's like the Verizon model doesn't even exist in Google land...Still like the phone but I do feel screwed. Last time I every get a CDMA nexus device.

It is official, Google hates us Verizon users and does not want our money. We are not worth stocking a few pallets of accessories for.

Also: Who DIDN'T read that first sentence in the Professor Farnsworth voice???

Sprint only offers the dumb universal car mounts when I want the charger+audio integrated one.

Who wants to be the guinea pig to test this with the Sprint and Verizon Nexus? :D

Possibly me, as I am a bit desperate for a better car solution. Currently using magnets for the Touchstone mount, and right-angled charging and audio cables. Unfortunately, the angle makes it hard to see navigation in the sun and this would solve it. I also hate the fact that Android tries to use my Bluetooth device for its microphone when the Bluetooth device doesn't have input support..

Yay, now I can get accessories for the Nexus I ordered from them yesterday. I don't see why you people have a problem with them only providing accessories for the device THEY sell. I would understand if they also sold the Verizon and Sprint Version, but they don't, they sell the HSPA+ version and so they will back that version. Its not like Verizon or Sprint sell accessories for the HSPA+ version.

I think you are missing the point. These are accessories for the same phone, but different model. If the accessories were universal, nobody would care if it was sold by one carrier or another.

This is a bit of a mystery as to why the capability for using the 3 pin connector is found on the cdma nexus, but the same accessories appear to be non-existent.

So when does Verizon get this one instead of the jury rig piece of junk they sell now? I miss the dock I had on the Droid X.

They are all Samsung phones, not google or verizon. Samsung makes the accessories, therefore Samsung should provide them equally.

So, who is gonna be the person to buy the GSM accessories for their CDMA phones and see which ones work? Are the pins in different locations on each phone?

Ordered the landscape dock since it looks same as the one on the Samsung website which says it is compatible with both, I'll keep you guys posted

I like the desktop dock with pogo pins, but after shipping and taxes it is about $70. I'll hold off for now.

I understand that officially, they only sell these accessories for the version they sell, the GSM unlocked version, but I thought the GSM and the LTE versions were identical in shape and size. Are the pogo pins in different positions on the LTE versions? If they are in the same place, I can't imagine this not working for the LTE versions (Sprint & Verizon). I have looked at my father's Sprint version and compared it to my Verizon GN, the pins are in the exact same place on both.

I think i'm going to order one of the car docks and see if it does work on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus... I've been waiting on a charging car dock for my galaxy nexus.

Hopefully you'll let us all know the outcome. Prior to the announcement of Google selling GNexus accessories the only option was to order from Clove Technology in the UK, but with the $ conversion rate and massive shipping charges, we're easily talking about $90 for each (car/desktop docks) along with there also being no word from them about whether their devices work exclusively with the GSM variant sold throughout Europe.

Maybe one of the Android Central "suits" can chime in here. Phil? Jerry? Bueller?

Thanks for being the guinea pig. Please let us know of the outcome.

I have a feeling Jerry would do the same, as he is a big GNex fan and has the Verizon one.

I recall reading somewhere that the pogo pins on the LTE versions are few millimeters lower due to the different internal configuration of the phone. You may want to investigate further before dropping $70.

After seeing techgeek32's comment here, i'm confident that the pogo pins are in the same place on both versions, at least when relative to the front, top and bottom of the phone. The thickness may still be a factor.

I just placed the order for the car dock (I forgot to a few days ago, my bad :)). If it doesn't work, I will just sell it to someone lucky enough to own a GSM version. Or I may just keep it because I am really itching to move to GSM anyway.

I will keep everyone posted!


I decided to create a new thread in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus forums for me to post updates to instead of doing it here. As AC posts more news, this article will become more and more difficult to find. The thread is:

[UPDATED] Checked SPECS online for the CDMA and GSM variants of the Galaxy Nexus and it appears that the phones are slightly different in terms of THICKNESS, with the GSM being slightly thinner (8.9mm) than the CDMA version (9.47mm). That said, I'm sure this is the reason why the CDMA is not compatible with these docs. :(

I was all ready to Buy < then I read All This Damm I have be using the one from Big Red & Just hate to Keep unpluging all. I guess we are Fu*Ked They Sell the Phones and have notting eles. I had to wait on my first car mount a Week Only to return it. & Buying the same thing on eBay for less $$ I thought the Reason they had not put them out was some software problem.And would release after up date that would cause what ever the problem with the 3 pins. I just wish they would release one for us. I need 2 I will keep using the first one on my Bike & New one in Car ( I will Keep Dreaming ~ Damm It )

If your device is on 4.0.4, it should be compatible.
Isn't that the reason why the Samsung desktop cradle didn't work when it first came out?

So how does the vehicle dock interact with the phone, software wise? The Google Car Home app still shows up in the Play Store as incompatible for me.

I can confirm that the landscape dock sold through Samsung works fine with the Verizon nexus. It is very good quality and sleek. The portrait dock should work as well. I think the problem with the GSM car dock is that the Verizon version is too thick.

The fact that the landscape dock works proves that the pogo pins are in the same place on both LTE and GSM. However, the thickness may be a factor in the car dock...

So let me get this straight, Samsung sells the cheap Verizon Gnex compatible plastic toy-looking dock with no internal electronics whatsoever for $50:

Yet Google sells the more sophisticated with internal-components HSPA+ dock for a mere $54? Does this seem even somewhat unfair?

I am regretting more and more the fact that I bought the Verizon version. I really only bought it in February because the HSPA+ version was over $600 and I had to purchase one for me and the wife. I was already on T-Mobile with a nice unlimited plan and quite happy. I snagged the Gnex version for $99 each on Amazon. Then Google last month decided to sell them for $399! I would have jumped on that!

WTF! Now I'm stuck with the version that is getting crappy accessories that are almost or more expensive as the better accessories for the HSPA+ model!!! I'm a Google guy, but to say that I am pissed is an understatement. This is crap customer service and a slap in the face to Nexus supporters.

I was willing to accept the delay in updating to 4.04 due to CDMA proprietary issues, but this accessory debacle is out of control. Google (and Samsung) need to fix this crap and they need to fix it fast.

This should teach the carriers for interfering with Nexus. There's only one true Nexus and it's not CDMA.