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Google Play Music has just received a notable update to add a few features that have been bugging users for some time now. Right off the top you'll spot a proper reverse button on the music widget, letting you go backwards in albums or playlists without entering the app. Instant mixes can now continue on past 25 tracks as well, and you can shuffle albums, artists or playlists. The default album art is changed to a simpler grey tile also.

When you pin albums or tracks, you can now see the progress of the download from that album or playlist view rather than just in the settings. There is also apparently a bugfix that should solve the problem of some Galaxy SIII (S3) devices freezing when using the app. It's a whole bunch of useful fixes and improvements, so go grab the update from the Play Store now.

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larkhillv says:

I HATE how after finally being updated again, Google Play Music STILL does not sort music the way I want it to, or even give the option to customize this. It's so annoying when you go into an artist and hit "all songs," it lists them by alphabetical order. Take a hint from other music players: when combing through an artist's entire discography, list the songs grouped by albums. If the albums have dates, it should go from earliest released album to newest and all songs should be in track order. Not that difficult. This is how it works on the desktop version of Play Music, so why not the mobile app?

Because just like the web player when you click an artist, it shows an album listing just like the album list in the mobile music player. They're just expanded with no option to list just the songs.

If you click the songs tab, every song is listed in in alphabetical order. Seems in line to me.

KidCuda says:

It's all about that metadata. I have everything categorized, so I have no problems!

DWR_31 says:

All I can say is previous, previous, previous, previous, previous, previous, previous...!

dwd3885 says:

I wish they updated the interface. It's boring looking.

mkbomb says:

Andrew, where can I get that gorgeous Wallpaper on the phone in the Article picture?

sting7k says:

Yes, wallpaper!

It's part of the CUBEN series thy're all pretty nice imo. Relevent link:

You should be able to find it here:

Along with many other nice wallpapers

Bill Wheeler says:

Sweet Jesus, I didn't think they were ever going to patch the bugs for the S3. 'Bout time.

Floss82 says:

love that wallpaper @Andrew Martonik can you share it please:)

Look up a couple comments.

Any one know what that wallpaper is?

derek5l says:

Always good to see updates to this app. Anyone know why when I put together a mix folder on my gs3, it lists the songs as albums?

JHK1984 says:

For SD stored music: Poweramp.
For streamed music: Songza.


HAAS599 says:

Google Music>Poweramp

but I agree on Songza

I would also suggest TuneIn Radio Pro for local radio/sports/live podcasts

kamiller42 says:

PowerAmp wins over Google Music for the following reasons:

1. Supports ReplayGain tags. A gold star feature for me since I have recordings spanning decades that vary in volume.
2. PowerAmp is sexier. As an example, look at the color frame the player shows around the album art. It computes a nice color scheme that works with the album color.
3. Media can be placed anywhere. From what I have researched, there is no way to tell pinned Google Music music to be stored on internal memory or SD card.
4. Nice EQ. Works very well.

There other features, like lyrics lookup and on and on. Then there are other features which really are preferences, like I prefer PA's library browser over GM's.

markaudacity says:

PowerAmp loses to Google Music for the following reasons:
1. Doesn't stream my music from Google Music.

GameOver69 says:

How do i STOP Instant MIXES from generating.... every time i get rid of them, new ones pop up. very annoying.


vansmack says:

At this time, there is no way to turn off Google's Instant Mix feature.

lion7718 says:

+1 I hate that alot.

Samsmalls says:

Theyshould really stop forcing this on us... my music's personal, this feature will make one try power amp!

Hope this patches the equally horrible bugs on the Galaxy Note 2

Does this give you an option to save to SD card or specify where to save my music? I don't want to clog my onboard storage when I have a 64gb card I can easily save to if it let me. Come on don't make this into a crazy hack just because you don't think people need seperate storage.

icebike says:

The idea is that you don't have to keep it all in your local device, because it will cache what you are listening to frequently (or anything you tell it to pin), and the rest will come from the cloud.

If you insist on loading music onto the device, then just sideload it to your SD card. It will find and play those too.

That's great if you have unlimited data or don't drive in rural areas, but unfortunately that isn't me.

I manually put it on my card now but it would be much more convenient to use Google Music how it was meant to be and just PIN my music. How hard would it be to code an option for where to store your music, it shouldn't be that difficult.

sabre1982 says:

I hate this limitation as well. I understand Google's push to use their cloud services, hence no SD cards on Nexus devices, but not everyone has/wants a Nexus!

Here's a nice and easy solution for your problem:

Floss82 says:

Sorry for being off topic here but you guys want some neat wallpapers just Google search nexus 4 wallpapers :)

Jacques says:

Does anyone know if this update fix the ability to put an album cover? It hasn't been working for me for the past few weeks.

icebike says:

If its anything known, it will find cover art and download it automatically.
If its not common, you can go to your Google Music account on the web and google up whatever cover art you want and use that instead.

Jacques says:

I've done that, but the functionality has been broken for a couple of weeks now. I try to upload the correct album cover, but it doesn't update. There's comments about this function broken in the web, and even in this comment area.

vor says:

Any chance they finally have set song as ringtone as was supposed to be in the app 7 mos ago?

chad783 says:

Fix the album art edit with the online version!! I can't edit album art in my library online! Please fix!!

Hootermancs says:

Album art bug was reported like a week and a half ago, come complain with the rest of us:!msg/apps/haCCXvF669U/LcvXw6U11ZkJ :(

Jacques says:

An ETA would be nice, or at the very least, they can say they're trying to fix it.

lonerdottie says:

What background is that??


This was updated as well for GTV, if anyone out there has one.

ZoretMan says:

finally i can download this app from the market outside US! in previous versions i had to download the apk

Acelx says:

I think Poweramp is great.. if phones like the "Nexus" came with removable storage.. 16GB + 320K MP3s will just take up too much of space for a music lover like me who has a huge 2k+ collection of music.. ill rather have all my music to where i can stream it and not worry about space.

RxRex says:

My issue with Google Play Music (outside of its stale design) is the shuffle function is nonfunctional. It works (rarely) when it wants to without any sort of consistency. Fully annoying.

RustyU says:

You can no longer long press on a album and pick play. That's shit.

TimeHunter says:

NOW will it play WMA files on my Nexus 7?