Free eBook and eight great apps to get new 'shutter bugs' started with photography

As it regularly does, Google Play is highlighting a specific subject with a content promotion and this time the focus is on photography. This week's focus is kicking off with a free eBook from the Play Store -- "Android Photography" by Colby Brown is a 104 page book focusing (pun, I know) on the basics of controlling your phone's camera, which settings to use and how to shoot in different situations.

The book also gives tips on which third-party apps to use to help your photography skills, and Google Play is helping out by offering a full list of popular apps for "shutter bugs". Popular apps like 500px and Camera Zoom FX make it into this list of 8 apps focused on viewing and taking photos.

When you go to "purchase" the book from the Play Store at the link above, don't be alarmed if you're asked to enter your Google Wallet information or get GW set up, it's a necessary process for having the book linked to your account. Happy shooting!

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Google Play highlights photography with free eBook, notable apps


That Android Photography book saved my ass with taking Photo Spheres. Best $0 I've ever spent.

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Region locking rarely is straight from the companies providing content and have more to do with outdated international trade law. Sucks but there is tons of red tape for each country.

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You're lucky to have books at all. Or magazines. Or music. Or movies/tv. Or devices.
Here (small country in Western Europe), Google Play equals Android apps, and nothing else, whatsoever.

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