Heads up if you're thinking about grabbing one of Sony's new Google TV set-top boxes -- unfortunately Google Play Music is not compatible with the device(s). The UPS man dropped one off here earlier, and I've been setting things up to replace my aging Logitech Revue, and just hit this, which is a showstopper for me. I'll have more thoughts and some first impressions of the device for you guys and gals tomorrow, but I wanted to spread the word in case you're a music lover and thinking of picking one up with today's paycheck.

We've got no idea whether we should point our fingers at Sony or Google over this one, but hopefully it can be rectified shortly. I've reached out to both parties, and will update everyone when I have something to share. For now, I'm switching inputs and going back to the Nexus Q so I can let Black Sabbath relax my tension away.


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Google Play Music is not compatible with the new Sony NSZ-GS7/GX70 units


Will the older version of Play Music work? I was prompted to update my Logitech Revue with the new version, which kindly informed me that it was incompatible. Funny huh! I just think maybe it's new version that is the problem.

I had this problem on my Google TV and got the same prompt then refusal for Google Listen. I was pretty annoyed. Stop telling me there are updates when there are not!

That's because Google TV apps use a different app.
If you notice, no Google TV devices work with those.
Pandora has their own GTV app, too. (Pandora for Google TV)
If you go to the Logitech Revue, it's labelled as a "System App" with no way to install it, just update it.
What you will probably need to do is get someone (I can later tonight) to get the APK off of a Logitech Revue.

And Revue will often fail on updating apps if you try to do it all at once. You have to go to the app page itself and choose update there. Stupid, yup.

Hmmm thats odd, i didnt played with coding for Google TV, but i know Google TV emulator runs my app made for touch no problem ;p

It's not that it physically CAN'T run it, but if the app 'requires' a touch or drag screen, it's automatically marked as uninstallable on the Google TV market.

That's why a bunch of random inapplicable stuff is in the Google Play Market on GTV, like battery widgets and bandwidth monitoring apps.

You can sideload 90% of apps just fine.


It seems that all Google TV users are having this problem.

On Google+ several user has sent this issue to the Google TV Community Manager and he told us that the Google Music team is looking into this problem.

Google Play Music updated on Jul 18 seems to give this problem. For the moment, the older version of Android Google Play Music is working fine on Google TV. I think you will need to get the .apk of the older version somewhere until Google fix this.

it may be one of some "regular" google play bugs! our app has no limitations to any device type - however we got often mails from users who can't install it even on a popular mobile phone like a S2...

As of the latest "update", Google play music stopped working on my Sony's NSZ-GT1 (Google-TV + blue ray). Here I have been waiting for a Google-TV developer to bring Android Beam to my Google-TV as well.