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Sports and travel cards get the focus in this update

That latest Google Now update that the official Android Google+ account teased us with a couple of days ago is now rolling out to devices, and it even brings a few more features than expected. If you need a quick refresher, the update is bringing brand new cards for car rentals, concert tickets, sharing your commute and for NCAA football scores.

The update is also improving a few other cards. Public transit cards show dramatically more information, you can now set reminders based on your searches and more information will be displayed based on what you're watching on TV. Not announced in the original post but revealed in the actual update are two other quick features — related websites for your location, and improvements to sports cards to show real-time data instead of on a 15 minute refresh interval.

This is a big update, with lots of useful improvements. Head to the Play Store at the link above to grab your update.

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Google Now update hitting devices, bringing new and improved cards


Awesome update. I used to view Google Now as a more 'gimmicky' feature, but the more it gets updated and the more I use it, I find just how useful it is to ask my tablet something and get an accurate answer. The cards are also pretty handy. Keep up the great work Google.

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

Oh no my friend. This is no where near Gimmicky. This tool is useful in every way from syncing with your Google acct to following your likes, moves and searches to suggest meaningful and helpful items. I can't wait till it rolls out to more devices for the update.

I don't think you understand what I was trying to say. When Google Now was first released, I was doubtful of how useful it could be. I figured it was just another useless feature that nobody would use. But I was wrong. It has come in handy many times, and now I wouldn't know what to do without it.

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

update from playstore. the whole point of the article is that its available to all applicable devices. if u r on Gingerbread it time to upgrade or install custom rom.

Its just now coming out? I was able to select college football teams 3 days ago. Does this update allow the cards of the teams that I have already selected or did I get it early?

Posted via Android Central App

Real-time updating of scores is going to be great. I used Google Now sometimes for MLB scores, but I'd usually then follow the Play-by-play link to the At Bat app to see what actually happened in the past inning or so, not trusting the Google Now data to be up-to-date.

Posted via Android Central App

I got the update a few days ago, it's nice and I like the integration with Keep. Now if they included Wrestling with the sports cards it would be perfect

Posted via Android Central App

Does Leaving any particular card on, drain battery more than having the card off? I leave Google Now running but was curious, let's say, if leaving the traffic card on drains battery more than leaving it off. I know that leaving location reporting on hits it pretty hard, so I leave that off.

Have not used Google now in months.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

Nice update! Love the commute sharing feature for family, and the live sports scores are cool, but it's only for college football currently so they need to expand that to NFL, basketball, etc. Don't use Google now that much but they are making it more useful all the time. I guess it's kinda scary the amount of data Google has on people using all this stuff. And I suppose nowadays all that also goes straight to the NSA, lol.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4

It would be good if Google actually added some non American sports for the rest of the world.

They also need to improve their accuracy outside of non urban areas in the UK. Google Now doesn't even know when I'm at home and always wants to send me to places I don't care about, or to my appointments from other locations and not my home, when I'm at home.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah I find it's mostly useless for me in the UK. It shows the weather and football results. In the US you get much more cards with lots of interesting information.

As fat as Google now goes in the UK its not that great. No sport other than football (soccer) and very limited cards other than commute. Not very useful at this point.

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Same as everything, the US gets tons of great stuff and we don't even have access to stuff that was out when Google now was first released... All that Google now does for me is show me traffic on my route to work (by way of a green bar..), the weather and very occasionally it'll work out I have a delivery due but 99% of the time it doesn't.

Still a gimmick and mostly pointless in the UK. The delivery card has never worked for me. The weather is pointless, and I know how to get to work. We'll see about real time football scores today, but I'm not hopeful

Posted via Android Central App

It is just unreal, everyone should get it if you've gotten that Google playstore update you should also be able to get Google now.
Its a great feature and has eclipsed siri in functionality.

Yeah another UK'er complaining about missing features. I don't even get sports (football) info as my team isn't in the Premier League!

Wonder how long it will take till we can try and order a chromecast and then wait another 3 months because of supply issues

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah sure... I am UK based and it is really pissing me off this US only stuff, rest of the world neglect etc... I love android but the way it is managed/distributed is way below the belt for non-Americans...

Your country is the size of Pennsylvania, you aren't going to get things as fast as the US

Posted via Android Central App

It's great to see location sharing back. It's not as easy to get to in G+ as it was in Maps/Latitude. I just tried saying "Where is First Last" of the person I'm sharing with, didn't work. That would be a great feature.

At times it feels like Google Now 's features are more about curiosity than actually helping. The information seems to come up so randomly.

Posted via Android Central App

All of the UK complainers seem to forget that almost every phone that comes out, Europe gets first and usually with a better processor in it than the USA does. BBC? Oh, forgot that it's not compatible with US without a proxy, lol

Posted via Android Central App

Nor should it be. We have to pay £145 a year for the BBC. A company revered around the world, and largely resented in the UK due to the disgusting anachronistic socialist tax forced upon us.

Rant over.

Posted via Android Central App

Just noticed you can now edit reminders!!! That was one of my biggest gripes. Google Now keeps getting better.

Scores in on going games? I have been getting this when following my favorite teams - it gives me the scores as the game is in progress so how is this different now.

Sharing commutes? I am not the sharing type but what good is this? Its gonna tell someone where I am while traveling or something? Someone explain this and tell me if it is going to share my commute when I am going someplace I have no business going.