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Google Music

It's almost as if someone at Google was listening to the podcast... After an interesting question about gapless playback in Google Music on our 115th show, Google Music has been updated to support it. This means that during playback of an album, there will be a seamless transition between the songs. This was a deal-breaker for some audiophiles out there, but was still a nuisance to everyone else. Gapless is the way to go.

This update has also brought with it the ability to keep thumbs up/down, Last Added and Playlists on the device locally, as well as auto-generated Instant Mixes on your in your Recent tab.

And ahead of tomorrow's Google Play Music launch in Europe, the Play Music app now shows up directly in on-device search results from European devices.

Head to the Play Store link above to download the app or grab the update.

There are 41 comments

obidos says:

YAY! finally gapless. It's painful to listen to live Black Crowes with gaps.

LR7 says:

I was just going to say that you guys have friends in high places. This was a question on the last podcast and...just like that its a non-issue!!!

solid_s_1117 says:

Ha, I came to post the same statement.

tatersalad says:

Awesome update, but for some completely unknown reason, it is still a fullscreen app in landscape. Which confuses me to no end.

wyseguy77 says:

You mean I have a chance to have a better tablet than my daughter? Woohoo count me in, you guys are the best! Thanks for the opportunity.

JobiWan144 says:

I think you may have put this on the wrong article.

ttriplett1 says:

Yet we still aren't able to save to SD; that's my main complaint.

PHaim says:

That's what I wanted to know about... I am dissapoint

still1 says:

thats called as pinning

brandnew11 says:

Yea u was gonna say it actually is available. They wont show up on your other music players after you pin it because the files are in a folder that wont be scanned for music files.


It does save to SD.


The OEM who builds phones with external SD cards is the one who needs to adjust the path or symlink to /sdcard when they build them. Instead, they just use Google's standard build and toss in a new mount point for the external card, and expect folks building apps to fix it for them.

It would be a whole lot of work to correctly support removable storage, and none of the OEMs are willing to do it.

ttriplett1 says:

Jerry, I know it saves it to the directory as you pointed out but what's so difficult about giving the option to save in another directory so you could save on the extsd... What am I missing here? Thanks for your input btw.

still1 says:

couldnt have said it better. its like google is listening. I have felt this way for about couple of months now.

deltatux says:

Now only if Google Play Music was available in Canada, I would be totally all over that. Storing my own music can only go so far lol.

Quinope says:

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or you have enable this gapless feature but there is still a gap between songs. Doesn't appear to be any different than before. Is this a feature you have to enable after the update?

icebike says:

Was going to post the same thing. I have purchased Google Music albums that are gap less as well as ripped some of my own. None play as gap less on Google Music Player.

The gap seems shorter but it's still there.

Most of my music is pinned. I wonder if that is the problem?

Google might not know if an album was released as gap less. Especially when people rip their own. It might take a while for them to figure out which albums should be gap less and which shouldn't.

Quinope says:

Yea I'm a little disappointed but unfortunately Google has a habit of releasing things and saying they are something when they are actually about 70% of said thing. It should've said this update shortens the gap by a millisecond. I've tried everything (stream, pinned, google play downloaded music, ripped albums) doesn't matter the gap is there still in everything. Has anyone actually tried this and achieved what they are claiming? I'm a little frustrated as I just wasted a few hours of my day trying to figure this out.

ereming1 says:

It would be nice if Google added the option to stream music without gaps IN the songs as well...

S_C_B says:

I never had an issue with not having gapless playback. Good on them for adding it anyway.

icebike says:

Depends strictly on the type of music you listen to.
Live concert recordings and classical music really suffers when gap are imposed.

Sad part Is: its still not gapless. Even after this update.

TheWenger says:

FINALLY!!!! This is the greatest thing to have happened to Google Play Music! Now I can listen to soundtracks with no gaps between tracks.

icebike says:

Try it before rushing to post.
Gaps still there.

technomom says:


Did they fix the very broken album art yet?

icebike says:

Its not broken, it's just fluid.

Most albums were released with different album art in different areas. There is mo single correct album art.
Besides, you can fix it on line, and use the version of album art you want just by pointing it to any online image.

riotrick says:

Yay! Now if only we could get Google Music in the Netherlands.... Or the nexus 4... Or the nexus 10.... O. I feel left out :(

Florisw says:

We're able to download this app as of this update directly from the play store. To start using google music in the Netherlands you only need to visit the page via a proxy located somewhere in the u.s. and you're good to go.

anthonok says:

They are much closer to gapless than before but still not perfect. Soooooooo close

Erckul says:

Dark Side of The Moon sounds great now. I can finally listen to it the way it was intended.

While being stoned and watching the Wizard of Oz?

John-Smith says:

Maybe if they fix the syncing problems and let me import m3u playlists I will go back to using play music but until then, its not very useful for me.

robnas says:

Gapless is nice, but I hate the app ever since the ICS update. My biggest nuisance is that there is no easy way to go back to a whole album or artist from the play screen. Say i'm listening on shuffle, a song plays, I want to actually listen to the whole album that song is on, but I can't. I have to SEARCH the artist, then find the album, then play. There used to be a way to touch the name of the artist or album and it would take you where you need to go. Anyone have this issue or know how to correct it?

jkane001 says:

Has anyone else seen that if the screen rotates, you lose album art and the playback position indicator?

Tryptykon says:

Always a pleasure to listen to my Dave Matthews Band live albums without gaps

bos1 says:

Wish they hadn't dropped ability to pin by artist. Now you have to pin each album. That's a huge functionality loss in my book.

balthuszar says:

it said in the "what's new" blurb on the information page that gapless is only supported in jelly bean, and yet no mention of that here?

curtisk228 says:

I'm running 4.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus & the gap is still there. This really isn't a big deal. I just wish there was a way to get the app to play the next album after reaching the end of the album. Instead I have to go into the app manually and skip ahead to the next album after it ends. Maybe this can be part of the next update...

pahern says:

Nice addition. Another feature I'd like to see is the ability to exclude audio books from random play. I have a lot of books stored on my account so it's common for random chapters to get thrown into the mix, forcing me to grab the device and skip it. That alone is a reason I can't use it to play music when friends are over unless I create a playlist ahead of time.

Cyrilmak says:

Now if only it would play songs in order of meta tags, or even song names.

JobiWan144 says:

For me, the bigger update is the ability to pin the "Thumbs up" auto-playlist to the local storage. I don't want to rely on Sprint's network or having Wifi to be able to listen to music. And for those not blessed with unlimited data, this makes it so much easier to pin the music they like to the "sdcard."

i enjoy google music but for the past few updates I have had an issue with how my music shuffles. If i select the last song in a playlist it will play the first song afterwards and keep going in order until i deselect and reselect "shuffle" and this is getting rather annoying having to go back and unlock my phone just to shuffle my music Google Music needs Live Shuffling so that the app shuffles music after every song and not a predetermined shuffle list

Taknarosh says:

Same for me "real" gapless playback isn't working for me.
My SHM album has gaps between tracks and it's pretty annoying. Especially an electronic music album where they mix one track into the next.