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At the heart Android is, of course, Google. And that means gmail, which we love, as well as Google contacts, which we loathe. It's completely normal to end up with multiple contacts for a single person (I think I have five for Casey). Google has had the ability for a while now to merge contacts. But now things are even easier.

When you go to your contacts, you should see something like the above. Hit the "Find duplicates" button, and it does so, taking much of the work out of your hands. From there, it will merge duplicate contacts, leaving things slightly less messy. It's still not perfect, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. [via jkontherun]


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Google offers to clean up your contacts


Thank you so much for this suggestion!

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time doing this same thing, thanks so much for the tip!

P.S. We have the same number of contacts...weird lol

Well, I don't know if I am the only one, but I am not sure what this is doing? For example, I tell it to merge all my contacts. On the resulting list I see how many contacts were merged to create the one contact. However, when I go to my All Contacts page and search for that person, I was expecting to see them listed twice, but I only see them once. So I am not sure what it is merging.....

Just to clarify...

You have duplicate entries in your contacts. You tell google to get rid of the duplicates. When it finishes, you go back to the list and the duplicates are gone....

That IS weird.

finally, I did all those cleaning work by myself after a while. Thank god for this thoughtful new offer from Google

hello guyz !!
so great to write couple lines in here you know what !!?? because i raelly love google and i will love it forever in future ..yeah raelly !! in fact GOOGLE did the best for all people what you seeking out and what you want in freelly and easy it's just like you breathing in high air ..i AM CHEERING UP GOOGLE !!
let' turn to Google offers saying this is more option for cleaning up can creat your own groups in for contacts by emailing people at once

Google needs a sync system thur your gmail accountnot only via phone. Now I'm lock out my phone and don't want to master reset because of contacts... At lease with TMobbile we once did. VUS (very upset)